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The very nasty Laurence Fox

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BlueBelle Sat 16-Jan-21 13:25:24

I have been very limited in my title as I don’t want to be rude
Laurence Fox has now bought himself an exemption lanyard off Amazon so he doesn’t need to wear a mask I believe he hinted at anxiety although I m not sure if that’s his full reasoning He also held a party I believe at his house in November
This man is an utter disgrace

trisher Sat 16-Jan-21 14:00:45

His father- the better looking James Fox- had a mid-life crisis and became an evangelical Christian. His son seems to be trying to emulate his father but in a really bad way, as a right wing bigot. Perhaps he'll eventually go back to acting and learn to keep his mouth shut.

Shinamae Sat 16-Jan-21 14:04:53

Did he not buy them to show how easy it was to get an exemption Lanyard?

BlueBelle Sat 16-Jan-21 14:06:07

He’s a racist, far right big mouth, egotistical, attention seeker if that’s being poorly then he’s very ill

Kate1949 Sat 16-Jan-21 14:08:23

He's started his own political party I believe. The Reclaim Party.

janeainsworth Sat 16-Jan-21 14:27:24

In that case why does anyone care about him?
He’s a male version of Katie Hopkins & best avoided.

Galaxy Sat 16-Jan-21 15:16:08

I think he is responsible for his actions. I still think he is not well in the way I dont think Trump is well. Fox's behaviour towards women makes me uneasy.

nanna8 Sun 17-Jan-21 05:52:09

Is he the tall geeky looking one on that tv detective series ?He is a good actor and that is where he should stay. What right do these entertainers have to proclaim how the world should be run ? Most of them seem to be believe their own publicity and have over large egos.

vampirequeen Sun 17-Jan-21 06:27:04

He's an arrogant prat who thinks he's above keeping rules.

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 17-Jan-21 06:42:59

I used to enjoy his character in Lewis. Yes, he is a member of the Fox acting dynasty. His father is James Fox and his uncle is Edward Fox. He was married to Billie Piper and had a family. They are now divorced. He has turned into the most ridiculous prat. I doubt if he will get anymore acting jobs. He posts a lot of nonsense on Twitter.

BlueBelle Sun 17-Jan-21 07:04:05

No shinamae he bought it to wear after ruminating with himself about whether he should !!!
There are no excuses for him

NfkDumpling Sun 17-Jan-21 08:06:50

I had to turn to Google to find out who he is. He's a good actor but ... Perhaps he suffers from Unloved Middle Child Syndrome. Attention seeking.

Kandinsky Sun 17-Jan-21 08:20:07

Or perhaps he’s just not afraid to speak his mind?
Actually refreshing that an actor is prepared to speak his mind in this way, he knows it’s against all ‘lovey’ traditions and will probably never work again, but clearly doesn’t care ( not that he’ll ever be short of a few quid )

Riverwalk Sun 17-Jan-21 08:24:04

I don't find it refreshing that he spouts anti-mask and anti-lockdown restrictions. Obviously thinks he knows better than the vast majority of the world's scientists.

BlueBelle Sun 17-Jan-21 08:26:38

kandinsky are you for real?
Do you wear a mask ? Do you believe others should ?
Do you believe the virus exists?
Are you a far right follower?

Kandinsky Sun 17-Jan-21 08:31:01

I do wear a mask absolutely!
I’m not talking about his anti mask wearing tweets, I’m talking about what he says generally - he is allowed his opinions, whether I agree with them or not.

Sparklefizz Sun 17-Jan-21 09:00:56

The pandemic is showing up people's true colours.

FannyCornforth Sun 17-Jan-21 09:02:46


I think the man is unwell, putting it kindly.

I've heard him being interviewed several times and read interviews with him.
Disregarding his very questionable opinions, he doesn't seem very bright at all.
It wouldn't surprise me if he was being manipulated to be some sort of fake figurehead.

GagaJo Sun 17-Jan-21 09:20:16

I don't know if any of you remember, but the odious Fox first really came to public attention with an offensive racist rant on TV. Was it Question Time? He then extended his argument onto Twitter.

Kandinsky Sun 17-Jan-21 09:25:56

Wasn’t he called a ‘white privileged male’ on QT? maybe he thought that was racist & offensive?

FannyCornforth Sun 17-Jan-21 09:26:58

It was QT. But as I remember, there was no racist rant. He said some things that were racist - but he didn't rant.
In my opinion it was blown out of proportion.
There is an argument that QT shouldn't keep having random actors and comedians on as panelists, but hey ho, publicity.

Sarnia Sun 17-Jan-21 09:32:09

He is just another in a long line of people to whom the rules do not apply. Many of those who consider themselves 'celebrities' in their own tiny minds just carry on regardless of the rules. What concerns me is that many of them have followers on social media who hang on their every word and might be influenced by them.

lemsip Sun 17-Jan-21 09:33:34

he is the father of two young children with exwife Billie Piper (actress) and seems to be on a low thread since the break up.

Galaxy Sun 17-Jan-21 09:33:42

He has also just behaved fairly unpleasantly to one of his co stars from Lewis. She quietly blocked him as was tired of his rants. He went on to hound her publicly until he had to make a public apology as everyone was so appalled at his behaviour.

MaggieTulliver Sun 17-Jan-21 09:37:11

He was in no way being racist on Question Time. I find him a breath of fresh air and agree with Kandinsky. He’s definitely un-PC but the level of hatred aimed at him (including on here) is astonishing. He’s eloquent as well and doesn’t give a toss what people think.

Anniebach Sun 17-Jan-21 09:46:41

He was not racist on QT but was called a white privileged Male
which was racist