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Night Owls: Part Two-whit, Two-woo

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FannyCornforth Tue 12-Jan-21 19:25:32

Hello Everyone smile
New thread here.
Thank you all so very much for your company on the first thread.
I'm looking forward to our half asleep, woozy 2am chats moonbrew

FannyCornforth Thu 14-Jan-21 10:02:12

You're missing the main point Rafichagran.
Rufus is joking.
He doesn't give a hoot (yes!) that his thread was deleted, in fact he asked me to get it deleted.
He's not an insomniac, he's Australian.

Also, I take the time and effort to reply to everyone as much as I can and take a genuine interest.
To be honest, to my mind it is 'my' thread. If that makes me childish and pathetic, so be it.
I'm sure that there are lots of thread starters on here who are a little bit possessive of their creations.

The last thread was a very 'nice' thread, just like you say you'd expect it to be. And this one will be too.
So stop causing problems where there is none please.

Thank you to everyone who understood. thanks

rafichagran Thu 14-Jan-21 10:55:34

Ok, fair enough,but it was unfair to say Rufus lacked manners. He only started a thread. Also no one owns a thread.
Good luck it's a nice concept and alot of posters will find it helpful.

Grammaretto Thu 14-Jan-21 10:58:54

Ooh I missed all the excitement!! Deleted posts and all that...
I was ASLEEP! sorry to boast
I once, as a child, slept through a midnight feast. It was at camp in a bell tent and we, 8 at least, had prepared heaps of sugary food.
I woke to find my sleeping bag covered with crumbs and condensed milk and wailed "why did nobody wake me!" "We sat on you but you wouldn't wake up".

This is a very nice thread. Thankyou FannyC

Rufus2 Thu 14-Jan-21 11:19:32

unfortunatly rufus lacks manners
lemsip Fortunately you have a sense of humour, although it would help if you inserted a few "Smileys"! tchgrin

Rufus2 Thu 14-Jan-21 12:05:53

Rafichagran Did you say something uncomplimentary about my choice of soup? No wonder you copped two deletions tchgrin

So stop causing problems where there is (sic) none please.
Looks like a molehill is being turned into a mountain!
What's the problem, other than a hypothetical one arising out of a misunderstanding of thread procedures.
That was sorted very quickly by GNHQ with no fuss before some of us had even woken up and at least has provided Night Owls with something to chat about and help put them
to sleep! tchhmm
Now I must away to my (own?) proper Good Evening thread!

FannyCornforth Thu 14-Jan-21 12:31:08

I'm drawing a line under all of this nonsense.
If anyone is awake tonight or indeed any other night, you are extremelywelcome to come here and chat about anything at all.
And unlike some, I would not dream of picking holes in your grammar.
See you later Owlets! moon
(Which has reminded me, I haven't finished my Owl Story yet)

FannyCornforth Thu 14-Jan-21 15:06:19

A couple of people have asked for photos of my cat.
Here she is, this is Rosie.

Grammaretto Thu 14-Jan-21 20:33:57

Ah Fanny what a beautiful comfortable animal she is.
I hope I'm not up at 3 am again, but if I am I'll come and share my woes with the Owls.

Mollygo Thu 14-Jan-21 21:40:56

Well I’m glad I slept so well last night that I missed the drama. I love being able to find someone awake in the middle of my night when I can’t sleep. Thanks for the thread FC.
Rosie looks lovely.

Georgesgran Fri 15-Jan-21 00:05:11

I bet I’m the first to post tonight! Both today and yesterday I’ve been absolutely shattered! Usually I’m fine with 4 hours a night, probably 2.30 to 6.30 but think I’m just absolutely fed up with the Covid situation now. DH is very vulnerable (another letter today from Matt Hancock). He is generally quite antisocial, and we have separate friends and I like to meet up with my girlfriends often. Haven’t seen most since March and my BF since before Christmas.

I know we’ve all got to toe the line, so a hot water bottle, cup of tea and a Jacobs Orange Club for me and I’ll check in with you lovely people later.

Kim19 Fri 15-Jan-21 00:08:55

Rufus, if you're around, 👍from me.

