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Good morning Sunday- O Michael, where art thou?

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grandMattie Sun 31-Jan-21 06:36:45

Good morning from a dry E Kent. The moon is very bright in a cloudless sky again.
Hope Mick and everyone are ok today l
As expected, I finished my quilt. I am gobsmacked that it only took me 32 days, despite its 6’x 6’ size. I have already started cutting the pieces for DGS monochrome quilt.
Not a lot on today - virtual church, roast chicken... oh, and DH’s vaccine! How could I forget?
May those in sorrow, pain or distress have relief today. Stay safe.

Viridian Sun 31-Jan-21 06:50:35

Hello gM and all from a dark, wet south Cornwall. Lovely quilt!! Had a joyous, out-of-the-blue visit from eldest son yesterday. We rarely have time together on our own. He brought his precious, rare books on the history of the Thames, which we both love, and we pored over them until he was called back home to be a dad! The delight of it will last me for days.

A gentle day today, contemplating and praying. I have a few things to think about. Hope everyone has as good a day as possible.

grandMattie Sun 31-Jan-21 06:50:38

A smile for today... (actually, it was in yesterday’s Telegraph). 😊

grandMattie Sun 31-Jan-21 06:51:15

Photo went awol...

Beechnut Sun 31-Jan-21 07:04:51

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s frosty and getting light which is a delight.

A lovely quilt Mattie. I hope you show us the monochrome one.

I haven’t heard from my cousin since before Christmas so I rang her yesterday. She told me she’d had her jab and I was glad she was also ok as she only does landline phone and letters. She is old enough to be my mum.

I binge watched Traces yesterday afternoon, nodded off in the evening then watched a programme on the Mamas and Papas.

I’ve a few birthdays in February so I’ll sort out and make cards and letter write today.

Thinking of you all with worries and hope today you feel better. Stay safe, warm and well 🌷

Beechnut Sun 31-Jan-21 07:05:46

Welcome to the newcomers.

NanKate Sun 31-Jan-21 07:10:41

Morning grandMattie and Viridian and All.

A beautiful sky here in South Bucks.

We are going for a walk this morning around the grounds of NT Cliveden. We wear our masks and keep well away from other walkers. Last time we saw plenty of snowdrops and a few daffodils. Spring is on it’s way.

Toad in the hole and veg for lunch today.

Hugs to all who need them 🌹

NanKate Sun 31-Jan-21 07:11:03

Morning Beechnut

NanKate Sun 31-Jan-21 07:12:16

Fab quilt gM 👍

Ashcombe Sun 31-Jan-21 07:17:44

Good morning, grandMattie, and others who follow, from a dry and peaceful Torbay. Thinking of Mick and hoping he is well.

The quilt is beautiful, grandMattie and the cartoon amused! Isn’t it frustrating when photos don't immediately appear on here so you try again and ..... never mind, like the NY song ... “so good they named it twice”!

Yes, NanKate, signs of Spring do help. I was pleased to buy tulips and daffodils from my local greengrocer yesterday. How uplifting to have had a visit from your son, Viridian and a relief to contact your cousin, Beechnut.

I’m amazed to have slept for eight hours, apart from two brief loo trips. Another early Sunday morning service beckons for which I’m the accompanist so I mustn’t linger.

Prayers for the expectant Mum with C-19 and all who struggle with health and other worries. ✝️

Scentia Sun 31-Jan-21 07:31:20

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is cold and damp.
Off to take DGS for our constitutional walk this morning.
Our friend who is only 35 but ECV has been called for his jab in Nottingham so they are getting on well over there.
I had a practice at smocking on my machine yesterday, that’s harder than it looks!
I can’t stop thinking about that poor young mum to be who Mary knows🤞 they deliver the baby and it takes some pressure off her body so she can beat this awful virus.
GM I do love the quilt, when I am more experienced I will have a go at one, I will take a look on YouTube later and see what’s involved.
Hopefully you can all find something to make you smile today, take care my friends❤️

grandMattie Sun 31-Jan-21 07:35:54

Scentia, I am not experienced. I only started patchwork barely a year ago. It is just confidence! If you want classes, look on the “Denman at home” website and Pat has patchwork classes for £5. She is a pretty good teacher.

