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What moved you to tears this festive season ?

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Floradora9 Sat 02-Jan-21 10:52:37

For me it was not missing the GC because we saw them open their presents via Zoom. It was not having two to cater for instead of hoards , that was rather good . It was not the total lack of presents because that is what we ask for but hearing a lone bagpiper playing " When the Battle's Over " from the battlements of Edinburgh castle really moved me .

tanith Sat 02-Jan-21 13:30:02

Sitting at the table to eat my Christmas dinner alone it was awful no one to share a smile with or chat to. Feeling sorry for myself.

MawBe Sat 02-Jan-21 13:36:51

I coped with Christmas Day on my own (just) as I made a huge effort to be cheerful and the daughters kept me busy with Zooms and FaceTimes, but Boxing Day was dire. I was so low I just switched my phone off, declined a walk with a neighbour as I knew I was going to be such bad company - and yes- I was reduced to tears.
Glad when Christmas was over

Jomarie Sat 02-Jan-21 13:39:41

Oh merlotgran that's so lovely - I'm welling up just reading that. Must pull myself together - feeling emotional most of the time now ~ so many things happening around us with lots of chopping and changing and uncertainty ~ plays havoc with the emotions grinsad

ElaineI Sat 02-Jan-21 13:41:02

The death of my best friend's Mum on December 29th - non-Covid. She had had a massive stroke and was 94 but my mind set off of a journey of remembrance of when we became best friends, climbing over her fence into the woods, parties we were at, flute lessons, still being BF when I was training to be a nurse and she was doing secretarial work, helping her get away from an abusive husband, meeting her new husband, our children growing up as best friends and now their children. She was always present throughout - as sharp as a tack and very cheerful. I found it weird that I became tearful as I'm not usually like that - perhaps as we have missed almost a year of meeting up or that my Mum is 85. I don't know or maybe it's lockdown.

grannyactivist Sat 02-Jan-21 16:19:07

On Christmas Day I chatted to all my family via technology and put on a brave face in spite of missing them all, then my youngest son called me in the evening just to check that I was really okay. He mentioned that it must be very hard for me to be apart from the family when we’re usually all together for the holiday and his kindness just undid me. I quickly pulled myself together, but treasure his thoughtfulness.

boheminan Sat 02-Jan-21 16:34:18

Whilst the bells were ringing 12.00 N.Y.E. I went to do my usual opening of front and back door to let the new year in and old year out. On opening the front door I found just about the whole street at their front doors (well distanced from their neighbours) with glasses in their hands, toasting 2021 in. Someone broke into Auld Lang's Ayne, with the whole street gradually joining in, yes, there were tears in my eyes. Then a shouting of 'good nights', we all disappeared. Totally unarranged. I won't forget that for a long timesmile

Billybob4491 Sat 02-Jan-21 17:07:18

My first Christmas without my dear husband - says it all really.

SisterAct Sat 02-Jan-21 17:28:22

Hearing my friend who had decided not to do Christmas lunch with her son & partner and partners family but promised her an Xmas meal, forgot to take it to her, and blamed it on drink !!
There were 6 adults,3 children 2 Generations and no one Thought of her. She had a cheese sandwich and went to bed at 6. They didn’t even know until she broke down on Boxing Day night when he rang

bikergran Sat 02-Jan-21 17:33:41

Watching and listening to my dad cry for his best friend (my mum) him hearing her voice calling him night and daytime and him going in other rooms to look for her.

No he hasn't got dementia, he is just distraught after loosing her early September.

BBbevan Sat 02-Jan-21 17:45:03

Everything at.the moment. I am terribly weepy.

sodapop Sat 02-Jan-21 19:13:56

Oh SisterAct your poor friend she must have felt so deserted. Thoughtless family.