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New thread, see below, Companiable and Distracting Chat

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FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 10:07:35

Hello Everyone!
As lemsip said on another (rather sad) thread, there is precious little mindless distraction about here at the moment.

It's a very troubling time for many, seemingly even more troubling than usual, even in these 'unusual and troubling' times.

Any chat is welcome below, and we will see what comes of it.
Hopefully it will be similar to the very successful Have we run out of things to talk about thread (sorry, I can't remember who started it).

While I've got your ear, does anyone have any ideas on a thread that could include a vote?
I really (really!) enjoyed the hosting the Rubbish Claims to Fame thread a few weeks back.

Just to get the ball rolling, tell us the most delicious and the most disgusting thing that you have ever eaten.

Best wishes to everyone thanks x

Lemsip I do hope that you don't mind me mentioning you here - but I did tell you about Lindt Lindor, so in my book you owe me one tchgrin

M0nica Sun 27-Dec-20 10:12:13

Most deliciou: probably hummous, I am addicted to it so never buy it, but DDil and DD always buy some when I visit

Most disgusting: a sweetcorn and milk soup served for lunch in a monastery I visited with DF and dear sister. One of the monks was a friend of DF. My sister and father simply didn't eat it and I felt that one of us ought to make the effort so I did, which reminds me to dd to that soup the cold consomme I ate once in similar circumstances.

Otherwise, I love soup!!

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 10:18:29

Thanks M0nica I always get really nervous when I start a thread that no-one will comment (needy?)

I eat tonnes of hummous, most recently with M&S gruyère cheese twists, which probably couldn't be more calorific if I tried.

kittylester Sun 27-Dec-20 10:18:59

That made me feel I'll MOnica.

Whale was the worst although it might have been raw horse if I could have managed it.

I find lots of things delicious which is why I look as I do!

boheminan Sun 27-Dec-20 10:20:37

I love mushrooms - though from what I can gather from the rest of the family, I'm on my own. The best dish I remember was a concoction of mushrooms in creamy cheese sauce.

The worst 'delicacy' that will never darken my taste buds again was a pickled walnut, which looked like some sort of small animals withered brain soaked in black ink and tasted of chewy vinegar...

lemsip Sun 27-Dec-20 10:21:22

well, FannyCornforth, you've put me on the spot! so, the only disgusting thing at the moment is when a very skinny child I had to be dosed with Cod liver oil emulsion, A disgusting thick white 'stuff.' to build me up! Still only weigh 9 and a half stone! I'll think on for more recent disgusting 'stuff'. lol

FannyCornforth Sun 27-Dec-20 10:25:46

boheminan I recently taught a 12 year old girl who was convinced that mushrooms were an animal product.
She honestly thought that I was joking when I tried to convince her otherwise. It went on for weeks.
I'd love to start a Daft Pupils you Have Taught. It would go down extremely well here due to the sheer number of teachers. But, of course, it may not be entirely professional! tchgrin

Lucretzia Sun 27-Dec-20 10:34:44

Funnily enough, I loathe Lindt Lindor. I love Lindt chocolate. Pure and unadulterated without any weirdness like lime or pecan

Not sure I'd call it disgusting though. Just don't like it at all.

My most delicious food was anything and everything my Grandma made. Marzipan log being up near the top.

Disgusting food? Anything very hot. Not into curries. But no, I'd not say that was disgusting either. Just not my preference. I'm rather bland and boring when it comes to my palate

Oh I think I know now. We were in a rather nice hotel having afternoon tea. I was just a child.

Bit into my cream cake and the longest hair I've ever seen was wrapped and entwined and I got it in my mouth and was almost screaming. Spitting it out. Horrified

Not great behaviour but it made me feel sick.

Since then I always look very carefully at what I eat.

Grandmabatty Sun 27-Dec-20 10:41:09

There are so many delicious things I have eaten that I can't pick! Maybe my gran's stew as it was lovely. The most disgusting was snails. Like chewing rubber and gristle combined. Yuck.

harrigran Sun 27-Dec-20 10:43:31

We were on holiday in France, lovely small family run hotel with exceptional food.
Last night of our two week stay and the chef said he would prepare us a special meal that was not on the menu. My excitement knew no bounds and we ordered a very nice bottle of wine to accompany the meal. first course arrived one dozen snails. Well I should expect them at some point so gave them a go, it can only get better. Main course arrived, two baby quails with head and feet on lying across the plate and the chef hovering at the door watching for our appreciation. DH said I went as green as the sauce on the snails.

