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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 14-Dec-20 06:17:11

Good Morning Everyone,
its dark ,and looks like its been wet in the night here in Brackley.
Today , housework , pick up my prescriptions from chemist and watch TV .
Yesterday morning I watched Saturday Kitchen rerun on Sundays, anyway there was something they did on the programme which caught my eye.
Battered Brussel sprouts deep fried , I have done them years ago just deep frying them , but not battered its a pity it has not caught on with Fish & Chip shops.
Take Care,

Dwmxwg Mon 14-Dec-20 06:37:20

Good morning Mick and all to come. Dry at the moment her in north Surrey but rained most of yesterday.
I really enjoyed my empty, just me and the dog, I must encourage DH to get out more often.
Will be visiting mum and dad today, will be so good to see them again and do my bit with sisters in sharing the care.
Otherwise dog walk and Pilates, not much else planned.
Mick I do enjoy sprouts but don’t think deep fried in batter would do it for me..
Hope all those waiting for COVID results get a negative.
Gramaretto my condolences to you and your family, what a very sad time you are all going through, there are no words 💐
Stay safe to all

Elizabeth1 Mon 14-Dec-20 06:43:17

Mickwhere’s our good morning thread Gone today?[Tuesday] do you not have one every day? I do so enjoy ranting a bit on it and listening to others spell out their days activities. confused

Bellasnana Mon 14-Dec-20 06:43:42

Good morning from Malta where the temp is expected to reach 21°C. Won’t be needing a sweater today.

Thank you to those of you who were so kind in commiserating with my plight yesterday. I’m sorry it has happened to some of you, it’s a dreadful feeling. I am still shaken and very down.

It pales into insignificance with the sad news from annsixty and Grammaretto. Such sadness for them. This has been such a dreadful year for so many.

I’m off to the bank this morning to ask for help (again) on how to do internet banking. They talked me through it some time ago but I have forgotten how to access it.

Take care everyone and keep safe. Hoping the week starts well for you.☀️

Ashcombe Mon 14-Dec-20 07:10:05

Good morning, Mick and all who visit here. Wet overnight but now dry and calm in Torbay.

Dwmxwg, my test result is already back and it’s negative! 😀 The whole process was well organised and didn’t take long and the result has come through in less than 19 hours! Something to cheer up a Monday morning.

My thoughts are with Grammaretto and annsixty as they deal with their sadness, made more poignant by the time of year.

Mick: I’ve served sprouts with chopped up bacon which went well and back in the day it stopped by son from feeding his token sprout to the long suffering dog, who “benefitted” from various unwanted offerings, including vitamin tablets with iron, bought by mistake by me. Apparently, the iron made them taste vile but our dog did not have a discerning palate! One day, I found her trying to retrieve something from under the suite and found several crusts! Happy days!

Here’s the last photo (I promise) of my Christmas decorations! The flowers on the left were from my grandson in Australia (via Bunches)

Wishing you all as good a week as possible, whatever your circumstances. Good luck, Bellasnana with the Internet banking - it is a brilliant way to keep track of things.

Nannytopsy Mon 14-Dec-20 07:14:27

Good morning Mick and all his followers.
I am awake in time to see one of the apricot sunrises that are mentioned so often! The forecast is for a drier day, so hoping to finish tidying up outside. It will be good to get some fresh air after so much rain.
Condolences to Grammaretto & Ann.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Nannytopsy Mon 14-Dec-20 07:16:35

Congratulations on your negative result Ashcombe!

Beauregard Mon 14-Dec-20 07:27:26

Good morning all. It looks like being a nice day today here in Derbyshire, with a rare appearance from the 🌞

I've got to go out first light to feed the horses. It's DGS1's 7th birthday today so DD wants to spend more time with him before work/school and has asked me to cover for her again.

I finally managed to make my face masks yesterday, three in all, so I'm well equipped for a few more weeks.

Later a trip out to the supermarket for a few things.

Grammaretto so sorry to hear about your loss. What a difficult time you and your family are having flowers

Take care everyone.

Urmstongran Mon 14-Dec-20 07:34:46

Good morning everyone from South Manchester where it’s just getting light. Blotches of pale blue sky in between dark grey clouds and it’s raining here. Not heavy yet.

I’m off to see my lovely GP with my appointment just after 9am. No car of course as it’s with our Yorkshire lass! It will only take me 15 minutes to walk there - the surgery actually backs on to the garden of our Covid warrior. If the rain holds off I’ll get a takeaway coffee from Costa downstairs and walk in. Otherwise I shall ring for a taxi.

I’ve got a Christmas card and a box of biscuits for the staff. They especially deserve them this year. We are so fortunate to be patients at this wonderful surgery. Even the receptionists are kind and helpful - none there who went to the Miss Piggy School of Charm!

