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Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond

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Riverwalk Mon 08-Feb-21 10:43:07

Can anyone explain to me, in short sentences, what is going on?

I know Salmond was cleared of sexual assault charges and he and Sturgeon are now enemies but I truly have difficulty trying to work out what went wrong and what the latest enquiry is about.

It's surely going to affect the forthcoming Parliamentary election.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 08-Feb-21 10:49:55

There is now an enquiry into the whole debacle. Peter Murrell is being accused of being inconsistent in his evidence.

I do think it is not going away anytime soon.

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 10:51:57

Salmond was cleared of the charges but thinks that the government/SNP were out to get him and that Sturgeon was part of that. Sturgeon's husband is Peter Murrell, who is CEO of the SNP, so it gets murky. Salmond alleges that Sturgeon has told the parliament she didn't know anything about the timing of the case but that in fact, she did.

Whether the government, the SNP and Sturgeon were out to get him or not, everyone will have to decide for themselves whether a former first minister trying to undermine the current one and her government during a national crisis is a good thing.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 08-Feb-21 10:55:17

Alegrias1 I do agree that the timing of this is questionable?

I might add that I am no expert on politics in Scotland.

Sparklefizz Mon 08-Feb-21 10:55:22

Well, you have to admit that Sturgeon has tried to undermine Johnson and the UK during a national crisis.

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 10:57:15

Straw man Sparklefizz, even if it was true.

timetogo2016 Mon 08-Feb-21 10:58:46

I neither like or trust the women.
And the timing is very questionable.

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 11:01:10

What women? The ones who brought the complaint against Salmond?

Riverwalk Mon 08-Feb-21 11:01:47

Is it an independent enquiry?

Riverwalk Mon 08-Feb-21 11:04:11


I neither like or trust the women.
And the timing is very questionable.

Do you know the women involved? I'd have thought they had anonymity.

paddyanne Mon 08-Feb-21 11:12:35

I dont think they are "enemies" Alex wanted the inquiry about the allegations to be the Tories do,Nicola and the party decided that transparency was the way and let the Civil Service .led by Lesley Evans go ahead with the court case.IF she had gone the Tory route of "investigate and slap wrist" there would have been an outcry in the media .

Ask Nicola and she'll tell you he is and has always been her friend ,was her mentor and she will be grateful to him for his time and input into her life.
It has to be said the civil service went after Alex ,Lesley Evans was supposed to topple him,that was her remit..She IS a WM employee
I KNOW Alex and I can tell you any man less sleazy is hard to find .I said on here at the time he was innocent of all charges and was harangued by some who were desperate for him to be found guilty.I am surprised this has dragged on but a lot of it IS press led .Anything for a story to discredit the FM ...thats the way of the "British" media
However there is NO civil war in the SNP ,and the grass roots is stronger and more determined to get Indy than ever.The fight for Independence is People led ,the SNP is the vehicle to get us there .

kittylester Mon 08-Feb-21 11:13:56

Where is paddyanne when we need her?

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 11:25:52


Where is paddyanne when we need her?

errrmmm....right above you?

kittylester Mon 08-Feb-21 11:57:55

errrrmmm - she wasn't when I started to post!

Granny23 Mon 08-Feb-21 11:58:36

I have read everything I can from all sides of this issue. I have come to the conclusion that, the British State, having tried and failed to find anything with which they could discredit Nicola, turned their attention to Alex. He had left himself wide open to charges of sexual harassment by being, in his own words, "a bit too tactile". The subsequent trial, demand for an enquiry and witch hunt led to the current Scottish Government enquiry, which seems to consist of contradictory, "He said, She said" statements and is going round in circles.

Meanwhile the Unionist Press & Media is lapping up every opportunity to stir the plot, cast doubts on Nicola's leadership of the Party and the Government. However within my circle (all Independence supporting folks) there is strong support for Nicola - she is, after all the most popular politician in the UK by a mile - and is currently working her socks off iro the pandemic. As to Salmond, we have learnt to our horror that he is not the avuncular, happily married man that we thought he was, but rather, by his own admission, a sex-pest. Also a so called Nationalist who has put his own ego before the Nationalist Cause at a crucial juncture.

Riverwalk Mon 08-Feb-21 12:16:24

As to Salmond, we have learnt to our horror that he is not the avuncular, happily married man that we thought he was, but rather, by his own admission, a sex-pest. Also a so called Nationalist who has put his own ego before the Nationalist Cause at a crucial juncture

Granny23 this is the impression that I have of Salmond.

But you can't blame the media for lapping it up though - a former leader undermining the current leader.

The enquiry seems to going nowhere.

paddyanne Mon 08-Feb-21 12:27:25

Harsh Granny23 Alex did NOT admit to being a sex pest..his words were " he's no angel"
.Thats very different .It certainly doesn't mean he's targetting and assaulting women.IF he is guilty of having extra marital activity then he's no different to many men that doesn't make him a SEX PEST .I know he loves his wife dearly .I've listened to him talk about her and you cans See the love he has for her clearly.

Alegrias1 Mon 08-Feb-21 12:30:31

Given that a court has found Salmond innocent of the charges against him, I would have thought that saying anything at all either in support of or against him in this matter is very unwise and could result in this thread being deleted.

Discussion of the enquiry and the integrity of the Scottish Government is something entirely different.

Anniebach Mon 08-Feb-21 13:18:42

I cannot agree that Nicola Sturgeon is the most popular politician in the UK. Scotland yes, UK no.

Anniebach Mon 08-Feb-21 13:21:27

paddyane if one loves one’s wife dearly why have extra marital activities, is that - loving dearly

Galaxy Mon 08-Feb-21 13:21:53

Crikey let's hope that DH doesnt love me dearly then.

Urmstongran Mon 08-Feb-21 13:27:14

Alex Salmond will air his damning allegations against Nicola Sturgeon in a press conference if a Holyrood committee refuses to publish them.

This is all unraveling!

paddyanne Mon 08-Feb-21 13:45:41

the inquiry is ongoing Urmstongran Nicola publicily said this morning she will speak at it WHEN they ask her to.She will clear up all the allegations .I can see how you just love this stuff,but lets be honest worse things happen in teh Tory party every day .Sex abuse files LOST a pm who IS A SERIAL CHEAT ..AND LIAR TO BOOT .Maybe you should concentrate on your own back yard and leave us to deal with oure.Whatever is or isn't going on with Alex and Nicola it will make no difference to your life!
Nor to ours ,if truth be told Independence is bigger than one or two personalities

Gwyneth Mon 08-Feb-21 13:53:59

Where is the evidence that Sturgeon is the most popular politician in the UK?

Urmstongran Mon 08-Feb-21 14:11:29

You’re right of course paddyanne it won’t make any difference to my life, but it IS in the news and it IS interesting. Nicola Sturgeon’s husband is swimming in soupy waters it seems.

A few weeks ago when an interview with him was televised he kept blushing furiously and looking up at the ceiling (for inspiration perhaps?). We were watching it at the time and both thought he looked highly uncomfortable to say the least. So much so, I felt embarrassed for him watching it.

Pass the popcorn.