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Are some people just daft?

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Craftycat Sun 07-Feb-21 11:20:52

I went to have my jab yesterday. I was really pleased to get it so soon as I am only just 70. We had to queue up in the car park of the local community centre & it did take about an hour.
We were given a time slot in the email telling us about it so I turned up 5 mins before my slot at 13.40pm to make sure I could get a parking space. There was quite a long queue but it wasn't cold or wet & I had my Kindle with me so I wasn't bothered.
But I was really shocked at how many people turned up & went straight to the front of the queue saying they had a slot for the morning session. I am not kidding when I say there were at least 20 people who did this while I was waiting. To be fair they were told they would have to go to the back of the queue but I felt so sorry for the people organising it as they were taking a lot of stick. They were supposed to be there hours before! Are people just stupid or so self centred that they expect everyone else to make way for them.
I consider myself lucky to have had the jab so soon & it is just plain good manners to turn up on time.
Well done the staff who kept their cool & got us all in as soon as possible.
I think times like these bring out the worst in some people.
Very relieved to have had my jab.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:29:42

Some people are inconsiderate and some are probably stupid.
However, not having seen the wording of the email, I hesitate to judge, as many of the communications sent by public authorities are so badly worded that anyone could make a mistake as to what they actually mean.

Quite honestly, if I was told to be somewhere for my vaccination at one o'clock I don't think I would expect to have to sit in a long queue. I would assume that those who had booked a time, ir been given one were just to park and go right in.

Kim19 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:30:04

More arrogant than daft I would say, C, but welcome to the club of very happy jab recipients

maddyone Sun 07-Feb-21 11:35:05

Are people just stupid or so self centred that they expect everyone else to make way for them.

Yes, I’m afraid they are, and this pandemic has done nothing to change that. This situation has brought out the best in some people, but the worst in many others. It’s very sad.

midgey Sun 07-Feb-21 11:36:11

I had my jab yesterday, my goodness it was efficient! Hardly any queuing and I was out within five minutes.

timetogo2016 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:38:47

Spot on maddyone.

kircubbin2000 Sun 07-Feb-21 11:54:20

That sounds badly organised. Doctor rang me yesterday at 2.30 and said can you come now?I went straight in and signed a form, walked down a corridor to his room, few health questions then the jab. Walked out the back door and had to sit in the car for 15 mins. The flu jab was done in a similar way before Christmas with no queuing.

paddyanne Sun 07-Feb-21 11:57:09

we've been told not to go early ,arrive on time ,get taken right away and no standing outside in the cold.Thats how the flu jag worked so no reason why this should be different

eazybee Sun 07-Feb-21 12:21:21

The text messages I received were completely clear, specifying the time; I arrived ten minutes early expecting to have difficulty parking but was waved into a space immediately. The attendant checked the time, said I could go in, I joined the queue and was processed very quickly.
Also, I did not have to pay for parking, unusual with the NHS nowadays.
A friend's husband went to a pharmacy with just a few 'patients' waiting; the medic opened the door and called next; the husband sailed in, had his injection, and thought it was very clever to have jumped the queue. With people like that, any form of organisation is disrupted.

Luckygirl Sun 07-Feb-21 12:23:38

A bit of bad organisation there. Where I went we were told to remain in our cars until 5 minutes before our appointment, then go in. WE were processed and then put in a big waiting room with just a few chairs, properly spaced. Then called in to have jab.

No queueing in the cold for us!

sodapop Sun 07-Feb-21 12:25:46

Count yourselves lucky to have the vaccination. My husband has received a letter telling him to go for his. All the centres are out of vaccine and no idea when they will receive further supplies. Good old EU bureaucracy.

Harris27 Sun 07-Feb-21 12:27:10

Can’t wait for mine as I’m currently having to isolate due to an out break at the nursery where I work. I’m 61 and hopefully not too far away it will make me more confident about returning to work.

GrannySomerset Sun 07-Feb-21 12:29:53

Our experience mirrors Luckygirl’s. If you are driving any distance it can be hard to arrive to the minute so being told to wait in the car until your appointment time is sensible. I really don’t understand why people can’t follow simple instructions.

Greyduster Sun 07-Feb-21 12:31:22

It sounds like poor organisation to have elderly people waiting in a queue in the cold for an hour. Everyone here, including us, who has been called for a vaccination has been straight in, job done, fifteen minute wait and then out. A rolling tide of efficiency. As for those who turn up very late and expect to jump the queue, no patience with them!

