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Accents, Do you have a fav?

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TrendyNannie6 Fri 05-Feb-21 11:00:24

For me it’s the french, and also I love a brummie accent could listen to both all day

Callistemon Sun 07-Feb-21 14:15:01

Can i just ask why people assume that Scotland just has one accent
The same reason why people say they love a Welsh accent grannyiper

Trisha57 Sun 07-Feb-21 14:23:59

In this country, I love hearing a Liverpool accent. One of my other favourites is a geniune City of London accent. Think of Stanley Holloway in My Fair Lady rather than the Mitchell brothers in Eastenders! Unfortunately it's increasingly rare except real old timers, like my uncles and my Dad who were born and brought up close to the City. They would pronounce yes as "yurst", for instance. From abroad, that soft Jamaican lilt is my all-time favourite.

Redhead56 Sun 07-Feb-21 14:28:36

Accents are different everywhere Liverpool accent differs across the city. Welsh accent is different north and south the language differs too. Same as Scotland it varies considerably there depends where you are from of course. That’s why regional accents are so interesting.

sharon103 Sun 07-Feb-21 14:28:57

I love the Bristol accent and Geordie.

Shelmiss Sun 07-Feb-21 14:35:40

I love a Bolton accent 😂😂

Kupari45 Sun 07-Feb-21 15:29:25

Nearly sixty years ago I was in the W.R.A.F. stationed at R.A.F. Compton Bassett near Calne in Wiltshire.
Two of the civilian staff were locals working in our NAAFI. To this day I've never forgotten their lovely Wiltshire accent. The odd time I hear the accent on the Radio it takes me back to that time.

GrannyRose15 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:23:47

My favourite accent is, of course a Yorkshire one. Whether it be the lovely lilt of the dales or the courser sounds of the big cities they make me think of home.

Coolgran65 Mon 08-Feb-21 06:02:32

Ten miles can make such a difference in accents.
My favourites are soft Edinburgh, Dublin, Geordie and from abroad the drawl of the southern states of eastern USA such as Texas/Arkansas.

pollyolly Mon 08-Feb-21 14:54:04

Liverpool, all day long (usually with great humour)

Lollipoplove Mon 08-Feb-21 17:02:54

Why do you find the Essex accent hard to listen to Granny70’s??
I like French Italian Dublin & Australian very sexy

grannypiper Tue 09-Feb-21 17:46:43

Yes callistemon The Bangor accent is nothing like Neath.

Callistemon Tue 09-Feb-21 17:55:26

grannypiper 👍

Yorki Wed 10-Feb-21 04:03:50

Notagran55.... Yeah it's definitely the Geordie accent for me too. I just love it. I never get fed up of listening to Geordies talking.

Nana3 Wed 10-Feb-21 04:25:55

I like the Welsh accent, my lovely Dad was from South Wales. Once l heard two Welsh women saying mean things about people from the South, I was so hurt.