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22 Kids and Counting

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TrendyNannie6 Mon 22-Feb-21 15:25:19

This programme is on tonight, I’ve seen the Radfords many times on tv, I remember Sue had her first child with Noel at 14 and he was 18, they are still together and I think if I’ve got this correct they have celebrated 27 years of marriage, They have their own pie company “Farradays” just watching them amazes me, All that washing and cooking etc, and shopping, I’m glad I just had 3 children

Chestnut Mon 22-Feb-21 15:35:32

They seem a lovely family but 22 children is just insane. They can't seem to stop having babies. Mum has been very lucky to survive all those births to be honest. If anything happened to her that's an awful lot of children to be cared for. And how can the younger children be getting any personal attention from the parents as there are so many of them?

TrendyNannie6 Mon 22-Feb-21 15:42:09

They do seem very happy, but for someone to keep having babies and all the toll on her body must have an affect! I suppose the younger children are very often looked after by the older ones, I think they all muck in for want of a better word, I bet Xmas time is noisy! I have to watch though

Galaxy Mon 22-Feb-21 15:44:39

She was a child.

merlotgran Mon 22-Feb-21 15:46:24

Sorry but I'm not a fan of the Radfords or their lifestyle.

FarNorth Mon 22-Feb-21 15:53:06

Didn't some of the kids say they thought there were too many of them?

GrannySomerset Mon 22-Feb-21 15:54:32

Over population?

Mapleleaf Mon 22-Feb-21 16:00:47

We live on an already very over populated planet. I think having 22 children this day and age is just wrong, knowing what we do about the precarious situation Earth is in, mainly as a result of our actions, and so shouldn’t be something to celebrate.

cornishpatsy Mon 22-Feb-21 16:05:50

There are not enough hours in the day for the parents to spend any one to one time with each child and I wonder if the older children resent having to look after the younger ones.

It will be interesting to see if the children go on to have large families themselves.

suziewoozie Mon 22-Feb-21 16:07:06

Yes nothing to celebrate at all - imo there is something psychologically odd about the parents

timetogo2016 Mon 22-Feb-21 16:08:37

My thoughts exactly Galaxy.
As nice as a family they come across the father had sex with a child regardless that they are still together.
She doesn`t know any different and too busy to think about it.

grannysyb Mon 22-Feb-21 16:14:05

I knew someone who was one of twelve and really embarrassed about it. She had two children.

Chestnut Mon 22-Feb-21 16:14:43

If they keep going mum's body will be unable to take it any more with tragic results. After so many children with each baby the risk of childbirth becomes greater and they are now really pushing their luck.

suziewoozie Mon 22-Feb-21 16:15:28

We really have no idea what sort of a family they are do we? They are a brand who rely on sponsorship and must zealously safeguard their image.

Luckygirl Mon 22-Feb-21 16:31:24

Her pelvic floor must be a sight to behold - and she must be keeping Tena in business!

Sarnia Mon 22-Feb-21 16:32:02

At least they don't live on benefits. Live and let live. Not my idea of paradise but we are all different.

M0nica Mon 22-Feb-21 16:32:21

Do they keep having them for the money they bring in?

TBH I hadn't even heard of them until this thread.

merlotgran Mon 22-Feb-21 16:35:19

Maybe they are starting to dread the phone call from Channel 4 grin

In the words of Brenda from Bristol, 'Not anotherrrrr one!'

suziewoozie Mon 22-Feb-21 16:40:34

Imagine how much they’ve cost in child benefit, education, health services including of course maternity services. They are not self sufficient at all.

merlotgran Mon 22-Feb-21 17:44:26


Maybe they are starting to dread the phone call from Channel 4 grin

In the words of Brenda from Bristol, 'Not anotherrrrr one!'

Sorry. They appear to be on Channel 5.

Urmstongran Mon 22-Feb-21 17:49:22

I think it’s a poor lifestyle choice from so many angles.

Redhead56 Mon 22-Feb-21 18:18:13

Both my grans had big families I am one of eight. My mum said she had no choice as contraception was not given out in the early 1950s. They could not afford to buy contraception so my mum had eight children in ten years. Non of my siblings had big families some had none we had the choice. I don't understand having such a large family who can afford it? It doesn't impress me at all what are they trying to prove and why?

BlueBelle Mon 22-Feb-21 18:28:36

Personally I think it’s a poor choice to just keep on giving birth most years and although I don’t follow them and wouldn’t bother to watch the programme I believe when I saw a past advert for it some of the older children had already started producing so there were young children who were uncles and aunts
No admiration from me I m afraid

NellG Mon 22-Feb-21 18:31:09

Sorry, just wanted to check something - so... we are not allowed to discuss and have opinions on one couple because it induces outrage and righteous indignation of epic proportions, but it's totally OK to judge, trash, slate and cast aspersions on the mental health of another family?

Ok, just wanted to clear that massive double standard up. As you were.

Please do tell me why this is different, I can't wait...

suziewoozie Mon 22-Feb-21 18:32:30