Redhead56 Sun 07-Feb-21 12:57:44

Self centred people don’t think about anyone else. It would be a good idea if the message being sent to people included a WARNING. Be aware if you are not on time you will not get a vaccination.

Chewbacca Sun 07-Feb-21 12:58:00

OH went for his on Friday. Appointment was for 15.35 at the vaccination hub. Was told to arrive 5 minutes prior to his time slot and wait in the car to be called. Was called at 15.37 and was vaccinated, given his vaccination details and back home by 16.15.

muse Sun 07-Feb-21 13:00:40

Too right Maddyone. The worst for me are those with the "It doesn't apply to me" attitude and the total ignorance of "It doesn't exist".

Mazz21 Sun 07-Feb-21 13:13:10

Had mine done a few weeks back at the local hospital. Was given a time, told to get there 5 mins early, lined up under tarpaulin in a fast moving queue. Filled in same form I’d completed online while waiting. Quick check of ID and paperwork by admin, chat with a doctor to ensure I knew about jab and to check medical history/allergies,off to the nurse for the jab and then into the outside portacabin to wait 15 mins. All very slick and professional. No queue jumping, everyone very jovial and happy to be there. Brilliantly done. Loads of cleaning between patients so it felt very safe.

Husband went for his yesterday at local GPS. Queue outside of about 50 people but so fast moving. 9 doctors giving jabs, no wait of 15 mins after and he was done within 20 minutes. Again very controlled and organised.

Well done NHS 😀

BlueBelle Sun 07-Feb-21 13:17:12

I m beginning to think I come from a very civilised area as everyone I ve spoken to had a very simple time turned up on time five minute wait, jabbed sat down for 15 minutes or not depending on with vaccine you have and them go I haven’t heard one story of a queue or jumpers or long waits
I went for mine at my surgery walked in on the dot of my appointment waited five minutes for them to vaccinate the previous person had my jab and left, was home within ten minutes

Doodledog Sun 07-Feb-21 13:20:08

How do you know that they people who went to the front of the queue said that they had a morning slot?

Maybe they were on time for their appointment, and didn't want to be made late by standing in a queue that may have been made up of latecomers?

Peasblossom Sun 07-Feb-21 13:31:02

I used to organise outings for the over 60s (that’s me now😱)

If the departure/meet-up was at, say, 2pm I would ask people to arrive at 1.50.

Some would be there by 1pm, waiting outside to be first. Some would arrive between 1.50 and 2pm. Some would roll up by 2.15pm. Some wouldn’t turn up at all.

Sometimes it was for something with a timed entry and each group of four would have been given a specific time to arrive. The early’s got there and expected to go in earlier than their time. The lates expected the on-times to give way and let them in because they were ahead of them on paper.

There was only about twenty of them at any one time. You have no idea how often the most well planned event fell into chaos!

Rainwashed Sun 07-Feb-21 13:57:53

I wonder if some of the people going to the front of the queue had been there earlier and thought they would come back when there was less of a queue! However I think they should have gone to the back of the queue( if/when they came back) and not tried to queue jump! Certainly there is no excuse for being rude to the organisers!

Georgesgran Sun 07-Feb-21 17:53:48

When a major Centre for vaccination opened at The Centre for Life in Newcastle, long queues were reported in freezing conditions. It was tactfully explained that some had turned up 90 minutes before their appointments!
Going back 40 years, I can remember my Granddad waiting outside the Post Office for it to be open to collect his pension, in case they ran out of money!! Is it an age thing?

Hetty58 Sun 07-Feb-21 18:00:31

Craftycat, there are so many stupid people about - I'm constantly amazed by it. Really, they should be turned away if they're hours late.

Callistemon Sun 07-Feb-21 19:00:09

I went for mine this morning and it was very well organised. We arrived half an hour early as we had to go some distance and there were no hold ups so I sat in the car for 25 minutes then went in. One of the staff who took my details said I could have gone straight in when I arrived because they had been rather quiet first thing. Is that because people hadn't bothered to keep their appointments?

midgey it took about 30 minutes in all here, with thorough checks, having the vaccine and then having to sit and wait for 15 minutes afterwards.