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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 16-Jan-21 06:12:24

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark , but its sleetish outside here in Brackley at the moment .
Today, possible Laundrette early , watch TV , and maybe later go and get a Chinese Take Away as the evenings are starting to get lighter .
Stay in ,and just see how the day evolves .
Take Care,

dustyangel Sat 16-Jan-21 08:46:30

Good morning from a clear, sunny but chilly Portugal. Well that’s what it looks like from the skylight. I have been up to get a yoghurt and the morning medication that needs food before it but come back to bed to snuggle into the warmth again while DH goes off to the Saturday market. The day stretches ahead sums it up so well baubles, but ding my best to get motivated.

Lins1066 Sat 16-Jan-21 08:50:01

Good morning Mick and all. A wet night here on the S Welsh coast, it is supposed to clear up later, so hopefully we will have a walk then.
In the meantime this morning I will read The Salt Path my book club selection for January.
A fruit and veg delivery from the local shop this morning, and a general tidy up on today's exciting agenda.
Wishing everyone a decent day and stay safe.

Anniebach Sat 16-Jan-21 08:51:55

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Marydoll Sat 16-Jan-21 08:54:13

Good morning all from a positively mild Glasgow, it's 7°C, which makes a change from the -8°C of the other day.

No plans for today, apart from making some resources for DGD'S home schooling and finishing my letter of complaint concern to the Practice Manager about my medication scenario. I have toned the letter down, but I want to ensure that this does not happen again to someone more vulnerable than me.
As I told the doctor in hospital, I am fully compos mentis and able to manage my own care, however, there will be others who are unable to fight their corner.

Unfortunately, the letter has bu*****d up my printer, so my task for today is to strip it down. I do enjoy a challenge! 😁
I have to keep my mind occupied, as I have been dwelling too much on the events of the last week and what a lucky escape I have had.

A warm welcome to all the newcomers and hoping to hear how Auntieflo is.
Beauregard, my DH and our neighbour already have their copies of the Racing Post and have just had a socially distanced chat about today's racing out in the dark street! 😁
Scentia, how talented you are! I have lots of craft stuff lying, but I can find neither the energy nor motivation to do anything at the moment.
Thinking of Travelsafar, its worrying not to hear from her.
The phone just range to give me the news that my old Irish, priest friend has died in hospital this morning. So much sad news. 😢

Take care everyone.

Iam64 Sat 16-Jan-21 08:55:39

Good morning , it’s another grey, rainy, miserable day here in north Manchester. I’d hoped to meet my grandchildren on a walk but they’ll be staying warm and dry. I’ll take that spaniel out, she won’t be impressed.
Lockdown in this wet cold and grey weather is mor of a challenge than the first one, with the lovely sunny days.

Susan56 Sat 16-Jan-21 09:01:20

Good morning from the Shropshire/Powys border.Haven’t looked outside yet so no idea what the weather is doing.

Nothing more taxing today than choosing which book to read next.The last two I read were Richard Osmans and a true story called Secret Child about a boy born to a single mother in Dublin in the 1950’s.His mother had a place in a home where they were allowed to keep their children,some mothers went to work and others looked after all the children.The mother of the author kept her life in the home and the baby a secret from her family.They thought she had gone to live in London.

Hope that Cherry and Mary have both had a restful night and that dragonfly is ok.

Thinking of Auntieflo💐

Stilllearning Sat 16-Jan-21 09:02:14

Morning from S Lanarkshire where the weather is quiet at the moment. I had a long day of phone calls yesterday which started at nine o’clock in the morning, so I didn’t get the chance to read gransnet till after dinner last night, so hello to all the new posters especially chiggi200 from N Lanarkshire. (the day before), who was feeling a bit down. I hope taking the step to join in made a little difference!
I am actually feeling a little unsettled myself at this particular moment because other than the fact that all my callers really needed to talk, I can only remember who one of them was, oh well , at least I provided an ear.
One piece of ‘good’ news was that a friend of my daughter’s who is suffering from terminal cancer and has been asking that people in his situation could be moved up the vaccination list, had a meeting on Thursday with the first minister and deputy health minister. The whole little family were there and were reassured that this will happen, giving them at least a chance to have a more natural life and ‘make more memories’ for the young children.
Good wishes everyone.

Pittcity Sat 16-Jan-21 09:05:48

Good morning from snowy Colchester. It's going to turn to rain later.
Guess what? We've got no weekend plans so will be viewing the weather through the window.
I think I've decluttered as much as I can until we can back to the garden.
Laundry and couch potatoing today. Lamb chops for tea.

farview Sat 16-Jan-21 09:05:52

Morning everyone from a very wet/grey *Iam64 *says..its definitely more of a challenge, being in lockdown in this weather...which is mirroring how I feel...
I do think about all of you with woes and illness...we really do need to look for something to smile about 🙂
Keep on keeping safe everybody...this too will pass....🦋

Gingster Sat 16-Jan-21 09:14:59

Good morning all and we have a sprinkling of snow here in Essex. It’s sleeting at the moment, so I don’t think snowmen are on the cards. ! 😢

Scentia that little dress looks adorable. Well done !

