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What song do you not like as it brings back unhappy memories?

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polomint Mon 01-Feb-21 23:38:23

The song I dont like is "eleanor Rigby " by the Beatles. I was 8 months married and 3 months pregnant and living in a condemned tenement building. We had no phone,an outside toilet and my husband and i werethe only inhabitants in our close. I moved to my husbands town and had no friends and he was at work all day every time that so g came on the radio I burst into tears as I felt so lonely just like the eleanor in the song. Thankfully my life is so much happier now but still cant stand the song!

welbeck Tue 02-Feb-21 01:26:23

i can't write it, but it was possibly about the same time as yours.
just looked it up and was slightly later, even doing that has upset me a bit, seeing the exact dates of release, and both, yours and mine were significant dates for me.
music is so very evocative isn't it, for good and ill.

Lollin Tue 02-Feb-21 01:41:20

Back in the days when we had full funerals - don't mean to make light of the fact - but the trend for a person's favourite song to be played. It takes me years to stop feeling sadness

nanna8 Tue 02-Feb-21 06:47:14

Knights in White Satin which they played at a funeral of a young lad who used to go out with my daughter. He was 17 and it was 30 years ago now but I still get tears every time I hear it.

Blinko Tue 02-Feb-21 07:29:17

Beach Boys 'God Only Knows'.... breaking up with someone I was in love with. A while ago, needless to say.

Rosepaul Tue 02-Feb-21 07:30:56

Season's in the sun was out just as my beloved Nan died, still can't listen to it now although it was years ago

Georgesgran Tue 02-Feb-21 08:31:20

I have to mute Drive by The Carrs if it comes on the car radio. All I can see is that poor child trying to stand in the Live Aid concert.

sodapop Tue 02-Feb-21 08:39:10

Definitely Dolly Parton singing Jolene. It applied to my life at the time even down to the name.

NellG Tue 02-Feb-21 08:45:52

Goodbye Yellowbrick Road - it was playing in the ICU when my middle child died. If I hear it now I am slammed back to that moment. I can sit with it now, but it took a long time.

DillytheGardener Tue 02-Feb-21 08:51:34

Roberta Flack, ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’, it came on the radio when I came in the door after a bad breakup. Still can’t listen to it.

DillytheGardener Tue 02-Feb-21 08:52:13

NellG So sorry for your loss flowers

nadateturbe Tue 02-Feb-21 09:37:23

Forever in Blue Jeans - played as my best friend's coffin left the church three years ago. She loved Neil Diamond. One of our memorable days out was to a concert in Dublin. I miss her terribly still.

nadateturbe Tue 02-Feb-21 09:39:09

NellG so very sorry flowers

PECS Tue 02-Feb-21 10:04:43

Funeral songs do not make me turn of a piece of music.. but I do enjoy remembering the person I associate the piece with.

I find Starships 'We can do this thing together' always evokes an unhappy period in my life and I would not choose to listen to it ever again...

NannyJan53 Tue 02-Feb-21 10:16:04

Careless Whisper, George Michael. It was in the charts when my first DH left me and our 2 children. Great song, but always make takes me back to that time. He was gay, so I knew he would never come back.

NellG so very sorry flowers

Volunteer77 Tue 02-Feb-21 10:18:37

The Heart will go on by Celine Dion from Titanic. Played at friends son funeral

timetogo2016 Tue 02-Feb-21 10:25:06

No matter what by boyzone as my mother loved it and it was played at her funeral.
I can`t listen to it as it always makes me cry.

b1zzle Tue 02-Feb-21 10:26:30

'Winner Takes It All' by Abba. And he did...

Nannee49 Tue 02-Feb-21 10:29:18

"Dance with my Father" by Luther Vandross. Squeezes my heart painfully though the sentiment is beautifulflowersso sorry nellg

Nanna58 Tue 02-Feb-21 10:31:45

Perversely ‘Happy’ by Farrell Williams . When my DD ( only child) was finally pregnant after many problems conceiving this was always on the radio, after she lost the baby I couldn’t bear to hear it , would have to switch it off. We do have DGS now❤️

EllanVannin Tue 02-Feb-21 10:31:45

Honey--Bobby Goldsboro. My mum loved it after dad died.

AliBeeee Tue 02-Feb-21 10:32:01

The Drugs Don’t Work by The Verve, 1997. My mum was losing her 6 year battle with the cancer that took her aged 63 and the lyrics said it all. I had to pull over if I was driving when it came on, it made me so very upset, even after all these years it makes me very sad.

jaylucy Tue 02-Feb-21 10:32:59

Memory from Cats - a young friend of ours had been seriously injured in a speedway accident and was on life support. This was before social media, so the only information we had was from a friend of his family and word of mouth. Things looked a bit hopeful for a while but I was just getting up a few days after the accident, when it was announced on the local radio station that he had died - he was kept on the machine long enough for his father to arrive from overseas.
Straight after the news , they played Elaine Paige singing this song. It's nearly 40 years but still can't listen to that song.
Also "Smile" reminds me of my late dad singing along with the Nat King Cole version.

Wolfie59 Tue 02-Feb-21 10:37:46

‘Have yourself a Merry little Christmas’. I absolutely hate it. My dad died when I was 12, and I’ve never really liked Christmas since, nor did my Mum. They play it endlessly every year on radio and in shops ( in the days when we could go in shops!!). Makes me so sad.

Humbertbear Tue 02-Feb-21 10:39:21

One Day in your Life by Michael Jackson. Beings back a relationship I had to let go.