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Good Morning Thursday, for Michael MIA

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grandMattie Thu 04-Feb-21 06:34:36

Good morning all GMers from a clear E Kent.
Had my sh*t yesterday afternoon. My word, Folkestone is hard to find your way round! We went round three times to find any parking, stopped on a side street and finally found “Debenhams”. All names had been removed. The actual process was seamless, kind and quick, although as usual I had to spell both name and surname, which as usual were misspelled. I had the AZ to my delight and amusement of the nurse. Feeling fine, but waiting for side effects.
Today I’ve just got Spanish.
Marydoll be kind to yourself, no use pushing things - as they say “the spirit is strong but the body is weak”...
Everyone, take care, be kind to yourselves. Carpe diem! Stay safe.

Gagagran Thu 04-Feb-21 06:48:02

Good Morning Mattie and all who follow from a chilly 4.0c south coast. The forecast is for light rain and sunny spells.

Glad you got your jab Mattie. I realise how lucky we were to have our 5 minutes down the road with free parking for all those arriving by car for theirs. Must be really difficult for those who are called to vaccination hubs at a distance from home.

I hope Mick is soon back with us and that all those with worries or health problems have a better day.

Keep safe everyone. I can guarantee that spring is on its way. sunshine

Ashcombe Thu 04-Feb-21 06:49:26

Good morning, one and all on another damp one in Torbay.

Thank you, once again, grandMattie, for deputising for Mick, whom we hope to see soon. I'm glad you’ve had your vaccination, grandMattie and hope you feel few after effects. I'm hoping for mine soon although I’m at the lowest end of Group 4, being 70.

To Marydoll and others with issues of any kind, try to take each day as it comes. This easygoing thread seems to be attracting new members daily so a warm welcome to them.

I have two reasons to go out today! A blood test at the surgery and a deep clean of my gums with my dentist. I'll try not to be too excited. Not normally events to relish but in present circumstances.....!

Try to keep smiling - not easy when one can’t see if it is returned behind the mask! 😷

Beechnut Thu 04-Feb-21 06:50:19

Good Morning Mattie and all who follow from Severnside where we have a frosty start.

My plan for today is sewing and pottering and I am going to wash my dusters in preparation of a spring clean next week.

I have to spell out my surname sometimes Mattie.

Stay safe all 🌺

Scentia Thu 04-Feb-21 06:53:10

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is still dark and feels cold 🥶
Glad your shots went ok yesterday gM. Everyone is saying how efficient the centres are, which is really good.
Normal work day for me today snd then this evening I will set to and assemble my Guinea Pig run and hutch. I have reserved two little Piggies who will be ready at the end of the month, I have to have a pet and for lots of reasons I can’t bring myself to get another dog so I am having two little Cavies🐹🐹
I hope we can all fine a smile today. Take care of yourselves GoodMorningers and stay safe❤️😄

Beauregard Thu 04-Feb-21 06:55:02

Good morning all from Derbyshire where it's currently dry.

An early shop this morning before it gets busy, then not much else for the rest of the day.

We did get a glimpse of our youngest grandson through the car window yesterday. He looked at us as if to say "who are you" as it's been so long since he's seen us!

Pleased to hear you had your sh*t yesterday grandMattie!

Hope everyone is feeling well and Thursday is a good day.

grandMattie Thu 04-Feb-21 07:06:43

Smile for today... in daily Telegraph yesterday. 😀

brook2704 Thu 04-Feb-21 07:11:47

Good morning everyone from Inverness, still snowy , icy cold and slippery underfoot
Thank you GM for opening up and it’s good that you got your jab sorted.
Hoping to see mick back soon and a warm welcome to all new posters 😀
We did a bit more walking yesterday along the south Loch Ness trail, it was cold but once we got going we soon warmed up and we enjoyed being out in the fresh air. Today it’s just a big shop at Tesco and not much else.
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care whatever the day brings 💐

NanKate Thu 04-Feb-21 07:12:18

Morning grandMattie and All.

A thin, cold mist here in South Bucks.