Scentia Sun 31-Jan-21 07:43:26

GM. Thanks for the information, I will do that.

brook2704 Sun 31-Jan-21 07:53:29

Good morning all from Inverness where it’s been a very cold night and there’s crisp crunchy snow underfoot outside. Thanks for starting the day GM, hoping mick is ok and can get back with us soon
I’m so impressed with your quilt GM it’s beautiful, such a talented lady. It must be so satisfying to be able to make things like that. I can’t and I never could when I was younger either usually coming near the bottom in my needlework classes at school. I can knit a bit though but it’s pretty basic things like baby blankets, hats and tops etc that I did when the DGC were younger.
Nothing planned again for today, probably a short walk and then a lazy afternoon. Although DD2 has given me some children’s things to list on eBay so I’ll have to get on with that sometime too.
Hope the day is kind to everyone whatever you’re doing and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Sar53 Sun 31-Jan-21 07:55:37

Good morning from a bright Essex by the sea where the sun is trying to shine. So much better than yesterday when it didn't stop raining all day.
I'm feeling a lot happier today, thank you for all your lovely encouraging comments yesterday, and to one gran in particular who sent a pm.
Love your quilt GM, I'm very impressed.
Not much happening today, we may get out for a walk and we have roast gammon for dinner.
We watched a good film last night 'Dark Waters', based on true events, worth a watch. It's on Amazon Prime.
Have the best Sunday you can and stay safe everyone xx

Gagagran Sun 31-Jan-21 07:56:35

Morning all from a dry but cloudy south coast. Chilly again - 1.8c at 6am.

We have a click and collect this morning which will be the highlight for today, in fact for the week. I have some Ready Reads to collect from the library on Tuesday so that is something on the agenda at last.

DD tells me that she has lost her appetite and is still coughing a lot but is hoping that she is over the worst. I hope so too.

Last day of January thank goodness. I think it is the month I most struggle with, being long and usually cold. At least February feels shorter and lighter and takes us nearer to spring.

Thinking of our missing friends especially Gilly and now Mick. Lucky to have an able deputy in grandMattie to open up!

Hope the day is the best it can be for us all. Keep warm and keep safe. Spring is on its way for sure. sunshine

Sheepandcattle Sun 31-Jan-21 07:56:46

Good morning all from a dry but chilly Wiltshire. I had an early phone call from my brother this morning to tell me that my 97 year old aunt has sadly passed away in the night. She was living in a nursing home and had contracted covid only a few days after having her covid jab. It seemed like she had amazingly pulled through but sadly it’s not the case. I had sent her some hyacinths and spring flowers yesterday and I do hope that she had been able to enjoy their scent at least. It’s so sad that, like so many in the past year, she died without a family member being able to be with her.
On a happier note, I’ve had lovely FaceTime chats with my children and grandchildren over the weekend. We’re so lucky to have the technology to be able to see them ‘live’ but I do wish that someone would invent a phone where we could reach through the screen and touch people! I physically ache to be able to stroke the little ones faces or even better, reach out and hug them!
A fairly quiet day planned on the farm today, providing nothing unexpected crops up. We have the last few weaned, summer born calves to sell next week and the barns to start setting up for lambing. Last weeks weaned calves sold well at market but apparently pigs were being sold for next to nothing due to difficulties with exporting meat since Brexit kicked in. I feel for the pig farmers when they are having to sell their stock for far, far less than it costs to produce them. British farming is certainly in a very precarious position at the moment and I for one, cannot predict what the next few years hold for us. I’m rather glad that I’m reaching the end of my working life and not a youngster starting off in agriculture.
Best wishes for all today. I too am keeping everything crossed for Marydoll’s friends daughter and granddaughter and hoping that we hear that all is well for them.

ginny Sun 31-Jan-21 08:03:40

Good Morning. Fairly clear sky and dry here in North Bucks.

grandMattie great quilt.

