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That Sunday Night Feeling.

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Calendargirl Sun 24-Jan-21 13:26:42

I thought it had gone when I retired. You know the one, that sinking sensation in your stomach after tea when apart from the evening’s tv, there is nothing to look forward to apart from work in the morning.

In my childhood, it was the back to school feeling. Sunday Night At The London Palladium was the must see programme, but then it was bed and school next day.

When I retired, I thought it had gone away, but maybe because of lockdown, it still comes back sometimes. Probably because every day is pretty routine and similar.

I pull myself together, and remind myself of my many blessings, I am very fortunate. The weekly wash is a more enticing prospect than going to work was!

Sparklefizz Sun 24-Jan-21 13:29:18

In my childhood, it was the back to school feeling. Sunday Night At The London Palladium was the must see programme, but then it was bed and school next day.

Exactly, Calendargirl. I can still see the Tiller girls going round on that revolving stage that was the finale for [email protected], and my stomach used to churn.

Bathsheba Sun 24-Jan-21 13:47:29

Gosh I know exactly what you mean Calendargirl. I've been retired for 9 years, but I have so far been unable to shake off that 'Sunday feeling'. When you consider, though, that we had 50 odd years of feeling that way, it's not really surprising that the gloom persists!

And yes, the London Palladium!! I loved it, but hated when it ended, because that was the absolute end of the weekend, and the start of that sinking feeling in my gut.

Soroptimum Sun 24-Jan-21 13:53:55

For me the dread started to the theme for Antique’s Roadshow!

BBbevan Sun 24-Jan-21 13:56:31

Well at the moment I am unsure what day it is today, let alone having a ‘ feeling’ for tomorrow.

Mapleleaf Sun 24-Jan-21 14:31:45

No, I'm pleased to say that I no longer have that Sunday night feeling, and I love it. Lock down has put everything on hold, admittedly, but I still love the fact that I don't have to face that Monday morning feeling and Sunday night gloom!! (Work really wasn't so bad, to be fair, but I still had that Sunday night feeling. Once at work, it was a case of buckling down and getting on with it).

lemongrove Sun 24-Jan-21 14:50:28

Oh yes, that Sunday night feeling! It began with ‘Sing Something Simple’ on the radio😱and went downhill from there.Especially in Winter.There was also the general Sunday feeling that life had ground to a halt after the church service.
If you fancied a bar of chocolate at 3pm.....tough! The shops were closed.

Jane10 Sun 24-Jan-21 14:57:14

Gosh. I'm odd. I never had that feeling at all. I loved my job and could never wait to get back to seeing everybody and all that needed to be done.

lemongrove Sun 24-Jan-21 14:59:01

Oh, I was talking about childhood and school the next morning.I loved my job too, so once an adult, that Sunday night feeling went away.😁

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:03:00

Sunday evening was too close to work on Monday morning so I didn't enjoy it much.
Now I'm retired and most days are the same that feeling has gone but my ACs still have to work on Mondays and I know they have the Sunday night blues.

AGAA4 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:05:45

I enjoyed my job too but regretted that the weekend had gone.

ixion Sun 24-Jan-21 15:15:54

'Sing Something Simple'
Oh yes.
The sheer misery descending of (secondary) school the next day!'

lemongrove Sun 24-Jan-21 15:19:07

Would you like a blast of it now ixion ?
‘Mares e doats and goats e doats and little lambs eat ivy....’🤣
‘A kid’ll eat ivy too wouldn't you’ ( aaaarrrrgghh)
By the way, have you done all your French homework?

ixion Sun 24-Jan-21 15:25:14

Was Sandy McPherson playing his organ around at the same time of the week?

sodapop Sun 24-Jan-21 15:31:15

I remember Sandy McPherson as well ixion and Chapel in the Valley.

I worked shifts including weekends so none of those feelings. Like Jane10 I enjoyed my job for the most part so looked forward to the next challenge. Didn't enjoy my school days quite so much.

Juliet27 Sun 24-Jan-21 15:35:14

Oh yes Calendargirl that reminded me of that feeling. London Palladium was after the then weekly bath. I still get the feeling occasionally, strangely triggered by a really hot bath! Does anyone remember a programme about reindeer herding that used to be on before the Palladium?

muse Sun 24-Jan-21 15:47:31

In my childhood I remember Sunday nights as having to have an early night - school tomorrow. Good feeling about school but I could never sleep. I would have my little transistor radio tuned into Radio Caroline or Luxembourg (under the bed covers of course).

Beat the Clock was mum's favourite bit of Sunday Night at London Palladium.

Sunday night feeling for work the next day was mixed. Enough prep done. Lists ready for meetings. Bad weather forecast. Hated the long journey to work in snow/icy conditions.

Lucca Sun 24-Jan-21 15:52:54


Would you like a blast of it now ixion ?
‘Mares e doats and goats e doats and little lambs eat ivy....’🤣
‘A kid’ll eat ivy too wouldn't you’ ( aaaarrrrgghh)
By the way, have you done all your French homework?

Done all my French homework but maths ???

Lucca Sun 24-Jan-21 15:55:45

From age 10 to 15 I went to a very far away boarding school and we always went back on a Monday morning. Didn’t see my parents for 5 or 6;weeks at a time. Sunday evening at boarding school oh my word .....Sunday evening service (think now the day is over and other dirges). House meeting where I got told off for losing things. I feel quite miserable just remembering!

honeyrose Sun 24-Jan-21 16:03:18

Sing Something Simple - aaaaaagh! I hated it, it depresses me even as a child and was indicative of school next day. Looking back, though, my schooldays weren’t bad, but I probably thought they were at the time. I was the shyest child ever and I found team sports, reading out loud, having to express myself etc absolutely excruciating. We watched Sunday Night at the London Palladium when I was an older child and I remember not enjoying it much - probably thinking of school next day! I still get that Sunday evening feeling sometimes. I think it’s habit formed from 60 years of Monday mornings (school then work). When I remember that I don’t have to get up early for school/work next day, I feel better. I’ve been retired just over 2 years. Some of my working years were better than others, depending where I was working who I was working with, but mostly they were quite good, in hindsight.

Missfoodlove Sun 24-Jan-21 16:03:40

I’m used to hate Sundays, as a child it meant being dragged to church and as a working adult it was the mad runaround to get the children’s gear all ready to back to school and then the sinking feeling as work loomed.

This is my wonderful Sunday today, homemade bread for breakfast, a long walk, Sunday papers by the fire and a casserole ready for the oven.

Tomorrow is up early and an 8 mile hike on the frosty wolds.

I feel so blessed.

Sparklefizz Sun 24-Jan-21 16:22:00

Lovely cosy pic Missfoodlove - full of what I think is "hygge"

grannyrebel7 Sun 24-Jan-21 16:32:53

Love Sundays always have and never had that feeling of dread at retuning to school or work. My DH on the other hand, was a teacher and he used to get it all day on a Sunday and boy did we know about it! He was a right miserable git all day on a Sunday! Thankfully he's retired now, so much happier.

Nandalot Sun 24-Jan-21 17:12:33

Yes, one of the best bits about being retired, no Sunday evening blues.
As well as the Palladium, I seem to associate Sunday evenings at primary school watching Liberace with beautiful sunsets coming through the windows. Does anyone else remember this?

Urmstongran Sun 24-Jan-21 18:01:08

❤️ your photo Missfoodlove I could just pull up a chair. Hopefully with a wee dram beside me.