We had a lovely half hour FaceTime yesterday to watch our DGS open his birthday presents. One of his favourite gifts was a small wooden tray/table that can keep his IPad standing up but more importantly where he can make up his Lego models and not lose any pieces. He loves making things.

Tomorrow is jab day for me, hurray.

Keep warm and rested Marydoll. 💐

Dwmxwg Thu 04-Feb-21 07:41:59

Good morning from a dry north Surrey, thankfully remembered DD’s instructions as heating hadn’t kicked in this morning. Another poor sleep, still coughing loads but did get off eventually.
DGS1 is being a star this morning for poorly granny, DGS2 is not. I have told him he will be going to school in his pyjamas at this rate🙃
I need to phone work this morning to say I won’t be able to work tomorrow. Otherwise the school runs will be about all I can manage today.
Keep safe and warm all and do hope we see Mick back here soon

Sar53 Thu 04-Feb-21 07:42:59

Good morning everyone, it's a misty, murky, damp day here in Essex by the sea. I can hear the fog horns out in the estuary.
Food shop this morning, the first time I will have been out this week. The new blind for our bedroom arrived yesterday so we are going to start decorating on Monday. Hard going when we have to work around the bed, but hopefully worth it.
I hope those with sadness or worries have a better day. Take care all and stay safe xx

Marydoll Thu 04-Feb-21 07:44:38

Good morning all from another miserable day here in Glasgow. Once again GM, thank you for opening up in * Mick's absence. I did think he would back by now.
Its great to hear so many of you getting your sh*to. 🙂

Another very quiet day planned. We do have a bit of excitement. DH is going for his jag, ten minutes up the road in the local sports centre. Plenty of parking too in Asda next door.
However, despite being CEV, I've still not had my letter and the system in Scotland is different, so I just can't go on and book. I'm becoming quite impatient now.

What I did get yesterday was two hospital appointments, one for next week. Just like buses, they all came along at once!!!! Another day out to look forward to, I can't wait!!!

Wishing you all a gentle and peaceful day.

Elizabeth1 Thu 04-Feb-21 07:49:30

Good morning everyone from the east coast of Fife where it’s dark, cold and wet. I’ve an appointment with an optician this morning. I’m not too keen going out but I really need my eyes looked at as my reading has become more difficult these days even with eye drops in.

I was a busy bea yesterday first of all on a zoom chat with a few lovely gns

I made my own milky coffee for a change. I went on the motomed and cycled for 15 minutes, rested then made my own tea of baked salmon with garlic and melted lemon butter with a little help from my dh who was in such a helpful mood yesterday.

Wish every day was like that. I even started reading a new book which was really difficult because of my weakened eye condition. Because we had left our dgs Christmas presents to be sent by post they only received them two days ago. I’ve really enjoyed the videos of them opening their presents these boys were so spoiled but so what? they got great fun from playing with the cardboard boxes their presents were sent in nothing new there. I so miss my hugs. But like someone said spring is just around the corner then it’ll be hug time smile love to all this morning have a good day keep warm and safe. sunshine

Kalu Thu 04-Feb-21 07:55:27

Good morning all from Glasgow. Heavy sleet and high winds forecast for today. That means a day at home then!😁

More ironing to tackle today, housework stuff and then I think, as it is such a horrible day, it would be a good idea to watch a few series of The Bay. I enjoy a good series that has me looking forward to the next episode. Really enjoying this one.

The to do list can wait for another day as this feeling that I have all the time in the world is, I’m sure, the reason I keep putting things of.

Hope everyone has a good day and special good wishes to those who are not in such a good place for one reason or another.

NotAGran55 Thu 04-Feb-21 08:04:05

Good morning from misty West Berkshire.

Off to the food bank in a minute and this afternoon I will have a lovely drive out on an amazing route to the accountants to drop off some paperwork.
Back home and time for a quick coffee before prepping dinner
Day sorted smile

Have a good day one and all .

Pittcity Thu 04-Feb-21 08:10:36

Good morning from sunny Colchester. There is frost on the cars. No rain due until late afternoon.
Clean bedding today and weekly online quiz this evening. Chilli for tea.
Much love xx

Jaxjacky Thu 04-Feb-21 08:12:08

Good morning all from a dry, grey S Hants, earning your stripes opening up Gm thank you. Potatoes now chitting in the kitchen, seeds to sort today. Wishing those who are poorly and with heavy hearts a gentle, restful day.