DS1 was here this morning with our shopping at 7.45. All done, so we’re all sorted for the next week or so. Lovely fresh baguette, butter and marmalade with a cup of tea for breakfast. Yum!

We had a fish and chips delivered last night. Very fresh and tasty. I did wonder if it would be a bit sad and soggy by the time it got to us but it was perfect.

On my walk yesterday with little pooch, I went down a narrow pathway beside allotments (I like to see what’s going on in there during the various seasons - not much at the moment and it is under water) . Anyway I always look down to make sure no one is coming up the other way. It isn’t used very much. Two thirds of the way down, a young man started to come towards me. I couldn’t avoid him and as he approached us I said ‘you could have waited’. He was apologetic and looked confused. No mask on ! Some of these youngsters still not thinking!

A cosy day in AGAIN! Take care and keep warm. 🌧❄️

aggie Sat 16-Jan-21 09:15:21

Good Morning all from a dull cold Co Armagh , but it’s dry after a wet windy night
Local friends have had their jab , but I’ve had no word !
On to the border of my crochet blanket , I have a very complicated jigsaw for when I finish it !

Grammaretto Sat 16-Jan-21 09:16:22

Good Morning all from the Scottish Borders. It is clear so far and we have snow lying still. No wish to go anywhere today but I will go for a walk if only to come home to a warm house - by contrast you understand.

Your little friend is exactly right Bellasnana, sadly.
Scentia. I am well impressed. Is that really your first venture into dressmaking?

Oh kittylester I know how you must feel. You don't want to be chasing your money. You want the job to have been properly done in the first place. Good luck with that.

We had 3 different roofers repairing our roof this last year after a ceiling fell in. We paid them all and never tried to get money back. Each claimed to have done a good job. I pray the rain is no longer getting in. An insurance assessor came afterwards and inspected the roof. He was unimpressed with the work supposedly done. And no we could not claim on our insurance.

Hope you all have as good a weekend as is possible.

Nannytopsy Sat 16-Jan-21 09:17:08

Good morning Mick and all his followers from snowy Suffolk. Its still settling but forecast to turn to rain at lunchtime. Shame! Do I make the door curtain for the hall or start painting in the downstairs loo today? Decisions, decisions!!
I hope you get you roof men sorted Kitty.
I hope the day is kind to everyone

Beauregard Sat 16-Jan-21 09:17:18

Marydoll sounds like your DH will be watching the racing this afternoon, leaving you to get on with your printer repairs undisturbed!

Greyduster Sat 16-Jan-21 09:17:42

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. It’s very grey and very cold in South Yorkshire at the moment. It was supposed to snow again in the early hours, but it hasn’t so far and as there was a bit of a thaw yesterday we were going to try and get out for a walk but to be honest I’m not really up for it. I feel as if I want to hide from it all at the moment.
Have a good day, folks.

Scentia Sat 16-Jan-21 09:23:34

Grammaretto it most certainly is, I had a play when I first got my machine but this is the very first pattern I have used.

Grandmabatty Sat 16-Jan-21 09:23:43

Good morning all. Grey and breezy but milder in Polmont. 5 degrees at the moment. I'm heading to Aldi for the week's shop shortly. Yesterday I received a strange letter in the mail. It was hand written and in polish. It wasn't addressed to me but to the householder. Ds spent some time translating bits through the power of Google and apparently it was exhorting me to go to the Bible. Why it was in polish is a mystery! The original owners of Batty Towers were polish ,I believe, so that's the only connection. Very strange. Today is housework day. After I've been shopping,I'll nip to dd and pick up morning rolls that's she's got for me. Then home for cleaning. Have a good day all.

Mapleleaf Sat 16-Jan-21 09:26:34

Morning all,
grey and wet here in South Yorkshire. It’s rained quite a lot through the night which has got rid of some of the snow, but we’ve still got a lot on the ground.
Off for my flu jab shortly.
Hope everyone has the best day they can.
Take care 💐

Justwidowed Sat 16-Jan-21 09:30:56

Gòd morning Mick and everyone .I don't post often but read this thread every day .My coffèe goes cold nine mornings out of ten !

It's raining here in Lancashire but there is a bit of blue sky so maybe brighter later .We were told as children that if there was enough blue to patch a sailor's pants it would be fine later.
Nothing much on today so may after shower stay in dressing gown and pyjamas.
Yesterday was busy changing beds and catching up with washing and ironing. Ironing didn't take long ,out of tumble drier,smoothed and folded.Very different from when we returned from cruising with at least 15 shirts ,t shirts cotton trousers and my few articles..I don't have the cruises or the ironing but wish I still had the cause of them.
Hope everyone has as good a day as possible and manages a smile .

