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grannyrebel7 Thu 11-Mar-21 08:48:15

Just wondering, has anyone retired and lived to regret it?I could retire in July, but I don't think I want to. I think I'm scared of becoming an old person! Also I don't know what I'd do with myself every day. I enjoy work and would miss the social interaction with my colleagues. Would love yours thoughts on this.

Tempest Thu 11-Mar-21 20:36:04

I took early retirement and a redundancy deal all in one package it was a family decision that I should take the very generous financial package, which I did. I paid off the outstanding mortgage on our house then a few months later my husband of 30 years ran off with a much older, richer divorcee with 3 adult children. I was devastated. My career of 35 years had defined who I was. I was now completely lost. Thankfully I divorced him as soon as legally possible. He married his paramour four months after our divorce.
I negotiated the sale of my family home and kept all the money from the sale. He ran off with all our savings.
I am now thriving in my new cottage, spending time with my grandchildren.
He has a strained relationship with our only son and his family and he is constantly texting me to let me know how lonely his life is and how no one appreciates his good intentions.
All this to say do not give up a career you enjoy unless you have a very secure future plan with enough financial backup to overcome all unexpected obstacles.

Harris27 Thu 11-Mar-21 21:04:51

I’m 61 and working full time now in childcare and it’s killing me but I’m determined to pay some debt off before I go part time again. I need a plan and that is what I’m trying to do.

JadeOlivia Thu 11-Mar-21 21:21:50

Haven' t retired yet but DH retired last July and found a job 2 days a week which he will do until I can retire in 2 years. He says it' s a great way to transition from full- time stress and responsibility to future full retirement.

NannaJanie Fri 12-Mar-21 09:29:57

I retired at 60 after being a college lecturer for years. I loved my job, but the final couple of years had been tough as discipline and student attitudes had declined. When asked, I always say retirement is the best job I've every had. I've loved every second, but the secret is to do other things. I do exam invigilation for a local school and can choose when and if I want to do a session. I attend daytime step classes, go to lunch with friends, stay in touch with work colleagues and meet up, go on holiday outside of school holidays (now that's a real bonus), I've written a book, have shared time with my little granddaughters who were born post my retirement. With a house in France, I spent 6 weeks there a couple of years ago, with my husband having to fly back to the UK to work and me spending the remaining time sharing it with assorted friends and family who came to stay. Please don't fear retirement, plan for it and tell yourself it's the time to do the things you've always wanted to. Good luck.

Jules59 Fri 12-Mar-21 18:41:14

I’m in a similar situation. I’m 62 and not thinking about retiring yet. I feel apprehensive about retiring as I am on my own although my daughter and grandchildren are near. Still a big step when doing it on your own. Don’t want to be a bored couch potato! I’m thinking about finding a part time job locally so maybe that’s the solution and retire slowly! Not ready to decide yet.

grannyrebel7 Sun 14-Mar-21 11:31:31

Thanks for all the comments GNers. It seems the general consensus is that retirement is great. I think I've decided that I'll give my job another year and then finish completely.