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Surnames - Irish or not!

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GinJeannie Wed 03-Mar-21 12:20:13

Yesterday's news that Pontins Holiday Camps had previously discriminated against people booking accommodation who had Irish sounding surnames really is dreadful. It brought back to my mind the coincidence of an office based environment I worked in during the 60' surname then was Blizard, but I worked alongside a colleague whose surname was Frost! Two other colleagues in the office had surnames of Sparkes and Cosier! Two cold and two hot! Any other GN with similar story?

MissAdventure Thu 04-Mar-21 17:20:01

I know someone whose vasectomy was done by a Dr. Balls.

MiniMoon Thu 04-Mar-21 17:22:28

On a holiday flight to Austria many years ago, the steward made the usual announcements. He introduced himself as Mr Snow, and our pilot, Captain Frost.

Daisyboots Thu 04-Mar-21 21:00:43

I thought things like the Pontins directive died out many years ago. In the 60s I worked for a company who also owned a car dealership. The MD considered the family to be above everyone else but they weren't very nice people. He didnt want to sell cars on finance to coloured people so used to throw out applications by whether he thought the name was of foreign origin. But most of them had Scottish names which he let through with no problems. They were mostly guys working on the building of the M4 motorway so were earning good money and used to come by every week and pay their instalments. He didn't seem bothered by the many Irish names though. Needless to say I wasn't happy with the situation and soon left.

Callistemon Thu 04-Mar-21 21:41:59

Carney is one of the names on the list so presumably the former Governor of the Bank of England would not have been allowed to take his family on holiday to Pontins.