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I had no idea how pleased I would be!

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Applegran Sun 13-Dec-20 10:15:50

I've just had a phone call from my GP surgery asking if I'd like to go to have the vaccination against Covid19! I am feeling so so happy and so so lucky! I hope other gransnetters are also having this fabulous news - or will soon. I realise some people will have different feelings about this, and what you think and want of course may be unlike me. But it has made me think about very different kinds of things to be grateful for - small things, like unexpected sunlight on a cloudy day, hearing inspiring music, seeing spring flowers, a small kindness from a friend , a smile from a stranger, a starlit night sky, a child's laugh.........looking out for small moments of joy can make a huge difference to life. From time to time I keep a gratitude diary - writing in a note book each evaning three things I'm grateful for and why. It does make a difference, even, or perhaps especially, when life feels grey or dull or difficult. I wonder what other Gransnetters find to be grateful for?

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 10:18:30

Congratulations! flowers
You do sound extremely happy!
I hope that the vaccinations continue to bring such profound feelings of positivity.tchsmile

Calendargirl Sun 13-Dec-20 10:19:57

I was very grateful last year at this time. Had been recalled after having a mammogram. Attended the hospital, saw the specialist, more checks.

So relieved to be told all ok, after a worrying weekend.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than your health and the health of those you love.

lemongrove Sun 13-Dec-20 10:21:04

Yay! Applegran what good news for you before Christmas, it must bring a big sigh of relief.😃

fevertree Sun 13-Dec-20 10:21:38

Applegran congrats!

There's a thread running on Gransnetters getting vaccinated:

As for being grateful, I am very grateful that a 'tipping point' for Christmas has been reached, on that my daughter is hosting this year and all I have to do is show up (okay - with a pavlova) eat, go for a walk and go home! Yippee, it appears that I've handed over hosting Christmas!

Lucca Sun 13-Dec-20 10:24:09

Marvellous news! I’d be thrilled too.

Soozikinzi Sun 13-Dec-20 10:28:46

Fantastic news ! Anything to do with Your health supersedes all other news . My most special news was when we had out beautiful DGD after 6 DSs and 3 DGSs - all very loved - but was a nice treat to have our DGD !

crazyH Sun 13-Dec-20 10:28:54

Apple gran _ you are a happy bunny. Stay that way !!

henetha Sun 13-Dec-20 10:32:38

What a lovely thread Applegran. I'm grateful just to still be here really as I never expected to live this long. And I still get a thrill from little things like birds singing or a lovely walk, along a beach or in the countryside.
I read recently about "Awe walks". Just go for a walk, no matter how short, and look for awesome things in nature... a beautiful tree, a sunset, a butterfly on a flower. If we look we will always find something.
And I'm always impressed by the kindness of strangers;
I've been so lucky to be on the receiving end of this many times.

annsixty Sun 13-Dec-20 10:53:18

At 83 I am waiting for that same phone call.

I am so grateful for my GD who moved in with me when my H died last year, I was very grateful that after many years with Alzheimer’s he died so very peacefully after being diagnosed with cancer, he never knew he had it.

I say thank you every day that after 10 months on the waiting list, I finally got my replacement hip, in a tiny 2 week window when operations were started again and then stopped.

We must not take anything for granted in these uncertain times.

timetogo2016 Sun 13-Dec-20 10:57:18

Well it`s about time we had something to smile about Applegran.
Good for you.

jaylucy Mon 14-Dec-20 10:23:21

Certainly sounds like a beginning to an end.
Really p;eased you will be able to take the first steps to normality for the rest of us!
Really have to wonder ho we would have felt 100 years ago when "Spanish Flu" was around - no immunisation then. How would we have coped?

11unicorn Mon 14-Dec-20 10:23:33

congrats that you are getting it so early.
I will feel happy to get it too once the phone call comes.
It will be nice to feel safer and less anxious.
Hope it will be a lovely Christmas for you

Yellowmellow Mon 14-Dec-20 10:28:42

Fabulous news. Can't wait for mine

NotSpaghetti Mon 14-Dec-20 10:32:07

I also look actively for things to be grateful for. One daughter and I exchange "gratitudes" when either of us feel a bit grumpy or sorry for ourselves.
Such a good thing to do.

And pleased you are so happy Applegran. I hope your joy rubs off on others.

Tangerine Mon 14-Dec-20 10:33:53

I wish you well with the vaccination. Looking forward to my turn too!

Juliet27 Mon 14-Dec-20 10:33:58

That’s a lovely message too henetha

Aepgirl Mon 14-Dec-20 10:37:04

So pleased for you Applegran - hope I get mine soon. It’s the fanfare to a more normal life.

NotTooOld Mon 14-Dec-20 10:41:57

Congratulations! Hope it goes well. What a lovely Christmas present. I'm expecting to be in the next batch and really looking forward to it.

Theoddbird Mon 14-Dec-20 10:46:09

I am 69 so expect I will have to wait a while. I will go when called smile

Fashionista1 Mon 14-Dec-20 10:52:43

I am pleased to hear that you have been called to get the vaccine. It will definitely have cheered you up. I will be taking it up when invited as well but I won't be called just yet. Today I am grateful that I have been able to get a dental appointment for tomorrow after suffering with toothache since last week. It is very difficult to get seen by any dentist even privately so I hope they will be able to stop the pain so that I can enjoy my Christmas dinner!

nipsmum Mon 14-Dec-20 10:54:50

Daughters, sons in law and grandchildren, also my 2 Westies from Westie rescue. Good health considering my age.

Daisymae Mon 14-Dec-20 11:00:17

Yes! I would be happy too. My husband is older so I'm expecting that he will get called first and as he needs to be accompanied I'm hoping that they will do me at the same time. Well I'm going to ask!

maydonoz Mon 14-Dec-20 11:00:29

That's great news for you Applegran, maybe you will be one of the first GNs to get the vaccine, and lovely to read such a positive thread.
Hope all goes well for you, my DH and I are eagerly awaiting our call from our surgery when our turn comes.

Kim19 Mon 14-Dec-20 11:08:17

Can't wait to be invited for mine. I'm keen as mustard.