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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 20-Feb-21 12:40:58

Doesn't Time fly!? Our days are getting shorter which might explain it and it's not far to the sad end of Daylight Saving
End of our last heatwave too according to our ever-smiling weather presenters. sad
Poor old Saints. Doesn't look like they'll be marching in anywhere. Sorry, but I'm putting a couple of dollars on Leeds to win on Tuesday. grin
Btw; many, many years ago, Leeds had a centre forward (when they used to be called that) who could shoot like an Exocet missile. He was forever a menace and their all-white strip lent a clinical edge to their performance.
What was his name? It's now plaguing me!
I guess your allotment will provide a useful, although uncomfortable bolt-hole. I remember ours was never a home-from-home in the middle of Winter and harvesting the Brussels sprouts after the first frosts was rather chilly. to put it mildly! hmm

Megs Grabbing the wrong end of the stick!? No worries!
You and me both!
The Internet advs are a necessary evil for shoppers as we all know; I'm looking for a cordless electric shaver and having traversed many sites looking for a "Best Buy" I now find the RH side of my PC screen is covered with images of all the prospects visited.

Visit to see Vascular surgeon at her "consulting" suite at local hospital was greeted by dozens of flashing red, blue and amber lights all because the hospital's alarm system, which is wired directly to Emergency Services had been triggered by the hot weather, apparently.
I recall many years ago when private home alarms would suddenly go off, usually when the owners were away on holiday. A spider crawling across the motion sensor was often given as the reason. Rarely happens these days, fortunately.
Otherwise visit was OK, although she reckoned I'd be needing nurses' visits for at least another month. sad
Our vaccine programme launches on Monday, but I'm not sure who gets what, when!
TV News showing the anti-vaccine idiots parading again today; they want the choice whereas the Govt. wants to see everybody get it to avoid "hot spots"
See that a couple in the USofA dressed up as elderly pensioners complete with white wigs in order to get in before their scheduled slot!
Good Health wine wine wine

Jaxjacky Sat 20-Feb-21 13:50:31

Hi Rufus MrJ suggests Peter Lorimer for the shooter? they were really unlucky yesterday. Allotments are pleasure and pain, bugs/weather v your first veg of the season you’ve nurtured from seed, and we’re allowed to allotment too!
Dull, mild and rain in the air here, Januaryish, I wouldn’t be surprised at another cold spell next month. We’ll have Boris on Monday sharing the ‘roadmap’ to easing lockdown, slowly I hope. Pleased your checkup was ok, no naughty tellings off.
Football on the box today, a short walk later and tackling the Saturday crossword in The Times, small pleasures.
Take care 🥂

Megs36 Sat 20-Feb-21 16:47:44

Hello * Rufus*gladyour hospital visit was promising, are you sure it wasn’t you setting the lights flashing 😂😂. Must be. a side effect of the nurses treatment.
Cheers. 🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