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If I didnt have GN...

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farview Mon 21-Dec-20 22:17:33

...well I think I would feel lost...which is strange really...because I have, luckily, good,lifelong friends, my children,their partners (albeit half of my children and grandchildren overseas) voluntary work,my garden, and also do next door neighbours garden...always busy,...many frustrations and upsets we all do...been on this site for well over four years now...would definitely say that I'm not one of the 'in crowd'...but its important to me..always read the GM thread...worry about people on there and people who go missing from it...appreciate advice I've been given..PM's that I've received,..personal friends that I've made......anyway...thank you...GN is part of my life..a small...but important part...🦋

Marydoll Mon 21-Dec-20 22:21:48

What a lovely, uplifting post, farview. Thank you!

Urmstongran Mon 21-Dec-20 22:23:29

I’m with you there farview. I like the anonymity. I can post things that make me anxious or worried that aren’t shared with family & friends. GN can be a wonderful agony aunt in times of need. Like writing in a diary but with the added bonus of feedback and at times, support.

Luckygirl Mon 21-Dec-20 22:31:35

Lovely post - Gransnet members have held my hand through several life crises. Thank you.

janeainsworth Mon 21-Dec-20 22:31:42

Farview would definitely say that I'm not one of the 'in crowd'.

Always remember that quote of Groucho Marx “I wouldn't want to belong to a club that would have me as a member”

Who cares about the 'in crowd' ?grin

Cherrytree59 Mon 21-Dec-20 22:44:55

Lovely post Farview
I wish you and all gransnetter a peaceful and healthy christmas.🎅🤔

Once the clouds clear, I'm hopeing to see the Christmas star. ⭐
I wonder '(Wishful thinking) could it possibly be sign of hope.
I know Jupiter and Saturn conjunction but ......

EllanVannin Mon 21-Dec-20 22:50:15

I quite agree and that said, Lord knows what I'd do without t'internet itself. Stir-crazy would be a good description.

EllanVannin Mon 21-Dec-20 22:52:34

There are some lovely people on here and very supportive too without being judgemental.

BlueBelle Mon 21-Dec-20 23:12:31

I like my time on GN wouldn’t be without it in fact spend too much time on it
Made three or four lovely friends and although we ve not met in person really get on so well and I value those friendships as much as real life ones
(I d love to know who the in crowd are ??)

Marydoll Mon 21-Dec-20 23:17:47

So would I Bluebelle

TrendyNannie6 Mon 21-Dec-20 23:22:30

I too enjoy gransnet, lovely people and you seem to get to know a few of the personalities of the people that post, think I’d really miss it if it wasn’t around

Blossoming Mon 21-Dec-20 23:25:24

It’s helping me, group virtual hug 🙂

benjamina Mon 21-Dec-20 23:39:20

I just decided to look on gransnet and am so happy to have seen this thread.

I totally understand what everyone is saying - I too read every GM posts.

I retired from work 5 weeks ago - I joined gransnet last march but never seemed to have the time to post much as still working full time.

Now I have retired completely I look daily but dont seem to have the confidence to jump in and post.

But tonight I thought I should take the plunge.

What a lovely warm set of messages.

Makes all the troubles we are going through a little more bearable.

Thanks to all

GrandmaKT Mon 21-Dec-20 23:43:58

Lovely post farview, which I'm sure echoes how a lot of us feel. Welcome benjamina. Now you've dipped your toe in the water, hope to see lots more posts from you.

benjamina Tue 22-Dec-20 00:02:08

GrandmaKT - Thanks! See you tomorrow smile

Chewbacca Tue 22-Dec-20 00:48:49

You're not wrong farview; GN has become my virtual coffee shop where I nip in for a quick coffee and a catch up with friends each day; more so now I can't go to my real coffee shop. Like any other meeting place, we have some friends that we're closer to than others and we get to know a little more of what's going on in the lives - and can share ours with them. I'd be lost without it too, especially now.

Hetty58 Tue 22-Dec-20 00:56:10

farview, hear hear!

CanadianGran Tue 22-Dec-20 03:08:06

That is a lovely post Farview. Like many others, I enjoy this spot as a meeting place. I usually log on when others in the UK have gone to bed, so read most posts long after they have been added.

This is a place to share, to celebrate, to gripe, and to exchange ideas. I look forward to logging on when I get a chance.

Welcome Benjamina, I do hope to see you posting now that your toes are wet!

BlueBelle Tue 22-Dec-20 06:38:37

Welcome benjamina don’t worry about posting I was shy to do it at first but it’s good to get involved

LauraNorder Tue 22-Dec-20 06:56:53

Such a lovely feel good post farview.
Like you, I feel that gransnet has become a small but important part of my life, I too feel I’ve made a few friends and am getting to know others better.
Nice to have, as others have said, a virtual coffee shop to sit and chat, share some worries and some fun and hear about the lives of others.
Long live Gransnet

Bellasnana Tue 22-Dec-20 07:13:05

How nice to read a cheerful thread, thanks farview.

I joined GN around seven years ago, quite out of character for me as I’m not a joiner of anything! It was something about long-distance grandparenting that caught my eye and tempted me to join the fray.

Over the years I have made some lovely friends on here, some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet in real life.

I have always had support especially when my DH died, then my sister a year later. Being on my own has meant the ‘virtual’ friends on here have become very important to me and have helped me through some very tricky times.

I have never experienced any unpleasantness although I do steer clear of the more controversial topics, and can’t claim to read all the threads, but it has been a very positive experience for me and I thank you all for your virtual support.

Hetty58 Tue 22-Dec-20 07:19:47

Bellasnana, like that old joke 'Thanks for the support. I will wear it always!'

Susan56 Tue 22-Dec-20 08:02:15

Lovely post fair view.Sums up exactly how I feel about gransnet.

MamaCaz Tue 22-Dec-20 08:15:21

I'm another who wholeheartedly agrees with your post, farview, especially your very last sentence: .GN is part of my life..a small...but important part. smile

Wishing you the best Christmas possible tchsmile

Nortsat Tue 22-Dec-20 08:15:45

fairview, what a lovely post.
You have summed up how I feel about GN too.

I don’t know who the ‘In crowd’ are, so I don’t mind not being in it, at all.
I always participate in the Good Morning thread and I often think of other GNs when they’re struggling or celebrating.
I too avoid the threads that turn contentious.
Benjamina good to see you. Perhaps we’ll see you on Micks Good Morming thread.
Farview 💐