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Good Evening Sunday

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Rufus2 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:26:51

One of the best parts of growing older? You can flirt all you like since you've become harmless

Evening All. What a day! Christmas cancelled and now the Annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race cancelled. The SA Premier wasn’t having a bar of all those yachties arriving from Sydney as many of the crew members live and work in the Northern Beaches area, pop. 275,000. Alternative suggestions included letting the race go ahead, but make the boats do a U-turn in the River Derwent and go back! Can’t imagine crews being happy about that and what if a crew member takes sick and has to be off-loaded to hospital. putting every one in quarantine.!?
Now that Santa will be unemployed who’s going to explain to all the kiddies who still believe in Santa how he managed to put those presents under the tree?

NSW is now in the same situation as Melbourne not long ago; having recently opened up inter-State borders, all surrounding States are now saying “keep out!”
Not much notice is given either resulting in massive queues of travellers trying to get back home or whereever for Christmas. And not many discount air-fares. The price of progress!

BlueSapphire NT news is rarely headline stuff at this end of the country, unless it’s about a croc. eating someone. One word of warning; don’t say “Cheese” when trying to take a “selfie” with a croc, otherwise you’re likely to lose your camera!
Most attention is on shark attacks of which there have been a few fatals, particularly off the NSW Surfer’s and Gold Coasts.
I bet you’d like to be back in NT, or not!?

Jaxjacky A funny cartoon in a recent The Oldie mag. depicts a hopscotch “grid?” leading up to a cliff edge. (I think my sense of humour must have warped since joining GN!) tchconfused
Definitely watch out for the rum, why not Baileys? their truffles were on TV and it was fascinating to see thousands of them coming down the production line.
No wonder all the staff look happy, although there are never any gaps where someone hasn’t been able to resist helping themselves. The scanning computer probably can pick that up and bring the line to a screaming halt.

Jane “Braw”! As in ”braw bricht moonlicht night, tonight!?”
Belated “Happy Birthday” (not Happy Holiday yet!) and I guess you’re keeping warm whilst stomping around to Nancy’s “these boots are made for walking”!
Seems like you might need snow shoes for your Christmas present.
We had the third and final episode of “Blood of the Clans” on TV this evening.
My word! Your ancestors were a blood thirsty lot. I lost track of the number of Clans, mostly Mac. or Mcs and I couldn’t help wondering what all those warriors did in their spare time when they weren’t charging around massacring all and sundry; .herding sheep, I suppose! tchgrin

New Year’s Eve; that’s when you Scots come into your own Any signs of panic- buying of mistletoe or will self-distancing rules ban it’s use!? [tchshok]

Megs Hope you find your wines soon; shame to waste it. How does the Tier 4 affect you? Your weather does’nt look too brilliant! Worse if you have to queue outside in the cold and rain whilst waiting to be tested Can’t remember if you’ve said whether or not you’ve had your jab. If so, how did it go!?

We’ve now done 50days; let’s hope we don’t get any hiccups!. tchhmm

Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Sun 20-Dec-20 16:06:45

Hi Rufus, more doom and gloom here with this highly infectious virus mutation, looks like some countries have and others considering, closing their borders to UK travellers.
I think NYE and definitely mistletoe is orf for this year, along with a most seasonal jollity. The cakes were made by a Caribbean lady, I think Rum is the tipple of choice, also the spiced version is one of DH’s favourites. I think, for me, my sense of humour was always a tad near the edge, just as I’ve got older I care less about sharing it.
50 days, I too hope for no hiccups, one day here would be major and hopefully the start of the new beginning.
Stay safe 🥂

Jane10 Sun 20-Dec-20 18:20:56

Hi Rufus2, things are very quiet indeed here now. DS's restaurant will have to close from Boxing day. They'd reckoned on a lockdown in January so it's only bringing it forward by a week.
Our 'clans' are now football teams and their supporters. My real surname is a Mac/Mc I'm really not bothered which. I only married it and, believe me, it's a mouthful. It's just as well I'm plain Jane to start with.
Last food shop tomorrow. I've booked a slot for our local M&S and have a long list. It's got to last us!

BlueSapphire Sun 20-Dec-20 20:49:58

Hello Rufus, always good to hear news from Oz. Love your upbeat posts, we could all do with cheering up these dsys.

Miss Darwin in a way, and feel quite proud of surviving the wild frontier. It's a very different and weird place to live; only two seasons, the Dry and the Wet, one road, the Stuart, in and out, and therefore is quite parochial, if that's the right word. And it was so laid back it was almost horizontal

Our DCs loved it, and would have stayed if they could, but I couldn't really leave a 12 and 8 yr old behind to fend for themselves! The crocs! But Territorians are very proud and defensive of their homeland. Have been back to visit, 10 years after leaving and could see great change. But our friends were still the same!

Just wondering if they've been much affected by Covid.

Megs36 Mon 21-Dec-20 15:28:52

Hello Rufus a day late I’m afraid.
Now Tier 4 means lunch plans with family on Christmas Eve, all gone now, everyone must stay home, my lovely son said he is bringing our lunch ready cooked on Christmas Eve on our doorstep to be reheated! He too will stay home with his wife and daughter , other dear son lives 300 miles away ( nothing I know) and has to adjust plans of visiting family. Many people are alone this year but trying to celebrate in new and different ways, Still waiting to hear when our vaccinations are coming, we are well into the top list, we thought so anyway, but the logistics must be a nightmare.Not been tested but not going far anyway. Good to hear you’ve reached 50 days, hope we can say that sometime.
The wine is going to be well sampled, hope it lasts over the ‘festive’ season.
Cheers 🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