The call out to repair the tumble drier function on our W/D is today as our quarantine is over so that’s good.

Hope Monday is kind to us all. Elizabeth1 you’ve got your days muddled up. It must be the excitement of Christmas! Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

Dwmxwg Mon 14-Dec-20 07:35:08

Ashcombe great news. Hope you are feeling better too

grandMattie Mon 14-Dec-20 07:37:33

Good morning from E Kent.
His instant woken up. Must be a blue moon as I’m normally awake at 3 and up at 5!
Had a horrible day yesterday with a crippling attack of labyrinthitis. Just sat all day.
Seeing dr this am for my ears/hearing.
Sad for all the bereaved, so sorry.
Have a good day y’all .

Sar53 Mon 14-Dec-20 07:38:53

Good morning from Essex by the sea where it is dry at the moment. Yesterday was a horrible wet and very miserable day.
Housework for me this morning and joy of joy a pile of ironing.
My sincere condolences to Grammaretto and Ann at this very sad time.
A pleasant Monday to you all xx

Beechnut Mon 14-Dec-20 07:39:09

Good Morning everyone from a wet Severnside where some sunshine is forecast for later with a breeze so I’ll get the sheets on the line and dry hopefully.
Relief on your results Ashcombe and my condolences on your sad news Grammaretto.

I have one last Christmas item to put into place and decorate and that’s it. For future years if I’m on my own I’m thinking
I might do things differently. My different thing this year will be to keep the decorations out of the attic as I’m doing my best to clear it out. It’s obvious if things are up there they aren’t really needed.

I hope you all have a good day and stay safe 🎄

Jaxjacky Mon 14-Dec-20 07:41:29

Good morning Mick and all from a dark, mild S Hants. Condolences to Grammaretto and annesixty, so sad.
But good news for Ashcombe.
A restless night, could not get off to sleep as easily as usual, no idea what time it was as I didn’t check, should sleep well tonight. Today I must start wrapping, or make stuffing, have to eke out the daily challenges.
The royal ‘we’ assembled the kitchen furniture on Saturday, it looks as I’d hoped and the tree is up. A hodgepodge tree, bits of felt and cardboard from both the children and GC’s, some are over 25 years old! Underneath are various ‘trinkets’ DH has bought me over the years
I’ll leave you with that and be good to yourselves today.

NannyJan53 Mon 14-Dec-20 07:47:04

Good Morning from a dark Black Country, where it looks dry for now.

Had a video call with Mum yesterday, and we included my Niece in Oz. It was almost her bedtime by then. They are still living an almost normal life there. She said she has never had to wear a mask, and she and a few friends are planning a camping trip to Tasmania after Christmas as she has a month off!

I spent some time yesterday cleaning and tidying out kitchen cupboards, so now I know exactly where 'stuff is' smile

I noticed yesterday when I looked at my bank account online I had received the Christmas bonus, all of £10! What to spend it on hmm. Apparently it started in the 70's when it would be worth around £90 in todays money.

No real plans today, hopefully a walk later.

Pleased you had a negative Covid test Ashcombe, what a relief.

Wishing you all a safe and pleasant day

ginny Mon 14-Dec-20 07:52:13

Good Morning. A little bit of gold in the sky so maybe the weary will be an improvement on yesterday. We did walk down to the Sunday market. Hardly anyone there and we got soaked.

Had a driveway chat with friends who live around the corner.

Managed to put up the tree yesterday and the mantelpiece swag. Might put out a few more bits today.
I shall have a walk to the top of the town and deliver a gift and some baking to a friend. So, another driveway chat.

💐 grammeretto and Annsixty.

Wishing you all a 😄 today.

Ashcombe Mon 14-Dec-20 07:52:54

Jaxjacky a lovely tree and full of memories and I like the trinkets!
So sorry to hear you’re suffering, grandMattie, and hope today sees an improvement.
Thank you, Dwmxwg, I’m feeling much better, just knowing it’s a cold related cough.
Thank you for all the concern and kind comments.

Marydoll Mon 14-Dec-20 07:54:22

Good morning all from a very wet Glasgow. Once again DH is playing golf and once again, I think he is mad. He has just got Friday's wet clothes, clubs, shoes bag etc dried out! However, I'm looking forward to the empty, just not his return.😉

Dear Elizabeth, you are on the correct thread, it is Monday today and we do have one each day. I hope you are making good progress and your husband is keeping much better better.

Ashcombe, lovely photo and what a relief to get a negative result. Hoping that those awaiting test results, also receive good news.

Mick deep fried Brussels sprouts doesn't quite cut if for me, but I suppose it is a good idea for using up leftovers.
Yesterday, I watched the Hairy Bikers making bubble and squeak, which sounds much more palatable.

