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You know you're bored when.......

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grannyrebel7 Sun 14-Feb-21 08:53:15

Yesterday after sorting out the domestics, watching stuff I'd recorded, calling a friend, reading and saying after each activity, "Right, what am I going to do now?" I asked my DH to give me some long-division sums. He gave me really hard ones and I kept getting them wrong. However, after perservering I finally cracked them. This managed to while away a good chunk of time and I was quite pleased with myself afterwards. Funny thing is I hated maths at school and I have no idea where all this came from! What do you do in these times of extreme boredom?

cornishpatsy Sun 14-Feb-21 12:52:42

Oopsadaisy1 I had never heard of altered tins, just looked it up, some are lovely, might have a go myself.

About a week ago someone mentioned Word Battle, I now waste a lot of time on that.

paddyanne Sun 14-Feb-21 13:02:53

Bake ,yesterday 6 dozen pancakes and 3 dozen scones ,my son and his family are always happy to take food ...any food

Callistemon Sun 14-Feb-21 14:29:38

I was wondering whether to attempt to bake some shortbread (but we'll only eat it) and perhaps some fruit bread but by hand this time - last week's made in the breadmaker was a disaster.

Alioop Sun 14-Feb-21 16:18:00

My friend sent us all a music quiz via WhatsApp to stop us getting bored. I just got so frustrated with it I wanted to throw my phone through the window. I'll stick to sorting my drawers out, AGAIN!

polomint Sun 14-Feb-21 16:40:39

I've found 2 webcam sites that I go on when I feel a bit fed up. I can travel the world and watch people in " real time " as they go about. I'm particularly fond of visiting the duomo square in Milan, thectrvi fountain in Rome and the beautiful ski resorts in northern Italy. Then sometimes I go to the beaches in Miami and Maldives. Lovely for a wee bit escape time and then I've cheered up a bit

Aveline Sun 14-Feb-21 17:38:25

That's a great idea polomint. Just off to check

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 14-Feb-21 17:43:55

Muse pic of 2 nearly finished, topped of with resin, either to pop some money into for GSs birthday, the ‘shrine’ is for GD, using vintage jewellery, fabrics etc.

polomint Sun 14-Feb-21 18:30:40

Earthcam and skyline are the two sites I use aveline

grannyrebel7 Sun 14-Feb-21 18:45:38

Go for it Greyduster - you'll be proud of yourself when you've mastered it. Thanks for all your examples of what you get up to to keep boredom at bay.

Liz46 Sun 14-Feb-21 18:48:24

The Times Ultimate Killer Su Doku books keep me out of mischief.

Hetty58 Sun 14-Feb-21 19:19:41

I must be bored stupid today - as I've polished all the door handles!

Harris27 Sun 14-Feb-21 20:35:52

Competitions on my iPad.