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Good Morning Tuesday, from Michael’s ADC

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grandMattie Tue 02-Feb-21 06:29:06

Good morning everyone from a grey E Kent. Boy, didn’t it rain in the night? It’s not especially cold and forecast to be 12 deg.
After yesterday’s mortifying typo, I shall try to remove my foot from my mouth and bolt it shUt....
Supermarket and chicken salad for dinner tonight.
Hope that everyone has a reasonable day today. There appears to be light at the end of a tunnel, be it only a pinprick. Stay safe. ❤️

Beechnut Tue 02-Feb-21 06:36:24

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. It’s been raining here too, doesn’t feel cold though.
Good to hear news of Mick.

I’ve decided I will go and do some shopping this morning and pick up my prescription. Can’t believe I’m going to be putting on shoes!

Thinking of you all with worries and welcome to the new good morningers.
Take care all 🌻

Scentia Tue 02-Feb-21 06:39:31

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and wet.
Does anyone know if we can get an update on Michael at all? I haven’t been on for a few days so may have missed an update.
I did see that the young mum is hone and due a CSection on Friday, so that is good news.
My DD called me at 5am yesterday in terrible pain and crying, I went over and it turns out she has a kidney infection. She leaves stuff for so long if she is ill, I remember we nearly lost her when she was 19 due to a burst appendix as she spent a week in pain before I stepped in and insisted she go to the hospital. She is so silly, just like her dad! All is on the mend now thigh as she has antibiotics.
I hope everyone is ok and has a good day today, hoping for news of our absent friends❤️

FannyCornforth Tue 02-Feb-21 06:39:54

Good morning Mattie and all
Raining too in Derby.
Cosy in bed with the dog and the cat.
Hope that it's a peaceful and calm day for everyone, and maybe we will get a little bit of good news, (^taps nose^) you never know.

NanKate Tue 02-Feb-21 06:51:51

Good morning grandMattie you are doing a great job in Mick’s absence. Hi folks.

I think today is due to be mild here in South Bucks.

Sorry to hear about your daughter’s infection Scentia it’s lucky she has you to sort her out.

I have my Zoom WI today.

grandMattie Tue 02-Feb-21 06:54:17

Forgot! Today is Candlemas, 40 days after Christmas. Presentation of the infant Jesus to the temple and being seen by Simeon and Anna. You can take your tree and decorations down!

Dwmxwg Tue 02-Feb-21 07:00:04

Good morning from north Surrey. Lots of rain overnight but the birds are singing outside my window.
The good news from me is that my Covid test is negative, very efficient service, done at drive by centre at 930 yesterday and result txt through at 6 this morning. However I am still full of cold and barely slept again due to cough and mind games going on.
Good to hear Marydoll’s news of friends GD and also that Mick is ok
Sorry to hear that your DH is struggling Georgesgran, hope he is mobile enough to get his vaccination today and that his oral chemo can go ahead
My day will be another quiet one (I have lost my voice)! but may venture out for a walk now I don’t have to self isolate
Wishing all with worries a better day and stay safe

Nannytopsy Tue 02-Feb-21 07:00:07

Good morning GM and all who follow. I can’t tell what the weather is doing but it is cloudy and the patio is wet.
We have DGC from mid afternoon until tomorrow afternoon so I shall be baking this morning and planning lessons for tomorrow.
I hope you all have a good day.

Gagagran Tue 02-Feb-21 07:02:50

Morning all. Definitely milder here on the south coast. 12.4c at 6am. Pleased with that as I have an outing planned - can't quite believe it but it's true! I have to pick up my Ready Reads from the library. It will be a quick in and out and home but feels exciting to have something on the agenda!

Yesterday I made Urmston's SOAP dish (probably should have said "recipe" there to avoid a double meaning!) and it was very tasty and will be on the menu again. Think it will be pasta today for DH and salad for me. Both in the fridge and both need eating up.

Enjoy your zoom WI NanKate. Our WI went into hibernation last March and hasn't really stirred since. I am seriously considered not re-joining if it ever creaks back into life.

Bit of good news here Fanny - I have won £50 on the premium bonds!