Gingster Thu 04-Feb-21 08:13:50

Good morning GM and all. As Sar says, it’s murky here in Essex. I’ve put off my walk with an old pal today as rain is forecast AGAIN,!!!!!. We’ll go tomorrow instead 🤞

Scentia you will enjoy your little Guineas . They’re are such funny, sweet creatures. My GD’s have 5 and they are very spoilt. Two story hutches with spacious outdoor runs. Their large dog loves to watch them whilst lying outside the fence. They call it guinea TV . 😂🤣.

Elizabeth you had a great day yesterday 👍. Keep it up.

Wishing all the poorly grans better and hoping we all have a better day. 🙏🌱🌷

dragonfly46 Thu 04-Feb-21 08:15:12

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

Visit to the podiatrist today is the highlight then a Zoom quiz this afternoon.

Worries in the family so not really in the mood!

BlueSapphire Thu 04-Feb-21 08:18:09

Hello and an earlier good morning from me in Northampton, where it is grey and misty. Earlier because I have a Sainsbury's delivery this morning. They have sent an email which I haven't opened yet, but doubtless there will be substitutions and stuff out of stock.

Finished the back of my cardigan yesterday, and have started on one of the fronts. It is nice chunky wool, and knits up fairly quickly. I am already eyeing up wool for my next project.

There were a few of us out clapping last night for Sir Tom, four households I counted, which is about half our little close. Didn't stay out long as it was chilly.

Not much else planned for today, just hoovering upstairs, and a flick round with the duster.

Hoping today is kind to all.

Oldbutstilluseful Thu 04-Feb-21 08:18:42

Good morning from a murky far north of Hampshire. My jab is booked for Saturday with the follow up booked already. By the time that happens we’ll be well into Spring and the days much longer, thankfully.
I’ve also got 3 months to sort out my blood sugars which, after being stable for years, have shot up. I know, self inflicted wounds don’t count. All my own fault for over indulging.
I’m sorry to keep reading that so many of you have ongoing health problems, every day I keep hoping for you all to feel better.

baubles Thu 04-Feb-21 08:19:38

Good morning Mattie, morning all, Mick too. Another cold one in South Lanarkshire although the snow is more sleety today.

I awoke feeling rather discombobulated after a night of very weird dreams, this isn’t unusual for me but it can take a while for reality to kick in.

Nothing much happening today, the heating engineer sorted out our problem yesterday so we have heat and hot water again. I’ll make a Moroccan lamb stew while listening to my book then carry on crocheting.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day.

BlueSapphire Thu 04-Feb-21 08:21:34

Have just looked at the Sainsbury's email; only one thing not available - a Cadburys Creme Egg!

ginny Thu 04-Feb-21 08:25:12

Good Morning from a slightly frosty N. Bucks.

Enjoyed several phone calls and FaceTime yesterday
Made good progress with the sewing so hopefully finish off today. I always have knitting or crochet on the go for the evenings so will decide on my next project.

Elizabeth1 nice to hear you had a good day yesterday.

Hope you all find a 😁 today.

NannyJan53 Thu 04-Feb-21 08:25:20

Good morning from a sunny but cold Black Country.

We for a walk with Mum yesterday, then back in time to join in the clapping for Captain Sir Tom. Not many out in our street though.

MrJan also had his letter to book an appointment for his jab. He is 70 at the weekend, so it looks like I have a little longer to wait as I am only 67 smile, He goes on Monday and his 2nd one is booked for late April

His DD in London has volunteered to do the vaccinations. She works in medical research so I think has done it before, but obviously she will be trained first.

I have a pile of ironing to do, but it is in the spare bedroom waiting, so it cannot look at me!

I hope you feel better soon dwmxwg

Pleased your DGS had a lovely birthday NanKate. my 9 year old DGD loves Lego and is endlessly makinng models too.

No real plans today (again), wishing you all a good day, and hope to see Mick back soon, and of course gilly is still in my thoughts