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mrsmopp Sun 24-Jan-21 19:52:46

Sorry if this has come up before. I’m interested in feedback from anyone who has had their DNA test from Ancestry. It costs 99 dollars. Is it good value and did you learn much? I’ve been tracing my family tree and not found anyone from outside the UK. Would love some feedback, thanks.

Grammaretto Tue 02-Feb-21 07:37:52

I know nanna8 that's why I said it was magic! My daughter and my sister were identified but each with a slightly different ethnic make-up which is what I would expect.

nanna8 Tue 02-Feb-21 07:47:00

I like finding out all the old surnames in the family when you do ancestry research. When you come across someone with the same one you wonder if,way back, you were related.

blondenana Tue 02-Feb-21 10:00:55

A member of my late brothers family delved into it.and was asked by someone if she knew me .someone I didn't want to find me.I was furious as she told them all my remember before you pass anything on about anyone they might not wasn't there whereabouts to be known
I have broken off with this person I think she should have got my permission first it caused me a lot of distress.

Chestnut Tue 02-Feb-21 14:47:47

blondenana there are always people who pass photos or information without asking which is completely wrong. I think they just don't realise what they're doing or what the consequences are. I had one of my private family photos put online without my permission, which was then taken by others and posted, people who are not even related. I was the owner and didn't want it put online, but I had shared it with someone many years ago before Ancestry even existed.

blondenana Thu 11-Feb-21 00:11:33

Chestnut It is a really awful thing to give information out without that persons consent,
I really didn't want this person to know where I was,and my name had changed from when I knew them
My brothers daughter gave them my new name, where I had worked and about my children,all grown up now,of course long ago
It made me a nervous wreck, had to go to the Drs, panic attacks etc through stress
I was furious,and the best part about it its I have never met this new niece but she was in touch with my brothers other children through DNA and so got information off them,
I had no contact with them for years either,
I have blocked them all now

nanna8 Thu 11-Feb-21 02:50:13

When I go on ancestry I often find photos of close family members that I put up, on someone’s site. I don’t mind but it would have been nice to be asked first. I don’t put anymore on the public site these days, just my own online site where people have to be invited. That way at least you know they are genuine relatives.

Chestnut Thu 11-Feb-21 14:12:59

nanna8 I have made my Ancestry trees private but a note there to encourage anyone related to get in touch. I would have been happy for them to be public trees but had a horrible experience with a very nasty person, not related but had all my family on her massive tree. I felt my trees needed protecting from her as she was so nasty.
There are people like her on Ancestry building ridiculously large trees, not even related, and they take information from other trees without checking. I don't want those people using my information.