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How do you feel about Valentine's day?

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LesterGran Thu 04-Feb-21 05:40:54

With two teenage DGDs it's hard not to get relatively excited about that, but mostly I don't like and absolutely don't appreciate this day. What's supposed to be romantic is too commercialized now and became just another 'Hallmark day'. My DGDs think I'm being too old and too boring for saying so grin. I'm curious, how do you feel about this day and what does your family say about it?

Grandma70s Thu 04-Feb-21 06:00:13

We’ve always ignored it. It is, as you say, just a commercial opportunity now, however it started. You can be romantic on any day! Or not, as you please.

Kim19 Thu 04-Feb-21 06:16:39

Nostalgically amused. My husband was the most romantic of men but he did warn me that Valentine's Day was a big no no for him, therefore me too. He stuck to that forever but happily made up for it every other day. Right or wrong, think he saw it as some sort of American gimmick. Happily always a source of jokey amusement and fun when I repeatedly claimed neglect on the big day. Don't know how my sons treat it. Must discover but.,... ever so discretely.

janeainsworth Thu 04-Feb-21 06:50:57

I don’t think it’s ever been discussed or marked in any way at Ainsworth Towers 💕

I think my American DGC possibly send them to their friends.

Ashcombe Thu 04-Feb-21 06:59:01

We exchange cards and DH usually sends flowers when we're in separate countries, as we are currently, since his main home is in France and I’m in England.

This thread prompted me to look up the origins of the day so I"ll share the link here for any of you who have time on your hands.....!!

Kim19 Thu 04-Feb-21 07:19:24

Thank you, Ashcombe. I had the time and the inclination. A revelation indeed and........that's ticked my box for something new learned today. Bingo!

ginny Thu 04-Feb-21 08:11:53

Non event here.

Sara1954 Thu 04-Feb-21 08:42:03

I’m sure that it’s a romantic and sweet day if you’re between twelve and sixteen, otherwise it’s just an excuse to fill the shops (if they were open) with millions of tons of rubbish destined for landfill

keepingquiet Thu 04-Feb-21 08:51:09

I haven't been a fan for many years due to some of the reasons outlined above.
However, looking through and sorting stuff hidden away in boxes (lockdown has its advantages!) I have to say finding old Valentines and love letters is very moving. Especially as two of those senders are no longer with us.
So don't be too cynical- I realise that once I was loved.

grannysyb Thu 04-Feb-21 08:52:10

A day for restaurants to overcharge, ( when we were allowed out), it seemed to be important when I was a teenager!

sodapop Thu 04-Feb-21 08:54:32

Same here Sarah1954 although my husband usually buys me some flowers, he is the most affectionate in our relationship.

Esspee Thu 04-Feb-21 09:02:46

When arranging my husband’s funeral the undertaker pointed out that the first available date was the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Very appropriate I thought.
In hindsight I should have delayed things

ninathenana Thu 04-Feb-21 09:04:46

We have been married 46 yrs and until last year always exchanged cards but not presents. I then said to him lets just not bother.

Auntieflo Thu 04-Feb-21 09:09:36

Just the usual teenage excitement, then nothing really.
Until DS2 got married on Valentine's day, now I remember it every year.

Maggiemaybe Thu 04-Feb-21 09:13:32

Any reason to celebrate, especially now, is good in my book. We exchange cards and I get flowers, and we always have a special meal, which we’ll buy in this year. And fizz, why not?

Our adult children seem to do the same - no massive gestures, just a bit of extra thought and effort on the day.

Sara1954 Thu 04-Feb-21 09:14:48

I remember my first valentine clearly, the feeling of excitement, I was about twelve, his name was Ian, and he dumped me the next week, my first, but definitely not last, broken heart.

Jaxjacky Thu 04-Feb-21 09:23:00

Pretty nonplussed in this house. I get flowers ad hoc which are much appreciated and it seems another commercial opportunity to jack up the prices of flowers, restaurants etc along with a slew of tacky ‘cuddly’ bits.

AmberSpyglass Thu 04-Feb-21 09:28:36

It’s sandwiched in between our wedding anniversary and OH’s birthday, so we generally don’t make a big deal out of it other than cards. We’ll make it a bit more special this year - any reason to celebrate!

FlexibleFriend Thu 04-Feb-21 09:34:34

Never been remotely interested.

M0nica Thu 04-Feb-21 09:37:49

As our wedding anniversary is on 17th February, we ignore Valentines day. You can have too much of a good thing!

nanna8 Thu 04-Feb-21 09:47:57

Not interested but at my grandson’s school they have a Valentines Day stall where the kids can buy little gifts as a fundraiser. The kids run it. It is a Lutheran school so a bit unusual .

PurpleStar Thu 04-Feb-21 09:54:57

Myself and DH aren't bothered about Valentines day.We do acknowledge it with a text and only in the last few years I've cooked a special meal,mainly because it is the anniversary of when we met.We weren't out for "Valentines" I was out clubbing with a friend for her birthday.I like seeing how romantic my AC are with their partners,but its not a big deal for us.Each to their own.

EkwaNimitee Thu 04-Feb-21 09:56:44

My late DH and I always ignored's a commercialised event. We celebrated it once...because I'd won a Valentine's Day dinner for two at a good local restaurant.

henetha Thu 04-Feb-21 09:56:53

I'm indifferent about it now, but loved it when I was younger and capable of romance. It was just a bit of harmless fun, wondering who the card was from, or whatever.

Redhead56 Thu 04-Feb-21 10:01:20

We usually have a candlelit dinner with sparkling wine or cocktails. It’s just nice to make an effort I like to cook so planning the meal is enjoyable for me.