Mollygo Sun 27-Dec-20 10:44:31

Most delicious-fig and hazelnut bread with French butter.
Most disgusting-tripe ice-cream. We bought one cone between the group to see what it was like. First time we’ve ever wasted ice-cream. bohemian when I was expecting, I craved pickled walnuts but after the birth, I saw what you see and never touched them again!

EllanVannin Sun 27-Dec-20 10:51:44

There aren't many things I don't like but one time abroad I had globe artichoke----oh dear it was like something out of a stagnant pond.
Probably next would be squid---rubber bands spring to mind.

I seem to be more mindful of what I eat since getting older though as tastes change so much. Once upon a time I could tuck into anything, including snails/winkles.

millymouge Sun 27-Dec-20 10:53:11

The worst thing was tripe. Never again, I will try most things and if I am not keen will not bother again. But I only tried one mouthful and couldn’t even swallow that it was like warm slimy soft rubber, ugh.
I love smoked salmon with a nice green salad and crusty bread, my idea of a lovely meal. Real butter and home made mayonnaise will finish it off nicely.

fiorentina51 Sun 27-Dec-20 10:56:19

Worst thing I ate was baby octopus in a tomato sauce. Served cold as part of a farewell dinner in our honour in Sarawak. There were 3 of them staring up at me from the plate. Out of politeness, I got stuck in, more or less swallowing them whole and taking a good, discreet gulp of water after each one. I got a round of applause for my use of chopsticks from the locals on my table and I quietly prayed that they wouldn't offer me a second helping!
Most delicious? Too many to mention I think but I really enjoyed "arrosto" cooked by my Italian granny in front of an open fire. Consisted of small pieces of chicken or pheasant and pork interspersed with sage and rosemary skewered onto and old clockwork spit and slowly roasted, served with salad and crusty bread.
We now have the ancient spit and DH has built a bbq to accommodate it

BBbevan Sun 27-Dec-20 11:01:31

My favourite thing ,which I have everyday, is Greek yogurt and berries. Worst, some pickled fish we had in Norway . !! Ugh !

Glorybee Sun 27-Dec-20 11:08:17

Nicest thing I can think of just now is a really good quality Black Forest gateau.

Worst thing is tinned spaghetti hoops 🤢

Beechnut Sun 27-Dec-20 11:13:50

Worst thing was some chips while we were holidaying in the Gower.

Best was a pasta and pine nut meal in Chicago.

DanniRae Sun 27-Dec-20 11:17:19

My mum's roast beef dinner, with amazing yorkshire puddings, is the best thing I have ever tasted.
Can't think of the worst thing - I'll give it a think and get back to you tchsmile

DanniRae Sun 27-Dec-20 11:19:34

Right I have just remembered the worst thing - tinned pilchards in tomato sauce. YUK!! My mum would do them for tea sometimes and I had to eat in different room. Feel sick just writing this.........shock

BigBertha1 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:20:40

Worst thing ever was boiled beef, carrots and a split pea thing - cant remember what it was called served in my childhood bleugh!!!
Best thing ever difficult - probably lobster thermidor in a lovely hotel in Kenya overlooking the ocean on DH 60th birthday.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:21:12

I love all fish, best fish dish was a simply grilled John Dory in Malta.

Considering the above I really really cannot abide fish soup/stew in any guise ?

Jaxjacky Sun 27-Dec-20 11:32:46

harrigran I’ve had those quails, years ago in France, ate them happily.
My most disgusting, again in France, is andouillette sausage, yeugh.
My best, sole meunière, I love fish, rarely eatitat home as DH detests it, unless it has batter!

Liz46 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:33:39

I can't make up my mind about the 'best' things. We had lobster in garlic butter at a beach shack in Goa. It was fabulous. The other favourite was stuffed vine leaves in a little cafe up in the mountains in Turkey. There was a very tasty mixture inside which included rice and pine nuts.

The worst was when I was a child - tripe cooked in milk! My mother hated any waste but I couldn't eat it.

Maggiemaybe Sun 27-Dec-20 11:36:17

I love fish and seafood, with the exception of whelks, which are probably the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. To be fair, it’s probably just the texture that made me feel ill.

Oh, hang on, I’ve just remembered the skate I was served in a very good restaurant - it stank of urine and I can only guess that’s what it tasted of as well tchenvy (yes, I tried it, because two other members of my party were tucking in and saying how good it was).

Loads of contenders for the best taste, but I’ll go with a dhal in Sri Lanka that was so good I was eating it for breakfast.

GrammarGrandma Sun 27-Dec-20 11:37:27

I saved myself from a lot of the disgusting experiences described above by becoming a vegetarian 51 years ago! Before then it was any fish with bones in.

As for the most delicious, so many! My mother-in-law used to make me a veg pie with cauliflower and red pepper and other lovely things in a sauce inside the pastry.