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Shamima Begum

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Jaffacake2 Fri 26-Feb-21 18:42:22

Just wondered what others thought about the decision by the Supreme court not to allow this young lady to return to the UK to plead her case for continued British citizenship.
I have mixed feelings as she was an ISIS bride and has previously spoke of her allegiance to their terrorism and barbaric acts. She could be a terrorist threat to this country.
However I also consider that she was 15 years old when she went to Syria. We still don't know definitely if she was groomed or trafficked to go there. I seem to remember some of the stupid decisions I made at 15 !
She then had and lost 3 babies and both her husbands were killed. Such a sad life and now she seems stuck in a refugee camp at 21 years old.
What do others think should happen to her ?

Kandinsky Fri 26-Feb-21 18:51:33

I agree with the decision.
Only words I’ll waste discussing that woman.

Galaxy Fri 26-Feb-21 18:53:11

I think she was groomed. I am not sure what I think about the decision.

Casdon Fri 26-Feb-21 18:55:45

She is still married, her husband is Dutch, and he’s in prison in Syria.

GagaJo Fri 26-Feb-21 19:08:03

I also think she was groomed. I'm not sure if I think she is a threat or not.

PamelaJ1 Fri 26-Feb-21 19:09:35

I think it is all so sad.
She was so young and totally stupid.
Would allowing her back bring unwelcome repercussions for us? If so then she has to live with her decision.
If not, could we show compassion?

GrannyGravy13 Fri 26-Feb-21 19:14:10

We deport foreign criminals/terrorists is it not right that we should take our criminals/terrorists back?

I was all for leaving her to rot awhile ago, but after consideration I feel she should be brought back to face justice here.

sodapop Fri 26-Feb-21 19:18:39

I suppose there is the bigger picture to consider here, how many other terrorists would it open the door to. I agree she was very young when she joined ISIS but I do get the feeling she may be manipulating the system.

Grammaretto Fri 26-Feb-21 19:23:15

There is more to this story than we hear on the news for sure.
She was a child. = fact
She should have been prevented from travelling in the first place. = fact
Citizen-stripping is against International law. =fact
What do we really have against her?
I know we have had this conversation before but I am inclined to support the people at Liberty who think she should at least be allowed to return to Britain and tell her story.

How would we feel if she was a child of ours?

midgey Fri 26-Feb-21 19:29:10

It does worry me. I do think she was groomed at fifteen, and I wonder what evidence ‘they’ have that she is a danger. I am sure there must be much more information that the public is not privy to but I am not sure I would want my fate in Priti Patel’s hands.

Gannygangan Fri 26-Feb-21 19:34:07

Would allowing her back bring unwelcome repercussions for us? If so then she has to live with her decision.
If not, could we show compassion?

That's the exact problem, PamelaJ1

I think we could and should show compassion if we knew for sure nothing would happen, and she could settle down and live a quiet life but we don't know that she will.

I'm not sure of legalities here. So is she now stateless?

I was all for leaving her to rot awhile ago, but after consideration I feel she should be brought back to face justice here.

And I could have written this myself, GrannyGravy13! I wonder what has made us change our minds?

Oopsadaisy1 Fri 26-Feb-21 19:37:05

She has shown no remorse and from all accounts actually agreed with the beheadings that were carried out.
She could recruit potential terrorists.
She should NOT be allowed back into this country.
She might have been a naive teenager but she isn’t now.

Urmstongran Fri 26-Feb-21 19:44:19

She lost, and the judge said that the Court of Appeal had incorrectly treated the Human Rights Act as law, and not a framework that helps and guides the Home Secretary.

I think that's a very interesting point, the Supreme Court has said the Human Rights Act should not be treated as law.

Katie59 Fri 26-Feb-21 19:45:03

Apparently she could claim citizenship in Pakistan but doesn’t want to go there. I have no sympathy, she would be a big threat back in the UK, not the mention the millions it would cost in legal and custody costs.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 26-Feb-21 19:46:58

Did she show any compassion for those headless corpses she walked past? Did she heck. She made her bed. What about how much it would cost the taxpayer with roof over her head, protection, benefits etc as she would never work.
At last a good decision by the courts.

lemsip Fri 26-Feb-21 19:49:08

Oopsadaisy1 well said. totally agree
She stated in an interview that she saw heads in dustbins and didn't think about it.
She and the two other girls knew what they were doing when they secretly left the country going via turkey into syria.

Galaxy Fri 26-Feb-21 20:02:39

I think there is also the argument whether children are responsible for acts that come from grooming. Because that's a very dangerous road to go down.

Smileless2012 Fri 26-Feb-21 20:10:13

I agree with the decision. If she wasn't in a refugee camp because ISIS were defeated she wouldn't want to come back.

DillytheGardener Fri 26-Feb-21 20:15:27

GrannyGravy13 I’m with you, I also thought she should stay there and rot too, but and big but, I have changed my mind and think she should come home to face the music.

I also believe she was groomed. I think cutting off her citizenship given she was british born creates a dangerous precedent, I also think she was groomed, and I believe a host of other reasons created the environment for her to be groomed.

I also think that she wasn’t shocked by the heads sounds like the kind of disassociation and shock that soldiers exhibit. She also from interviews does not seem the most intelligent so ripe for the pickings for older men.

crazyH Fri 26-Feb-21 20:21:07

Sorry, a leopard cannot change it’s spots. A terrorist sympathiser she was and a terrorist sympathiser she will always be. Having said that, she could instigate terrorist acts, wherever she is. So my answer is, I don’t really know the answer.

lemongrove Fri 26-Feb-21 20:30:58


I agree with the decision. If she wasn't in a refugee camp because ISIS were defeated she wouldn't want to come back.

very true.
Are the public wavering on this because she is a young woman? If she had gone there as a 15/16 year old boy, would they feel differently?
Am wavering on this subject actually, I can’t really think she will be a future risk....but none can be certain.Should citizens be made stateless? I think not, we have a responsibility to take them back whatever they have done, to face prison or charges or not.

MissAdventure Fri 26-Feb-21 20:32:15

Some crimes are difficult to swallow, despite the law on minors.
I don't know, really, but I won't lose any sleep over her pleas being overruled.

simtib Fri 26-Feb-21 20:47:53

After the things that she did I have no sympathy for her but she was born here, grew up here she is our problem and we should face up to it and not push our problems onto other countries. So she should be allowed back in and face British justice.

Grammaretto Fri 26-Feb-21 20:49:50

Of course a leopard can change its spots! Some of this tirade against a woman(once an impressionable young girl) I am reading here sounds straight out of the 15th century.

The lock 'em up and throw away the key brigade are still baying for her blood.

I assure you, there are many far more dangerous people than Shamima.

Ngaio1 Fri 26-Feb-21 20:51:20

Dreadful female. Thank heaven she is not coming back here. If she comes back some people will treat her as a martyr.