Keep safe everyone - the end might be nearly nigh! sunshine

Sheepandcattle Tue 02-Feb-21 07:05:05

Good morning from a milder Wiltshire this morning although the weather forecast is predicting more cold weather to come at the weekend and beyond ..... not happy about that as I’m starting to get heartily sick of winter now!😡. A couple of posters asked yesterday why we calve and lamb so early in the year. There are pros and cons for whatever time this happens. Our reasons are that we are lowland farmers so, hopefully, the spring grass starts coming through in March so, once we turn the cattle and calves out once the fields are drier, there is plenty of good grass to give them a good start. We also calve our second herd in May/June/July outdoors. We only run one bull so he goes in with the first herd from April to June and then has a break before going out with the second herd from July to September. 30 cows to cover in each herd is about right for one bull. I choose to lamb the ewes at the end of February to mid March as I lamb indoors so can keep them in if the weather is too horrible ( the lambing shed does start to resemble an A&E department on a Saturday night if we get a long spell of bad weather and I’ve been known to be trying to build more lambing pens out of anything I can find in the yard in the early hours of the morning if I get a run of new lambs!) and again, hopefully the new grass is beginning to come through when I turn them out. Also, the lamb prices tend to fall late summer/early autumn as a glut of lambs hit the market from people lambing in April, so I try to catch the best prices earlier in the summer. Whatever time one calves or lambs we are at the mercy of the weather gods. One year, my neighbours who lambs outdoors in May lost nearly a third of their lambs as it rained heavily constantly so you roll the dice and then pray when it comes to setting your dates.
The twin calves born on Sunday are doing well. Yesterday they both did a 4-feet-off-the-ground, hop, skip and a jump ...... my bench mark for judging that a baby animal had a nice full belly of milk and all is right in their world! (And the nicest sight to see!) I did take a photo of them yesterday which I’ll try to post.
Today we’re taking the last of the summers weaned calves to market and then usual farm jobs in the afternoon.
Wishing you all the best day possible.

Sparklefizz Tue 02-Feb-21 07:22:31

Morning GM and everyone from a wet South Glos.

Hope your daughter soon feels better Scentia.
Well done Gagagran on your Premium Bond win - I must check mine.

I enjoyed reading your tale of farming life Sheepandcattle, and love the photo. Thanks.

Will be doing some yoga today and chores and making a couple of phone calls, and probably some batch cooking later on.

Have a good day everyone, and special thoughts to those who are anxious or heavy-hearted. x

Grammaretto Tue 02-Feb-21 07:26:47

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. Still too dark to see but there will be snow lying.
Thanks so much for the explanation Sheepandcattle . It was me who asked and have always wondered.
Thanks for the gorgeous photo. smile
DS's covid test was negative thankfully. He was very anxious.
Yoga on zoom today and Gaelic on duolingo are my Tuesday highlights.
I must write birthday cards and thankyou letters too.
I missed the story of Mick but it sounds as though he's alright.

Beauregard Tue 02-Feb-21 07:27:00

Good morning all from a rainy Derbyshire. DH wants to go walking later this morning and it should be dry by then. We won't go too far, but he's gradually increasing the distance he walks each day. It's only 3 weeks since his op and he's moving around normally now. Still can't lift a kettle though!

Sheepandcattle thanks for giving such a detailed answer to our question about the timing of calving and lambing. It's fascinating to hear how the farm runs. I didn't know there were two coverings in a year. Busy bull needs a break in between! Lovely photo of the calves.

Hope everyone is feeling well and has a good day today.

Grammaretto Tue 02-Feb-21 07:32:58

Sending best wishes to your DD Scentia for a speedy recovery and to Dwmxwg too. As if we don't have enough to contend with.

Scentia Tue 02-Feb-21 07:35:42

Just 1 day in with mum in charge and some antibiotics, I get this from DD❤️ I knew I had a purpose😂

brook2704 Tue 02-Feb-21 07:39:07

Good morning all from Inverness where it’s very cold icy outside. Thank you GM for opening up and best wishes to mick
Sorry to hear about your DD scentia hope she’s feeling much better soon and so pleased that your test was negative dwmxwg take care
Enjoy the time with your DGC nannytopsy and have fun. I saw mine very briefly in their garden yesterday and their little smiling faces really cheered me up.
Thank you for all the farming news and picture sheepandcattle
Just going for a short walk this morning if it’s not too icy and a bit of shopping later
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Marydoll Tue 02-Feb-21 07:42:37

Good morning all from a cold Glasgow, with flurries of snow. Thank you GM for deputising.

A poster, who cannot be named, contacted me with an update on Mick. He is aware we all miss him and hopes to be back in contact in a few days. I think we should just be glad, he is ok and let Mick update us himself, rather than ask personal questions.
I realise that sounds pompous, it's not meant to be.

Nothing much planned today apart from brave the dragon's den and try to speak to a doctor. My angina has been unstable the last few days and I have been feeling pretty ropey. A gentle day for me and staying away from any robust discussion on GN. 😉

Today is a big day for me. I am allowed to drive again. Hurrah, I have my independence back!! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed out and we are in full lockdown here anyway. 😒 However, its the fact that I CAN that matters. 😁

I'm aware how difficult life is for all of us at the moment, some with more to contend with than others and I hope today is not too much of a struggle.

