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mrsmopp Sun 24-Jan-21 19:52:46

Sorry if this has come up before. I’m interested in feedback from anyone who has had their DNA test from Ancestry. It costs 99 dollars. Is it good value and did you learn much? I’ve been tracing my family tree and not found anyone from outside the UK. Would love some feedback, thanks.

Nonogran Sun 24-Jan-21 20:46:31

As far as I know these DNA tests are not terribly reliable. My daughter did it with another heritage organisation & in reality it told her very little of interest as far as her heritage was concerned. Apparently all these DNA companies don't "talk" or share data with each other so if you're looking for long lost or distant relatives it wouldn't be very helpful if they've signed up with a different organisation.
Maybe what I'm saying is total rubbish so maybe someone will come along soon who will tell something different and, has been successful and happy with whatever they were hoping to achieve. I'll follow with interest.

Tangerine Sun 24-Jan-21 21:13:03

A long lost relative found me through this site. I was delighted but I don't necessarily think everyone would be as fortunate.

I have struck up a friendship with this person.

PECS Sun 24-Jan-21 21:35:20

My cousins discovered a half sister! You need to be prepared for surprises!

midnightschild Sun 24-Jan-21 21:39:33

I’ve discovered a very close relative that no one in the family knew about. Big shock, but very exciting. Also, cousins who it has been lovely to get to know. Some of these were on the other side of the world, so I have found it really interesting.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 24-Jan-21 21:43:51

As Nonagran says anyone with matching DNA has to be on the site you are on.
I am matched with several people who don’t have a tree on the site, they had a DNA test, they appear to be related, but I can’t find out which line of the family I match, so far they haven’t answered to my messages to them.
23 and Me seems to be very accurate , but again the trees need to be on the sites for you to have a look.

heath480 Sun 24-Jan-21 21:44:32

I found a first cousin I knew nothing about.Found out I have over 50 first cousins,some I knew of but not all.

Another Cousin had done a family tree,a beautiful bound book,I now have a copy and been able to contact loads of relatives from it.

For me it really was worth it.

lemsip Sun 24-Jan-21 22:17:24

I was pleased to find my origins.. My 146 shared dna people on ancestry site were a disappointment though in that very few had family trees on the site!...... only two cousins I knew already..

annodomini Sun 24-Jan-21 22:51:52

Ancestry told me they had identified a cousin of mine. Cousin? It turned out to be my granddaughter!

mrsmopp Sun 24-Jan-21 23:25:56

I’ve done a lot of research on my family tree already and I wondered what further info I would find from a DNA result. What actual info did you learn from the DNA? And does the info you get cover paternal as well as maternal sides of the family?

Chestnut Sun 24-Jan-21 23:43:10

There are various DNA tests and some are more detailed and can even tell you what percentage Neaderthal you are! Plus medical conditions etc. But these are more expensive. The one on Ancestry is a simple percentage of nationalities, although they seem to have got mine spot on.

Grammaretto Mon 25-Jan-21 00:00:29

Maybe I'm easily thrilled but I was delighted that a tiny sample of my spit was enough for me and my cousins, some of whom I already know, to be linked! Magic
Also something I had guessed was confirmed.
I have met a few distant cousins but that side has been disappointing for me. I write to loads of people but very few reply. I use and pay a subscription because I enjoy researching.

Chestnut Mon 25-Jan-21 09:37:19

Grammaretto I have one elusive family where I can't find a cousin through DNA. But I know there are only a handful of people who might connect with me, and if none of them have a test then I'm stuffed. I keep hoping. As for people replying, don't expect any joy there. I have written to dozens of people on Ancestry and very few even bother to reply. Sometimes it's through DNA and sometimes because they share my tree. It's very disheartening when you get no reply at all.

Hetty58 Mon 25-Jan-21 09:48:19

I used 23 and me and I've discovered loads of second cousins etc. around the world.

I'm in contact with some of them. It's filled in a few blanks on the family tree.

The health information and details about where ancestors came from is really fascinating.

I'm emailed updates as new relatives join the site.

Floradora9 Mon 25-Jan-21 21:48:18

Ancestry is best I was 91 % Scottish and they even got the part of Scotland correct. I loved that I got in touch with the grand daughters of a relative who had gone from working class to being offered a knighthood twice. I knew him and did extensive research on him so to share all this with those ladies who had never known him was lovely for them and for me .

Esspee Mon 25-Jan-21 22:48:50

Autosomal DNA tests are extremely accurate when it comes to genealogy back to about 5 generations. It allows you to break down brick walls that you almost inevitably encounter with written records.
What they are not good at is ethnicity. This can be quite inaccurate as it depends on their database. I don’t understand why they are promoting using it for ethnicity.

Esspee Mon 25-Jan-21 23:21:26

mrsmopp The commonly advertised tests are autosomal tests. They cover both the male and female lines.
There are also Y DNA tests for the male line only and mt DNA tests for the female line both of which go back much further than than the autosomal test.
The test will tell you the estimated connection between you and other people who have tested on the same site.
On 23 and me they give you medical information, for example I know now I do not carry the breast cancer gene, or the Alzheimer gene.
If you are serious about genealogy it is well worthwhile.

romaroot Tue 26-Jan-21 17:45:47

I wasn't interested in the health genes, more the family connections.
I have found my family going back centuries and many are well documented in literature.
Queen Victoria wrote in her diary of my direct ancestors.
I'm so glad I did it, my dc bought it for a birthday present a few years ago. They pay for my ancestry account too.

I spend far too long though, it can eat away at your time.

grannypiper Tue 26-Jan-21 18:02:35

Crikey, with my family i wouldn't dare !

Grammaretto Tue 26-Jan-21 19:50:47

I'm like you romaroot. It's a hobby which I enjoy. It is undemanding and you can help others as well as discovering interesting and intriguing things.

Grannyben Tue 26-Jan-21 20:00:28

Romaroot, I suspect we may be related!

nanna8 Thu 28-Jan-21 23:17:39

I found a distant cousin here in Australia and we met and got on really well. She lives over 1,000 kms away,unfortunately,so we won’t be seeing each other very often. We knew where the links come from because we both use the same ancestry site.

Grandma2213 Fri 29-Jan-21 03:18:46

I did tests on two sites which were very similar with different details eg one had Scandinavian and one broke it down to Swedish which I knew, and Finnish which was a surprise! That site also found a 1% West African and a 1% North African link also which I cannot explain, though I did discover there was some migration from North Africa as far as Northern Europe when I started researching. I have hundreds of relatives around the world, most of which are 3rd to 5th cousins but have recently been contacted by the son of one of my uncles, a cousin of my mother in Canada and a direct descendant of my great grandfather. We have shared lots of information and photos. I also had a medical one which pretty much put me at a 50% chance of having most serious disorders but a high chance of the one I actually have. My brother has just found that he has it too so I am prepared to trust this one.
My son also tried it and was correctly identified as my son or father. Thinking of surprises though, I am just a little worried about the possibilities of him being contacted by some of his father's unknown children.

Daisymae Fri 29-Jan-21 08:32:05

Ancestry maps out where your ancestors originated. It then gives percentages, doesn't differentiate between parents. It then gives matches to people who are on the site in terms of relationship. It's around £69, you can get the odd discount code. It's interesting and worth doing if you have an interest. I have found it accurate but it does change when they update.

nanna8 Tue 02-Feb-21 06:43:25

My daughter did it and they identified her as my daughter even though she hadn’t mentioned me. Made me think there is at least some accuracy there. Also my first cousin was identified. All very interesting and it’s kind of nice to know your background.