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FannyCornforth Sun 07-Feb-21 07:49:01

Hello Everyone smile
What's it doing where you are?

vegansrock Sun 07-Feb-21 07:52:40


YorkLady Sun 07-Feb-21 07:55:50

Quite a bit of snow last night after 24 hours of rain......all gone this morning and it’s dry and cold out there (West Yorkshire)

Galaxy Sun 07-Feb-21 07:57:09

Snowing lightly north east.

M0nica Sun 07-Feb-21 08:00:46

Ordinary winter day in South Oxfordshire. Grey and cloudy temperature 2 degrees.

Shirlb Sun 07-Feb-21 08:01:21

Usual rain and wind🙄☹️

FannyCornforth Sun 07-Feb-21 08:04:33

M0nica pretty much the same here ie ordinary (Derby).
Alexa reckons that it might snow soon.

Pittcity Sun 07-Feb-21 08:15:28

Cold, windy and started snowing at 7.30am in Colchester.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 07-Feb-21 08:15:38

Very cold and just started snowing here in S E Essex ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

GrannyGravy13 Sun 07-Feb-21 08:16:51

crossed posts Pitticity it’s travelled down the A12 ❄️

Hetty58 Sun 07-Feb-21 08:17:16

Wet snow and a biting wind here London/Essex borders. No dog walk today - time to hunker down under a blanket!

shysal Sun 07-Feb-21 08:24:11

In Oxfordshire snow last night didn't settle but more forecast for today. 2 degrees with bitingly cold wind, cut my morning walk short.

12Michael Sun 07-Feb-21 08:28:24

At the moment , a cloudy but dry start to the day , the ETA for any changes is expected this afternoon .

aggie Sun 07-Feb-21 08:30:50

Rain in Co Armagh

Puzzler61 Sun 07-Feb-21 08:32:22

Cloudy, breezy, dry and high temp of 2 degrees only in Worcestershire today.

Puzzler61 Sun 07-Feb-21 08:33:26

PS pleased to see you back Mick. Take care of yourself.

lemsip Sun 07-Feb-21 08:36:39

expected to see lots of snow this morning but not a bit. Dry so far so not complaining.

muse Sun 07-Feb-21 08:39:16

Good Morning
This is early for me. Back from dog walk. `Looks like being a damp miserable day. No more than 2° forecasted. Cornwall

Esspee Sun 07-Feb-21 08:43:13

Glasgow Looked out of the window this morning and to my surprise the street and pavements are mostly dry. I can’t think when I last noticed that. There is a strong easterly wind and OH who has braved the icy blast to get the Sunday papers assures me we are not going out for our usual walk later. Otherwise it is bright and the dusting of snow on the hills in the distance on both sides is definitely less than yesterday.

Casdon Sun 07-Feb-21 08:43:48

Very grey and gloomy in the Brecon Beacons, but no frost or sign of snow.

tanith Sun 07-Feb-21 08:49:00

Cold, windy but sunny NW London. I’ll take my usual work layered up 🥶

tanith Sun 07-Feb-21 08:49:25


EllanVannin Sun 07-Feb-21 08:53:45

Quite a cutting sea breeze, not the weather for kilts.

Nannytopsy Sun 07-Feb-21 08:56:57

It’s snowing in Suffolk but didn’t start until about an hour ago. About a centimetre so far and very windy.

monk08 Sun 07-Feb-21 09:03:29

Black country windy but bright, great towel drying day shame I did them yesterday grin