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VIP at last!

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Jane10 Mon 21-Dec-20 21:10:47

Last week a check out operative at M&S told me I'd need to book a slot for my food shopping this week so I did. I booked online for 12pm today. I was dismayed to see a long, long queue snaking round the building. However, my emailed acknowledgement told me to speak to the staff at the door. This I duly did. My name was checked off and another lady was summoned to escort me past the outside queue, the inside queue and straight into the food hall. I felt like a real VIP. I could hear grumbling from the queue and people muttering.
DD said later when I told her that that's what it's like going clubbing if you have a VIP pass.
It was nice to feel special for once even if it was just buying my groceries. smile

52bright Mon 21-Dec-20 21:24:28

Good for you Jane 10. I saw this on the M and S site a while ago but didn't get around to booking it. Wish I had. Probably too late now. Don't worry about the grumbling from the queue. They should have been as organised as you. I will watch out for this and maybe take M and S up on it another time smile

Urmstongran Mon 21-Dec-20 21:28:44

Result Jane10!

I had a similar experience in the Trafford Centre about 10y ago. It was Boxing Day and I think I’d gone there with himself to exchange something in one of the stores.

Anyway walking past ‘Next’ I said ‘ooh look the sale’s on’. I was straight in.

Unknown to me, but Himself has observed from a bench where he’d parked himself - I’d sauntered in from the direction opposite to where a huge queue was lined up and snaking right around the corner!

Himself told me afterwards (laughing at my totally oblivious entrance) that the security guard was facing the queue and didn’t even notice me sail past behind him,

VIP? Haha! Just dim.