Elizabeth1 Sat 16-Jan-21 09:33:00

Good morning everyone from a real dreich day here on the east coast of Fife the sun looks like it might break through, hope so then perhaps we’ll get out for a wee drive in the car to-the beach we’ll stay in the car to keep safe then we’ll drive home. It’s amazing how this was very good for our well-being the first time around it’s like a repeat performance. I’m later in posting this morning my carer brought in a newbie today they were both very sharp in turning up. Both very nice young women. This area had a power cut in the wee small hours this morning we heard our phone in the charger making funny noises and my emergency call system went into overdrive I think by switching to battery mode, all is good now though otherwise I wouldn’t have got a delicious bacon and egg for breakfast thanks to my dh. To those who are unhappy this morning try and spoil yourself with a little treat of sorts. Keep safe, lots of love everyone flowers

Gelisajams Sat 16-Jan-21 09:33:50

Good morning from Morecambe Bay where it is now drying up enough for DH to run. The door has just closed so I assume he’s gone. I’m feeling sorry for myself this morning as I lost a crown yesterday. It’s not too painful if I keep my tongue off it and don’t have a hot drink but I’m certainly regretting eating that sweet yesterday! I did ma manage to get an appointment at my dentist for Tuesday so hopefully it can be stuck back. I really don’t want a huge dental bill for a new crown at the moment.
Not much planned for today. I’ve already had my Saturday chat with my friend in Somerset. She had a phone call inviting her for ‘the jab’, but was thrown when they gave her a location she hadn’t heard of. Her instinctive response was to say I can’t walk that far as she no longer drives and has avoided taxis and public transport for so long. She said she would wait until she could be done at the surgery. Then she thought better of her decision, but when she rang back she was told she was back on the waiting list. I do wonder how they expect elderly frail people without family help to travel for these jabs in the current climate.
Thinking of everyone with bigger problems than me. Take care, stay safe.🌸

Sparklefizz Sat 16-Jan-21 09:34:13

Good morning Mick and all GNs from very wet South Glos.

I watch old repeats of Would I Lie to you on Dave most evenings before bedtime. Even though I've seen them before, they still make me laugh which relaxes me for a good night's sleep. It's quite a challenge living alone during a winter lockdown, but I have a family Zoom to look forward to this afternoon.

I have read The Salt Path Lins. I wondered if they really did make what seemed to me reckless choices when the husband was so ill, or was it exaggerated to make a better read?

Have a good day everyone, and thoughts to all who are struggling or ill. Hope you're making progress Marydoll. x

Alygran Sat 16-Jan-21 09:35:27

Good morning from North Yorkshire. It’s raining a bit and gently washing some of the snow away. Temperature is due to rise to 4 degrees today so perhaps the road will clear.
Croissants for breakfast shortly with a pot of freshly brewed coffee. My weekend treat!
Nothing much else on today.
Auntieflo posted yesterday after her appointment. She has another for a scan next week. flowers for her.
Have the best day you can everyone. Stay safe.

Susan56 Sat 16-Jan-21 09:38:19

Just popping in to see if anyone has heard from Taichinan?Hope you’re ok Tai and hope to see you soon🦋

EllanVannin Sat 16-Jan-21 09:42:25

Good Morning All x.
Wet and soggy but feels milder than it has done of late.
A trip to the local shop is first on the agenda as a fresh loaf is needed to soak up the pea soup later for dinner, also a packet of parsley sauce mix. to go with the boiled ham tomorrow.

I'm preparing myself for another phone-call from the medical centre re. attending for my vaccination. It'll have to be a taxi. They've rang twice already so I can't keep putting it off.
A chap who lives in the area travelled by bus for a hospital appointment in the week and was refused treatment when he got there because he'd been on the bus ! The hospital's a few miles away too.

There's another walk-in centre nearer to me where I could actually walk to if I took my time, so why I couldn't go there I don't know, instead of messing about with lifts. I could have had the darned thing over and done with.

Looking at Scentia's dress isn't unlike some of the romper suits in photographs of my brother wearing them in the 40's, the top part of it anyway, so genderwise it wouldn't matter if it was altered at the bottom should there be a slip-up grin
Boys clothes in that era were quite feminine looking at some photo's I've got. Even brother's curly locks had a clip in them to stop the curls dangling in his eyes---what a wally grin

I keep noticing the lighter nights coming along nicely which has you looking forward to the Spring when we all cope better after what seems never-ending darkness.

A lot of Parsley-boxing going on so I must look into it as it sounds so convenient, but-----would there be enough helpings for me ? I'd make a sack of spuds do me twice {grin]
No harm in looking. I'm not so dainty when it comes to eating.

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone though thoughts are with travelsafar during this sad time. x Also Gilly who'll appear when she's ready as I understand how spaced-out she must feel x.
Anyone else under the weather, hope things improve as the day goes on.

Take care everyone and stay safe xx