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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 16-Feb-21 13:43:07

I’m back! Thanks for your welcome Megs and I hope your brain has recovered
Banging your head on the wall doesn’t help, I suppose! hmm
I went walk-about thinking that two ex-pat Poms were shaping up to take on this Victoria newsletter on a regular basis, so going freelance appealed; but Oh dear!
It’s like a jungle out there. Squabbles, deletions !
I realize it’s all tongue-in-cheek fun, like friendly bantering, but I think better use could be made of my monitor’s real estate.
I tried a bit of the good old standby “humour” with what I thought was a funny article concerning Euro language, but that drew fire from linguistic pedants!
No pleasing some people!

Good News. Today TV news showed a Singapore plane landing with umpteen “shots” of vaccine!; to be distributed either by the end of this week or next week.
As you know, we were put into Level 4 lockdown again last Friday for 5 days; ends tomorrow provided no further positives. The latest cases all stem from suspicious hotel quarantine practices.
Premier Dan is talking of building a new dedicated quarantine facility near the airport. Doesn’t say much for a short-term finish to the pandemic. hmm
The Open tennis proceeds with no crowds; Just before the new lockdown kicked in, all spectators, limited number allowed until then, were kicked out mid-match at 11.30pm; apparently leading to many disgruntled patrons.

A really sad part to this lockdown was the sheer waste of food etc with the hospitality industry geared up for what should have been a big week-end celebrating Valentine’s Day, weddings, receptions. ongoing Chinese New Year.
TV news showed heaps of food being tipped into bins.
No reports yet on how many pancakes were binned yesterday! sad

Oh Dear! Just as I was moving up through the gears, our Michelle of Bournemouth made her weekly phone call; nearly an hour and a half ago with her comprehensive Covid vaccine update.
It’s now 12.30am Wednesday “Nurse Sue Day” so you’ve been spared further of these ramblings. Hoping she is a kind, gentle nurse! blush

Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Tue 16-Feb-21 17:55:42

Hi Rufus, there you are, hidden away, no mentioning football today, disastrous weekend. That’s pretty disgraceful wasting all that food, aren’t there any food banks in Australia? Talking about vaccines, I was wondering why NZ haven’t vaccinated yet, a small population could be done fairly swiftly, any insight? Speaking of pedants.
Take care 🥂

FarNorth Tue 16-Feb-21 17:59:55

Sounds like interesting times, over there.
It seems strange to go from party central straight to complete lockdown. Real shame about the food.