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Quality Street , Which are your fav

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TrendyNannie6 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:29:15

For me it’s the purple wrapped ones, milk choc with caramel and hazel nut

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:31:18

Green triangles every time🥳

EllanVannin Sun 20-Dec-20 14:33:18

The dark choc orange and strawberry creams.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:42:14


Septimia Sun 20-Dec-20 14:56:00

Purple for me, too, closely followed by the green triangles. Anything with toffee is definitely at the bottom of the list (but I'll still eat 'em!).

Daisymae Sun 20-Dec-20 14:56:12

Green triangle. I have a confession. When I was about 13 my friend was minding the village shop and I kept her company. We went through the tin and sorted out all of them. In our defence there weren't that many.blush

lemsip Sun 20-Dec-20 14:59:36

green triangles for me too. The purple ones used to be largest in the box but have shrunk so much they get lost among the rest! lol

Nortsat Sun 20-Dec-20 15:03:28

Green triangles

Purple caramel with the nut

Orange cream

Strawberry cream ...

Glorybee Sun 20-Dec-20 15:06:43

Did anyone enjoy looking through the coloured wrappers when they were little? The red and purple ones created the best effect. Simple pleasures! 😊

shysal Sun 20-Dec-20 15:11:36

Purple and green. A few years ago you could buy boxes all of the same variety, but I don't think they do them any more.

cornishpatsy Sun 20-Dec-20 15:12:26


Ellianne Sun 20-Dec-20 15:15:52


pollyperkins Sun 20-Dec-20 15:20:10

Ive never liked the purple ot the green triangle. Don’t like nuts. Love the orange & strawberry creams and especially coffee cream. Yum!

Whitewavemark2 Sun 20-Dec-20 15:22:07

They have changed completely since I bought them, so they are a disappointment now.

Chewbacca Sun 20-Dec-20 15:25:09

Agree with Whitewave. I used to love the strawberry cream back when their chocolate was edible. Wouldn't thank you for any of them now.

geekesse Sun 20-Dec-20 15:28:27

Orange cream, strawberry cream, fudge. And I have a tin with only those in it for Christmas Day. Who says Christmas on your own can’t be nice?

Blossoming Sun 20-Dec-20 15:31:44

Toffee 🙂

Spangler Sun 20-Dec-20 15:43:40

Are there any Quality Street left? Soon it will be one of each assortment.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 20-Dec-20 15:59:48

Strawberry cream, orange cream, fudge and toffee cup. I ordered a large tin directly from Quality Street with just those sweets! Last year I went to John Lewis and did the same thing. They weren’t allowed to this year.

Calendargirl Sun 20-Dec-20 16:06:27

Green triangles, and another crunchy one, can’t remember the colour, don’t have them very often.

LadyGracie Sun 20-Dec-20 16:25:48

I used to love the cracknell, I think they were in red wrappers. Now I like the coconut and the orange and strawberry creams.

NotAGran55 Sun 20-Dec-20 16:49:23

Purple or green triangles only .

Casdon Sun 20-Dec-20 17:10:51


Kate1949 Sun 20-Dec-20 17:13:53

It's been years since we had Quality Street. I can't remember the flavours. Anything without nuts suits me.

Jaxjacky Sun 20-Dec-20 18:07:23

I don’t like chocolate, but we had a tin in the house and used to save the wrappers to make stained glass windows.