Dd3 asked for a few baby beanie hats so knitting kept me busy yesterday.

The fabric I ordered arrived yesterday and I shall be having a go at making some small garments. My sewing is usually patchwork and craft items . Will have to wait until tomorrow to start as MIL is coming for lunch ( care bubble).

Hope*Mick *will soon return and that you all find a 😁today.

Pittcity Sun 31-Jan-21 08:04:34

Good morning from a brightening chilly Colchester. It didn't stop raining all day yesterday but is forecast to stay dry today.
We enjoyed The Dig on Netflix yesterday if you're looking for a film recommendation.
Usual agenda of not a lot with roast lamb and a glass of red.

dragonfly46 Sun 31-Jan-21 08:05:42

Good morning from a frosty Leicestershire.

Hoping to get out for a walk today then Zoom with DD and SiL this afternoon.
I actually had to venture out yesterday to get our prescriptions but waited til 4 when it was quiet. It still felt strange.

Wishing everyone a good day.

Marydoll Sun 31-Jan-21 08:20:18

Good morning all, it's -2°and pretty chilly here in Glasgow.
Thanks GM for starting us off.
The quilt looks fabulous, what a talented lady you are!

Nothing much to report here, I'm still trying to find my lost mojo, this permanent fatigue and lack of energy is getting me down.

At last I managed a little bit of sewing yesterday and altered the dress I bought. Unfortunately, I somehow managed to sew up the pockets! How on earth I did that, I don't know!🤔 Today I will unpick the seam. 🤣
If I can find the clams in the freezer, I will make spaghetti alle vongole for Sunday lunch. When I mentioned it to DH, he said: So its chicken for lunch then? I never deliver what I have promised. 😉

I haven't heard from my friend about her granddaughter, which is worrying me. I am going to phone another friend today, to see how his cataract op went on Friday. He is in close contact with our friend and if there is any news, he will know.
However, I don't want to be intrusive.

Thinking of all who are in pain or weighed down with worries. 💐

Elizabeth1 Sun 31-Jan-21 08:20:32

Good morning all from the east coast of Fife where it’s -1 with a flurry of frosty snow on the ground .thankfully my exercise bike is indoors where it’s nice and warm. I was on it twice yesterday taking myself to the Sandy coves in the Algarve again. My dh and I had a bit of a struggle getting me strapped on due to that Velcro going it’s own way. A few chosen words were said but we made it eventually.

afterwards I sat in the conservatory it was beautifully sunny looking out into the garden for the birds. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be any around - why not may I ask?perhaps it wasn’t their feeding time. I’ve been fooled into thinking spring tine is just around the corner. But after reading the weather news this morning it looks like another snowstorm is on the forecast so be aware all and keep safe from these treacherous paths. Mick where are you? hope you’re okay sadyou’ve got everyone wondering if you’re safe. Thinking of all who are troubled and seeking solace virtual hugs all around flowers a photo to make you smile.

Jaxjacky Sun 31-Jan-21 08:21:26

Good morning all, absent Mick and other absentees. A slight frost, I could feel the chill in bed through the open window. I bought a greenhouse yesterday, been dithering since November, typical me, but they had a sale on, so the decision was made. I had one six years ago but gave it away when we rented the house out, the assembly will give DH a challenge. Out for a walk later, no rain forecast, a brighter day and duck legs for dinner. Thoughts with those poorly, worried or just having a down.
Great quilt Grandmattie and along with your cartoon I leave you all with a thought:
Wonder how we’ll get on in the Eurovision Song Contest this year? 🙂

Elizabeth1 Sun 31-Jan-21 08:21:29

Where’s my puppy photo

Georgesgran Sun 31-Jan-21 08:26:09

Good morning from Durham, where we’ve a covering of snow.
Wasn’t expecting that.
DH having leg/calf problems - his right gave way yesterday and he almost fell. Not sure if it’s his treatment/meds/illness but it’s worrying.
Thinking of others with heavy hearts and minds. Stay safe. X