Today I have one more gift to wrap and I'm done. that is if the Hermes courier turns up with it! I've never been so organised, even all the cards are done. He seems to have gone AWOL with it.
When I was working, my neighbours used to laugh at me rushing around posting cards on Christmas Eve. There were never enough hours in the day then, oh how I long for those busy times again!

Today I plan to make the jars of marmalade to give to my neighbours as little gifts. I may give it a lift with by adding some Cointreau. 😁 I have some mini kilner jars, so they should look quite nice.

I have a letter to write to my lovely son in law's brother's wife. We have really hit off and she is a prolific letter writer, so I must respond to her.
My SIL was the youngest of a very large family, witha huge age gap between the youngest and eldest and we discovered that his eldest brother and I were in the same archaeology class together. We have met them for meals on a few occasions and got on so well.
However, SIL's brother began to doubt if I was ever in his class at university, as I couldn't remember anything about the people in it or what we studied, until I produced the actual degree exam paper! Heaven knows why I have kept it!! Well it may be because after that exam on 4th June 1976, I got engaged in Kelvingrove Park, in the shadow of Glasgow University. Very romantic indeed. 💕😍
After that I think DH completely lost his romantic mojo! 🤣

I was going to relate the story of DH and I's attempt yesterday, to put rug tape on two bedside rugs in a tight space. We didn't get tied up in knots, but more like stuck together with mega sticky rug tape!! 🤣
Oh and it hasn't worked. 🤬

Wishing everyone as pleasant a day as possible and keeping Grammaretto and her family in my thoughts. A dreadful time for her family. 💐

LauraNorder Mon 14-Dec-20 07:56:31

Good morning Mick and all from dry, still and dark Anglesey.
Put up our tree yesterday and hope the builders remove the horrid blue window protection so that we can share the twinkly lights with passers by.
Our youngest grandson is three today, we’ll pop round and sing through the window when we deliver his present. Would love a cuddle but he apparently has a little cough so we won’t risk it.
Orlin is playing Carols downstairs, the tree has obviously got him in to Christmas mood.
flowers for those who need them
smile for everyone

baubles Mon 14-Dec-20 07:57:26

Good morning Mick, morning all from dark and dreary South Lanarkshire.

Not sure about deep fried sprouts Mick but as Ashcombe already mentioned, parboiled sprouts fried with bacon or pancetta are so tasty.

Grammaretto, my condolences to you and your family, you don’t have your troubles to seek jut now.

I hope you have a better day today grandMattie,

More lovely trees and decorations, very cheerful in these dark days.

More wrapping today, not much left now, I think I’m waiting for two deliveries to complete a couple of parcels.

Wishing you all a peaceful day.

Stilllearning Mon 14-Dec-20 07:57:36

Morning from a still very dark S Lanarkshire. I'm hoping the rain dries up this morning and I'll get a walk with DD2 who lives about 10 miles away, it would be nice to have a change of scene.
My condolences to Grammaretto, your family has so much grief to contend with just now, remembering all of you. Thinking also of the little family annsixty mentioned, prayers for them.
Yesterday I made the cranberry sauce, it tastes fine but I don't remember being aware of the tiny seeds in it before. I used a different recipe which involved chopping the cranberries in a food processor first, I wonder if that's it. I think I'll use the small amount of berries I have left in my old method and see if there's a difference.
Heading out soon to get to the post office before it's busy, cards and parcels off and breathe!
Wishing everyone a good day.

Pittcity Mon 14-Dec-20 07:58:04

Good morning from a brightening Colchester. The temperature is already in double figures. It rained all day yesterday and quite heavily overnight but we are promised a dry mild day today.
Food shop today. DH has already eaten some of the Christmas stash so that needs replacing. I also have some clothes I bought on a whim to return as they don't fit and I don't really need them.
Sending virtual hugs to you all 🤗

LauraNorder Mon 14-Dec-20 08:00:20

The fairy on top of our tree was made by our teenage granddaughter when she was three years old, comes out every year

cornergran Mon 14-Dec-20 08:11:51

Morning Mick. Morning All from a wonderfully dry corner of Somerset, it poured all day yesterday. Bed to change, laundry, a grocery list to finish and a call from cardiology for Mr C ahead for us today. Condolences and a hug for grammaretto and ann, I’m sorry you have more sadness. Take care everyone, hope there’s some sunshine for us all today.

Marydoll Mon 14-Dec-20 08:11:53

Disaster! The golf has been cancelled as the heavy rain is getting heavier!! No empty for me nor Christmas music belting through the Sonos system, while I footer about! Grrrrrrr!
I shall have to find some jobs to keep him out of mischief. 😉

GM I hope you get some relief.💐
I can appreciate how awful you must be feeling. I had a severe bout when I was in Coronary care last year, at least instant medical help was on hand for me. I was sent for a CT scan of my head to make sure nothing sinister was going on and threw up in the scanner! blush