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Where do you keep your everyday handbag?

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SophieBookupied Sun 07-Mar-21 10:55:05

Where do you keep your everyday handbag when at home? Which room? On the floor or resting on something or hanging from something? Different place at night than during the day?

Sara1954 Sun 07-Mar-21 10:56:31

No, always come straight in and hang it on a hook in the kitchen, with my keys.

timetogo2016 Sun 07-Mar-21 10:59:24

Always at the side of me.
When i`m in the lounge it`s at the side of me and the same in the bedroom.
It`s never in the kitchen or bathroom.

muse Sun 07-Mar-21 11:01:36

Hung on the end of a row of hooks by the door. Coat goes over the top. At the moment a scarf is on the hook too.

Before I moved house and county, I took my bag to bed with me. Had a break in one night. After that an alarm was fitted.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 07-Mar-21 11:03:52

Was going to say where I keep my handbag, then thought better of it as this is after all a public site.

Be careful ladies 👝👜👛

Blossoming Sun 07-Mar-21 11:04:18

I don’t have an everyday handbag. I don’t go out often enough to need one 🙂. My bags are in a storage box under the bed. I have a see through plastic pouch with wallet and other necessities in a bedroom drawer and I just pop it into whichever bag I’m using when I go out. It means I don’t forget so many things when changing bags.

My plastic pouch now contains a disposable face mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer, how times have changed!

Millie22 Sun 07-Mar-21 11:05:57

Yes I thought the same.

Blossoming Sun 07-Mar-21 11:07:57

Good point GG13. Fortunately my valuables and personal documents are safety locked away,

Larsonsmum Sun 07-Mar-21 11:08:23

Always with me, taken from room to room. I am usually into it for diary, notebook, (yes largely still a 'paper' girl!), phone or something else every 15 minutes!!

Millie22 Sun 07-Mar-21 11:08:35


Hetty58 Sun 07-Mar-21 11:09:16

I gave up handbags decades ago. We don't really need them. (There's just one, for weddings, when I can't cram things into my pockets.) Aren't they outdated/old fashioned?

What on Earth do people fill them with? I'd really like to know - the contents would be interesting.

In my coat pockets, there's tissues, door keys, doggie bags and my debit card - nothing else is needed.

In the summer, these things go in jean pockets instead.

EllanVannin Sun 07-Mar-21 11:12:32

By my side. Keys in a separate place as is the purse.

Elegran Sun 07-Mar-21 11:14:44

Yes, GG13 " and *Millie22 Would all those who have replied hang a notice on their front gate wih the same helpful information on it? Anyone at all could be reading the posts on this site, probably a hundred (a thousand?) times the number of people who walk past your front gate.

trisher Sun 07-Mar-21 11:15:28

Mine's a rucksack and it's next to my chair.

Boz Sun 07-Mar-21 11:15:33

Like many people, I just go out shopping with my credit card tucked into my phone case; just handy for tapping at Till. I love handbags but am trying to avoid that old-lady-shuffling- through bag at till. It's very ageing and irritating to others.

Blossoming Sun 07-Mar-21 11:15:58

I wouldn’t say they’re outdated/old fashioned Hetty. The pages of style and fashion magazines are full of them! Fashion blogs and Instagram have loads of posts too.

Redhead56 Sun 07-Mar-21 11:25:31

No handbag only go out for essentials card in phone.

eazybee Sun 07-Mar-21 11:25:59

Would you like to know where we keep our credit cards and key rings as well?

Grandmafrench Sun 07-Mar-21 11:38:23

‘We don’t really need them’. ‘Outdated?’

I do. I’ve no intention of cramming things into pockets. I’d never want to put a bank card loose in a pocket and you pull out one thing from a pocket and risk losing another item at the same time.
For cash, bank cards, tissues, sunglasses or specs, keys, ‘phone, poo bags, hand wash, and a clean mask in a plastic pouch, and small bottle of water, I absolutely need my bag.

Mapleleaf Sun 07-Mar-21 11:48:38

Careful ladies. There are unscrupulous people out there and this is a public site. Some have clever ways of working out locations. I think it’s a case of “mind your own business” on this occasion. 🙂

Lexisgranny Sun 07-Mar-21 11:58:20

Mapleleaf I just started my list and then thought the same thing. One chance in a million, but I am not a gambler. Suffice it to say I could tell you exactly what is in my handbag but on this occasion, discretion is the better part of valour.

MayBee70 Sun 07-Mar-21 12:07:32


Careful ladies. There are unscrupulous people out there and this is a public site. Some have clever ways of working out locations. I think it’s a case of “mind your own business” on this occasion. 🙂

There was a similar thread on a Facebook page which concerned me. Even worse than here as people’s names and locations were attached to their comments.

ginny Sun 07-Mar-21 12:14:14

Mine is mainly wherever I am.

When my Mum was alive we would always worry if we saw her bag and she was not attached to it.

Jaxjacky Sun 07-Mar-21 12:34:02

By my seat in, by our bed at night, my purse lives elsewhere.
Contents Hetty58
Glasses cleaner and cloth, mask in clear bag, comb, small Vaseline, cream for skin condition, keys, tweezers, small mirror, paracetamol, Gaviscon tablets, tissues, antibacterial wipes, small notebook, pen, emery board, prescription sunglasses and perfume.

SophieBookupied Sun 07-Mar-21 12:35:34

To those concerned about privacy, I understand. I figured that people have anonymous usernames here and don’t divulge their address in association with their username. As for other people having clever ways of working out locations – well, that’s why I have location tracking turned off in my browser and use a privacy-based search engine rather than the most popular one.

I assure you that my intention was simply to get some ideas, since I’ve never found a satisfactory solution regarding handbag storage myself and I know that you people often have neat ideas that I never thought of myself.

As to the need for a handbag in the first place, I do sometimes go out with only essentials in pockets as others have suggested but that works only for short trips. If I’m going to be out for a long time (e.g. a shopping trip when shopping is allowed or work when remote working not allowed), it’s necessary to carry more than can fit in pockets.

Anyway, I’m grateful for any suggestions but only if you feel that you can safely make suggestions.