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Soop's lovely warm and friendly kitchen

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kittylester Wed 09-Dec-20 21:01:46

I hope no-one else has done this or we will get confused- which we all know is very easily done.

Bubbly on the side just in case any one else turns up.

If not, see you tomorrow.

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite

Charleygirl5 Wed 09-Dec-20 21:09:42

Thanks kitty I could not find the new kitchen anywhere and I saw that "soop" had closed the old one so I was surprised she had not shown us where the new one was.

I do like a bit of comfort.

I do hope you have managed to get your leak sorted.

cornergran Wed 09-Dec-20 21:19:33

Oh there you are. Thank you kitty. I’m seconding Charlies wish that your ceiling can be sorted, enough now.

Out and about today. Has done me the power of good, still more than uncomfortable physically and fretting about things I can’t fix it stopped me brooding.

I’ll pass on the bubbles for now, already have a glass of dry white grin.

TOYA. Just be careful out there everyone.

Pittcity Wed 09-Dec-20 21:31:21

A big mug of hot chocolate for me please. Just claiming a warm spot in this new kitchen.
Hoping Soop's tech gremlins are banished soon.👩‍💻

Grandmabatty Wed 09-Dec-20 21:32:46

Hi all. I'll pass on the bubbly but I'd love a hot chocolate. I'll bring chocolate pretzels.

BladeAnnie Wed 09-Dec-20 21:33:47

That's lovely that the new kitchen is here - sleepy tea at the ready

Charleygirl5 Wed 09-Dec-20 21:47:03

Coffee for me anytime. I have gone off wine at present- I have no idea why.

NanaandGrampy Wed 09-Dec-20 22:50:51

Can’t find the old kitchen but found this one and it has bubbly yay !!!!

Doodle Wed 09-Dec-20 23:35:21

Hello new kitchen. Thanks for doing the honours Kitty I know soop has got tinternet problems or pooter malfunction.
I come bearing sausage rolls and lemon cheesecake (the only things I could find in the freezer to bring along) Help yourselves.
Not many takers for the bubbly, still all the more for us N&G 😀
Gone off wine charley 😱 that’s terrible. I hope you recover soon 😊
Chocolate pretzels grandmabatty I’ve not tried those before. Thank you.
cornergran glad you enjoyed your walk. Hope things get better for you soon.

kittylester Thu 10-Dec-20 06:44:19

Nice to see a few people here - its quite a responsibility to open a new kitchen.

Sope you gave a good day today corner and both pains are easier.

charley, are you pregnant?

Nannytopsy Thu 10-Dec-20 07:06:43

Phew - found you! Well I will certainly say yes to bubbles! It makes me realise I haven’t had any in RL for ages.
Love the decor - soop has chosen nice cheery colours. 😬
The roof is getting beyond a joke Kitty. Just as you thought it was fixed!

NanaandGrampy Thu 10-Dec-20 09:01:02

Morning all,

Lets take the bottle and hide in the corner Doodle :-)

Oh those are my guilty pleasure Grandmabatty - pass them over !!

I'm amazed I'm here so early. Its been all go here this morning. Sam went out into the garden for his early morning ablution's and on his return was covered in feathers. When I checked there is a large pile of feathers from one of our 'porky' Norfolk pigeons in the garden ! No carcass so whatever took it down defeathered it and made off with the meal and Sam has had a delightful 10 mins rolling in the feathers.

So Grampy and Sam are in the shower together and all before my first coffee of the day!

Buggers !

