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Random acts of kindness! Very cheering especially in lockdown!

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Applegran Thu 28-Jan-21 18:48:12

There are still things we can do to lift our spirits even in lockdown - and I love the idea of random acts of kindness. Wonderful both to do an act of kindness and to receive one. One of the simple things I've been doing which I've found very cheering is sending a card to a stranger and receiving one from another stranger - a card with something kind and maybe inspiring on it. I do this via
You only use first names - I've had some lovely cards and sent cards to whole families or people on their own. I wonder what random acts of kindness others on GN have done or received? Or what new ones are possible in lockdown? And how does it feel to give or receive them?

GrannyRose15 Thu 28-Jan-21 18:52:40

I was having a moan out in the front garden one morning that my supply of wine hadn't arrived because of the snow.
About six o'clock that evening my neighbour ( whom I don't know that well) rang my bell with a bottle of wine in her hand. She was worried about me not having any.

That, to me, is a true act of kindness.

Bathsheba Thu 28-Jan-21 18:52:56

Did you mean to post two threads about this? You can ask GNHQ to remove this one, as you already have had several responses on the other one.

Other thread (to direct people who may wish to respond)

Applegran Fri 29-Jan-21 10:35:43

Thank you Bathsheba - I have not handled this well. You are right that I have started two similar threads - this is because after posting the first one I thought it was too specific and not open enough to other posts about different acts of kindness. So I removed the first one and replaced it with this one - I am sorry if this has caused confusion. But I hope it won't get in the way of people sharing random acts of kindness on the current thread.

Blossoming Fri 29-Jan-21 11:13:55

I have been sending toys via Amazon - Lego, craft kits, creative stuff and similar things - to families stuck at home with children. It must be hard to keep them busy and entertained. I’ve tried to choose things that will help with home schooling. It doesn’t have to be expensive things.

Nonnie Fri 29-Jan-21 11:52:01

I'm not sure lockdown makes any difference, if you normally do RAK you will find ways of doing it regardless. You can plan it as above or simply look out for opportunities which are more random. I knit for strangers and don't charge. I baked 1940s recipes at VE day for an elderly lady who remembered them, little things as we go along.

I think that many who receive such RAKs may go on to do it themselves.

rockgran Fri 29-Jan-21 11:52:38

A nice young man came to help change our wheel when we got a flat tyre this week. So kind. Wouldn't accept any reward so I sent some money to the food bank. Paying it on.

Applegran Fri 29-Jan-21 14:07:46

A chap I met while out walking on a country lane greeted me with a smile - we didn't know each other but agreed it was a beautiful day - and then he raised his hands with the cheerful words "Its a wonderful world!" A random act of celebratory kindness!

Fennel Fri 29-Jan-21 16:11:27

It's so important and doesn't take much to make someone smile. Even just to ask someone on passing how they're doing?
In our town centre there's often someone sitting on the ground covered with a quilt. If you ask them how they got to this you hear some interesting stories.
Makes me appreciate my good fortune.

AGAA4 Fri 29-Jan-21 16:21:15

I have received many acts of kindness and have given some too.
Recently when I was struggling to remove the dust cap from a tyre to inflate it a young man offered to help. He also undid all the other tyres and inflated them for me. I was very grateful as it's not a job I enjoy.