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Good Morning Friday

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12Michael Fri 19-Feb-21 06:20:37

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark, but remains dry here in Brackley tis morning .
Yesterday, felt a little under the weather , so took paracetamols, to ease it.
Also had my re appointment for my jab which will be the phizer one , a week tomorrow .
Plus more cardiac appointments, still not a 100% but I getting there with the lockdown, the need to actually go out apart from a small shop at a steady pace.

Ellylanes1 Sat 20-Feb-21 19:25:40


hulahoop Fri 19-Feb-21 15:42:34

Sorry message above for auntyflo.

hulahoop Fri 19-Feb-21 15:41:27

Just popped back to say sorry to hear your sad news .
Hope biopsy result is what you want to hear.

grandMattie Fri 19-Feb-21 15:37:14

Sorry to hear about your brother, Auntieflo. Deepest sympathy.

mrshat Fri 19-Feb-21 14:03:34

Sad news AuntyFlo. Hold on to happy memories flowers

NannyJan53 Fri 19-Feb-21 13:24:03

I too wasn't going to post as I am so late, but wanted to add my condolences to Auntieflo

Have been for a rather windy walk with a friend, just had lunch and now going to relax with a book.

Wishing you all a good afternoon

LauraNorder Fri 19-Feb-21 13:04:15

flowers Auntieflo

Litterpicker Fri 19-Feb-21 13:02:54

Wasn’t going to post as so late but wanted to send condolences to Auntieflo - so hard to lose the people you’ve grown up with.

It’s windy and cooler here in West Sussex. DD1 called to drop off her Dad’s birthday present which is ingredients for a cooked breakfast - speciality sausages, mushrooms, bacon etc. I guess I will have to get up earlier than usual and cook it for him! We had a bracing walk along the beach before she drove back.

My tidying up for the imagined visitors is going rather slowly - obviously my imagination is not quite strong enough. If it was really happening I would be speeded up 100%. Still, mustn’t give up grin.

Grammaretto Fri 19-Feb-21 12:53:18

Sad news indeed Auntyflo.
sending hugs and flowers

brook2704 Fri 19-Feb-21 12:52:16

So sorry to hear the sad news about your brother auntieflo 💐

Urmstongran Fri 19-Feb-21 12:50:45

It was Pantglas Auntieflo - I only remember it because she made me laugh too when she said it.

I do admire your fortitude. x

Auntieflo Fri 19-Feb-21 12:47:58

Thank you to all you dear GN friends for your condolences.

It does mean a lot, especially in these strange days, and I so look forward to reading all about your 'doings' and bizziness!
Can't remember who said that, but it makes me smile.

When PM's are restored Greenfinch, I will contact you. 🤞

simtib Fri 19-Feb-21 12:45:09

Oh silly Me I have found the list of abbreveations.

simtib Fri 19-Feb-21 12:43:19


Good morning all from mid Essex, good to see you simtib.
Had a lengthy FT with DD and DGD this morning- has set me up for the day.
Best wishes to all on this lovely thread.

I might be classed as mid Essex I am near Braintree, Is there a handy list of translations for the all the abbreveations that are used on here?

Stilllearning Fri 19-Feb-21 12:36:05

Condolences Auntieflo, I’m sorry for your loss of your brother x

Urmstongran Fri 19-Feb-21 12:35:50

Please accept my sincere condolences Auntieflo. You are indeed going through the mill right now.

Greenfinch Fri 19-Feb-21 12:32:53

So sorry to hear about your brother Auntieflo.I hope it won't be too long before we can resume our pm's

LauraNorder Fri 19-Feb-21 12:23:47

Very very late today. Good afternoon all from wet and windy Anglesey where I’m incredibly busy doing nothing.
I’ll read your news now and wish you all a good day.

Grandmafrench Fri 19-Feb-21 12:15:58

Oh AuntieFlo, I'm so sorry to hear your awful news. Life is really not playing fair with you. May you hear some more promising results from your biopsy and have the best weekend despite your sadness. 🌹

Taichinan fabulous GD news !

CherryCezzy Fri 19-Feb-21 11:54:22

Lovely positive news about Iris grandMattie.

Thank you for the well wishes Pantglas.

Where's Lins and Susan today? I hope you are both alright x

flowers for you Auntieflo. I'm sorry to hear that your brother has died. I still miss mine so much and he's been gone 24 years now. You have enough to contend with and now this very sad news on top, take care dear lady, take care.

gillgran Fri 19-Feb-21 11:49:26

I'm so sorry that you've sad news about your brother, Auntieflo. You've had such a lot to cope with lately.
Take Care, flowers

Grandmabatty Fri 19-Feb-21 11:38:37

Auntyflo I'm sorry to hear your sad news about your brother. You aren't having things easily just now. 💐

GrannyOwl5 Fri 19-Feb-21 11:34:45

Good morning everyone from the north Kent coast where it is bright and breezy. Have been out for our walk; why is it that the wind is always blowing towards you whatever direction you are going in? 🤔. Good to be out in the fresh air.

Not much planned for today; some seed sowing in the greenhouse, a tricky jigsaw to try and finish and some emails to reply to.

Glad young Iris is doing well. Sorry about your sad news Auntieflo 💐. Look forward to seeing the photos of bouncing lambs Sheepandcattle 🐑.

Hope those with worries or feeling unwell have a better day. Have a good Friday. Stay safe

Cass64 Fri 19-Feb-21 11:23:28

Goodmorning all.

You all sound very busy, AuntieFlo sorry to hear your sad news.

We started the day with a 5 mile hike round a nature reserve near us great time spotting egrets, swans, kestrals and buzzards then DH had a hissy fit so I walked ahead and left him to it!

Just done a click and collect order for some much needed household suppiles, the measuring just lost a handle and I need some duct tape. I can collect tomorrow morning as we head out with the dogs..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day ..

Beechnut Fri 19-Feb-21 11:07:19

I’m sorry to hear your sad news Auntieflo 💐