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Congratulations... you just won a lifetimes supply of the last thing you bought. What have you got ....?

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Nortsat Tue 19-Jan-21 22:35:14

You have just won a competition ( maybe not on GN), for a lifetime’s supply of the last thing you bought. What have you won?

Me: Graded pieces of music for the clarinet and Sauvignon Blanc.

Dragonella Tue 19-Jan-21 22:38:46

sad oh, lucky me, a lifetime's supply of... wheelbarrows!

I'm 59 now, so I probably only need one more to see me out!

Margsus Tue 19-Jan-21 22:41:19

Wonderful! I appear to have won a lifetime’s supply of bin liners....

Lollin Tue 19-Jan-21 22:42:30

Books and outfit for a soon to be 1 year old!

YorkLady Tue 19-Jan-21 22:43:07

T shirts 😁

Tigerdove Tue 19-Jan-21 22:43:35


GrandmasueUK Tue 19-Jan-21 22:45:13

I’ve got a lifetime supply of escape rooms online. 😁

kazzerb Tue 19-Jan-21 22:45:20

Amazing ! Wolfblass wine and a fantastic winter coat in the sale smile

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 19-Jan-21 22:46:41

Raspberry Ruffle Chocolates.

cornishpatsy Tue 19-Jan-21 22:47:18

Crumpets, and they were cheap ones from Lidl.

LadyGracie Tue 19-Jan-21 22:48:07


DillytheGardener Tue 19-Jan-21 22:54:18

This a jolly thread! Cream cheese!

Marmight Tue 19-Jan-21 22:54:48


Blossoming Tue 19-Jan-21 22:55:50

Flare audio Isolate ear buds. They only cost a few pounds, wish I’d gone for the Bose noose cancelling ones now grin

Blossoming Tue 19-Jan-21 22:56:06

Noise , not noose

Lexisgranny Tue 19-Jan-21 22:58:54

Birthday cards, oh dear!

SueDonim Tue 19-Jan-21 22:59:22

My daughter bought a new car today - she’d be quids in!

I think my last purchase was medication for my cats’ kidney problems. It costs me £75 a month so I wouldn’t say no to that.

DillytheGardener Tue 19-Jan-21 23:02:05

Dragonella perhaps all of us gransnetters could have one wheelbarrow between two and organise races, if someone wins a lifetime of champagne we can drink to our success?

annodomini Tue 19-Jan-21 23:02:15

A jar of olives!

nadateturbe Tue 19-Jan-21 23:06:56

A folding dish drainer!

Kate54 Tue 19-Jan-21 23:07:34

A fitted sheet (double)

B9exchange Tue 19-Jan-21 23:08:22

Oh how wonderful, I bought a delivery of a luxury three course meal for two for DS's birthday from Cote Brasserie. Just imagine what a lifetime of those would be like!

Sarahmob Tue 19-Jan-21 23:15:37

Wonderful, I have a lifetimes supply of playmobil, lol

MawBe Tue 19-Jan-21 23:17:11

A velvet cowl neck top from Sahara!

Chewbacca Tue 19-Jan-21 23:19:36

Minced beef and 2 chicken breasts. Gee thanks!