Charleygirl5 Thu 10-Dec-20 09:20:42

kitty I did not want to give that a thought but I think you may well be correct. I was going to confess to Doodle.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 10-Dec-20 09:24:07

Hello, I heard bubbles were in the kitchen, I have brought freshly squeezed orange juice so Buck's Fizz all round 🍾🍊

Buggerations regarding your roof kitty structural problems are so frustrating 😡

MawBe Thu 10-Dec-20 10:01:45

A bit early for Bucks Fizz for me (what am I saying, it’s never too early!) but thank you for opening a new kitchen kittylester.
I hope aches and poorliness are on the wane and that you all have a gentle day.
With 30kg of greyhound across my feet I am finding it hard to motivate myself to actually get up and moving blush

GrannyGravy13 Thu 10-Dec-20 10:17:57

Well I am embracing my inner lazy self, I have made myself a rather large latte and come back to bed with iPad and tacky daytime TV which coincidentally they are just about to taste test fizz 🥂😜

Charleygirl5 Thu 10-Dec-20 10:21:55

MawB if that gorgeous dog gets too much she can always come here for a rest. She could help me post some cards and I promise the walk would not be too much for her. Anyway on return she would want to rest her eyes.

kittylester Thu 10-Dec-20 10:35:53

My bubbles came top in (I think) the Sunday Times taste test. Let me know what you think.

Ive just had the attached photo from DS1 showing him cycling on the M62. After i recovered, I remembered he is cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats on his execise bike using an app which sends you virtual postcards along the way. I'm really proud of his determination to keep exercising in these weird times but, surely, going the other way would be easier as it's all downhill.

Nannytopsy Thu 10-Dec-20 10:39:49

First job of the day is to sort out the bathroom. Instead of using his cat tray ( which was clean and dry) Charlie decided the nearly empty washing basket on the landing was the place to go for a wee. Of course, as it was our bedtime, I was clumsy and most of it ended up on the floor. What has got into the little b....r?

Nannytopsy Thu 10-Dec-20 10:47:28

🤣 Kitty

Grandmabatty Thu 10-Dec-20 10:51:15

Good morning to you lovely kitcheners. I'm having a cuppa and a pancake on jam while dgs is napping. Us Scots call them 'dropped scones.' I don't know if that's common elsewhere. I've been on the go since eight as I had to nip to the surgery before picking up dgs do I'm ready for a seat. Nannytopsy that's very annoying for you. I might have forty winks while the boy sleeps. See you tomorrow.

annodomini Thu 10-Dec-20 11:08:46

Funny you should say that. Grandmabatty. My Scots Granny called pancakes just that. I believe that they have since been called 'Scotch pancakes' to distinguish them from the crepe-style pancakes south of the Border. 'Dropped scones' were never mentioned in my home county of Ayrshire or in Fife when on holiday at Granny's; and I never heard the term until I came to live 'down here'. Granny would make them on 'girdle', which Sassenachs call a 'griddle', and served them with her home-grown and home-made raspberry jam.

Urmstongran Thu 10-Dec-20 11:13:24

Just peeping in to say hello and happy to see a new kitchen has opened it’s doors. It’s cold out so I’ll firmly close them on my way back out.

I’ll just leave this cute Christmas card for you all on the side with my very best wishes for the season. x

I do love this thread. So supportive and kindness itself. I’m more of a ‘lurker’ I don’t know why. I should come in and join you all more often if that’s okay?

(tiptoes out ...)

Galen Thu 10-Dec-20 11:50:11

I remember having the griddle/girdle argument with a Scots friend. She also called them dropped scones and introduced me to spurtles!,

soop Thu 10-Dec-20 13:16:32

Ever since late yesterday afternoon, I have not had internet access. The screen is a blank. Just this minute, after half an hour of nowt, I am able to find you. Thank you dear Kitty. I've no idea what is wrong with this bloody contraption. The air is indigo purple. Cannot access Facebook or read emails.
Love the photo. grin

You all know that I would not deliberately let you down. I've been fretting for hours on end.

Urmstongran What a wonderful photograph. I am, at long last, wearing a beaming smile.

It appears that the kitchen is buzzing with activity. Lovely! I shall join you in a glass of Bucks Fizz together with sampling sausage rolls and all other delicious party food. Thank you for the lovely, welcoming atmosphere. You lot are special.

I placed Fern's breakfast bowl jut inside the back door. She sat on the doormat and ate the lot. She then walked off into the forest.

I cannot promise to be back later. I want and need to be. I shall persevere with the computer for as long as it takes for normal service to be restored.

We need to access emails. No joy at the moment. hmm

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