Doodle Fri 15-Jan-21 00:23:19

Hello Fanny and all. I’m still up rather than not sleeping.
I spend time running round after DH during the day and he classes this time as my quiet time for myself while he is safely tucked up in bed. He is improving every day and manages most things himself. I just like a little wind down.
Hope all the night owls get some sleep tonight at some point.
Hope your DH is ok Fanny

Nana3 Fri 15-Jan-21 00:59:01

Hope everyone has a good sleep, I am going to go on some games threads then try to switch off.

Rufus2 Fri 15-Jan-21 02:36:50

Rufus, if you're around, 👍from me
Kim Good Morning. Thank you!
Of course I'm still around, but not sure I'm allowed in here again after The Boss "drew a line" and lowered the boom on my "nonsense" sad
Anyway! In for a penny....!
I'm working out what will be "Soup of the Day"; something suitably fishy for a Friday probably! tchgrin
Sleep Tight.

Nannytopsy Fri 15-Jan-21 03:04:05

Morning all! DH is sleeping soundly and I am awake. Last night it was the other way round! After a day with lots of housework, I thought I would sleep like a log.
Love your Rosie! We had a long haired tortie a lot like her, except she was dark where your Rosie is white. We still have her brother Charlie.

Rosannie Fri 15-Jan-21 03:09:27

I've been away for a long time (metaphorically!) I'm surprised to find a tthread for active night owls, I've just watched 2 films on TV, what next ?

Marilla Fri 15-Jan-21 05:12:01

Hello Everyone,
I have had my surgery and am pain free! I can’t quite believe it. I have to lie on my back for the first week with small steps taken every hour. No regrets now about going private and greatly appreciate all the Grans out there who said go for the surgery. You were all absolutely right. It’s worth every penny.

This thread is becoming quite a lively affair through the night!

Mollygo Fri 15-Jan-21 05:49:11

Marilla how lovely to hear you are pain free. Take care and keep improving.
5.30 feels like a good night’s sleep -hurray!
I’ve just looked out of the window and it’s really frosty again. Constant rain and then sleet for two days. I’m really hoping the weather is better today so a walk isn’t just a short scurry past soggy gardens.

Lucca Fri 15-Jan-21 06:06:57

Morning.just Popping in for a moan! Been awake since 3 on and off. Been for a pee at least 7 times so that will be another bladder infection I guess, fortunately my surgery is pretty efficient at phone calls and sending necessary prescription to the chemist. Other day on a walk had to dive into the undergrowth for a pee twice 🤭. I’m now indulging in my favourite vice of tea and toast in bed,...l

Kim19 Fri 15-Jan-21 06:11:45

Hey Marilla. Hello! Wasn't expecting you back for a while. Recovery time and all that. Absolutely wonderful. You've just given me a lovely start to my day. I take my pleasures wherever I can even though our relationship is virtual. Great stuff. I'm delighted for you and hope your progress continues steadily. Oh yessssss.......

FannyCornforth Fri 15-Jan-21 06:19:28

Marilla! You're back!smile
(I tried to think of a pun about your back, but failed.)
And pain free already, brilliant.
Tbh I was a bit surprised; one minute you were debating with yourself about what to do, and the next minute you were going in.
Well done you.

FannyCornforth Fri 15-Jan-21 06:24:54

Morning Lucca
Ooh, I hope that you get it sorted out soon. I must say that our GP is jolly good too, and you get a same day delivery service from the chemist.
Do be careful in the underground though, I once had a very nasty incident with a stinging nettle sad

FannyCornforth Fri 15-Jan-21 06:31:29

I'm joining you in a cup of earl grey.
Toast will have to be later, but I've already given it some consideration.
I'd have a toaster up here if I had more space given half a chance.

Rufus vicchisoise (sp?) or haddock chowder maybe?
Of course you are welcome (to be honest I couldn't stop you if I wanted to) but do I prefer it when you don't take the p*ss and try to wind people up.

FannyCornforth Fri 15-Jan-21 06:32:30

Lucca - undergrowth, not flipping underground!

cornergran Fri 15-Jan-21 07:39:01

Morning Night Owls. Not needed your company for a few nights so just saying hi. Delighted you are home and pain free marilla, good luck with your recovery.