I was in tears yesterday at the really kind act of a Gransnetter , who went to a lot of trouble to do something special for me. I was overwhelmed at her thoughtfulness. There are so many kind and compassionate people on here. That's the true spirit of Gransnet. 🥰

YorkLady Tue 02-Feb-21 07:45:51

Good morning all. We have snow, inches of it!
Hearty hot food all day planned now that our walk is cancelled.
Loving your updates sheepandcattle
Stay safe everyone and have a good day.

Ashcombe Tue 02-Feb-21 07:49:19

Good morning from a wet and windy Torbay. Nevertheless, I have slept like the proverbial baby following the disturbance of the intruder on Sunday night.

What a joy to see those calves, sheepandcattle! Doesn’t that give us all hope? Congratulations on the premium bond win, Gagagran and good news about your negative test result, Dwmxwg! Hope your DD continues to recover, Scentia.

You are in good company in acknowledging Candlemas, grandMattie as I’ve read that our Queen follows that tradition re decorations. The story of Jesus being presented in the Temple and meeting Simeon and Anna used to be a favourite of mine as a child and it was good to hear it read on Sunday. We know so little of the childhood of Jesus.

Talking of which, yesterday, I was contacted by DGD, aged 8 to help with her R.E. lesson at home. I have volunteered to help (remotely) both her and DGS2 with any issues to enable DSiL, who always works from home, to avoid interruptions. DD is in work daily as a DH. It was good to feel useful.

Thinking of those of you who have burdens to bear and hoping the dragons aren’t too fiery, Marydoll! Every surgery seems to have at least one!

Grandmabatty Tue 02-Feb-21 07:51:06

Good morning all. It's still dark and looks damp in Polmont. I'm hoping it's damp and not icy. Grandmattie you are doing a first rate job in the absence of Mick who is very much missed. Hopefully he'll return soon and thanks to Marydoll for the update yesterday. Dwym I'm glad it isn't the virus you have but another one instead. Keep warm and lots of fluids. Hot toddies work well! Scentia 💐 for your daughter. And you! Sheep and cattle thank you for the picture of farming which you paint with words. I am very much a suburban gal and farm life is outside my experience. The photo is lovely too. Day two of babysitting duties. Yesterday was nice but dgs would not eat much. I am known as a feeder so that upset me much! However he managed to eat a piece of banana bread, half a Cinammon bun and a peanut butter cookie so he is playing his grandma. Today I will try to be stricter and no cakes or biscuits if he hasn't eaten or at least tried something else first. I'm not sure what we'll get up to today. The tree across the street is whipping about so there must be some wind around. Sitting writing this, I can see that the sky has gradually gone from inky black to sullen grey. We might not get far for our walk today. The fish man comes on a Tuesday so it'll be haddock tonight. I'm doing a slow cooker bolognaise sauce as the mince needs to be used. So between that and the lentil soup I made on Sunday, the freezer will be full. Have a good day all.

Grandmabatty Tue 02-Feb-21 07:53:50

I'm sorry you are feeling a bit fragile Marydoll. Beard that dragon! And lots of tlc.

Elizabeth1 Tue 02-Feb-21 07:58:38

A very good morning from a not so cold and damp east coast of Fife. How lovely to hear the farming update sheep and cattle thank you so much for this update it brought a smile to my face. I’m having the boss of the carers in this morning it’ll be fun giving her my showering needs . I’ve had a bit of a painful night my right arm has had much to do these past few days while working on my motomed I’ll try not to push myself too much today perhaps I’ll not travel so far today. I also had great fun on a games app with my youngest grandson these apps are a godsend. He particularly enjoyed his bubblegum experiments at the same time as playing noughts and crosses.with me. Have a good day everyone, the over 70s will soon be getting their letter giving them a date for the vaccine and I can’t wait. The light is coming sunshine

Pittcity Tue 02-Feb-21 08:01:49

Good morning from a grey, damp Colchester. It's still cold but temperatures in double figures are forecast for later.
DH has gone fishing, so the robot Hoover will be out and I'll be able to mop the floors. Leftover Sunday lamb in a curry tonight.
Warm hugs to all.

Jaxjacky Tue 02-Feb-21 08:01:51

Good morning all from a cloudy, damp but mild. S Hants. Good news on negative tests Grammaretto and Dwmxwg always a Mum Scentia. And Gagagran a winner!
sheepandcattle your posts give us an insight into your life which looks to me like hard, but fulfilling, thanks for the cheering picture.
I am slightly weather obsessed and see the east coast of the USA has some hefty snow with our own Scotland on snow warnings, we may even have a flurry here early next week. I’ll venture out to the local butcher today, as well as picking up a couple of steaks I’m on the scrounge for egg trays to chit my seed potatoes. Mick we’ll be pleased to welcome you back when you’re ready. Have a gentle day all,

aggie Tue 02-Feb-21 08:03:24

Good Morning all, sullen grey describes the sky here too Granmsbatty
It’s raining , continues from last night 😟