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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 17-Mar-21 06:07:23

Good Morning Everyone,
Its light but looking grey and dry this morning in Brackley .
Busy day for me , I will walk to supermarket do a shop , before returning home.
Will remove ESG monitor , and then prepare myself for a bus trip and back to Banbury to return the monitor to the hospital with diary etc in an envelope.
After lunch more cycling on TV , then relax .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Wed 17-Mar-21 06:23:14

Good morning, Mick and all the early morning gang from a calm and fine Torbay. Yesterday we reached the dizzy heights of 16 degrees so I walked over the Downs without a coat which felt wonderful! My (younger!) neighbour swam in the sea!

As I set off, I nearly tripped as I caught my foot on a kerb but felt pleased to have saved myself the pain and embarrassment of totally falling down. My toes felt a little uncomfortable but not enough to stop me continuing the route. Later, having sat down at home, I discovered a flare up of an old injury in the tendon beneath my big toe, which first happened when I was 18. It has eased overnight so I will treat it with rest and cold compresses. Mr. Google tells me it’s a sprain, a common problem for athletes!! 😂

Our Zoom theatre committee meeting went well with all plays chosen but some publishers being slow to respond regarding performing rights. No doubt many theatre groups are trying to get organised for the potential reopening of theatres in June. All the printing of publicity material is on hold until we hear from the government whether or not we can reopen. 🎭

I wish you all some sunshine to brighten your day and relief from pain for all who are suffering. I expect Mick will be happy to return the monitor today. Take care.😁 👍😀

Beechnut Wed 17-Mar-21 06:35:13

Good Morning everyone from a dry Severnside. 16 degrees Ash, that’s almost summer and your poor toe 😩.
Take care on your hospital journey Mick.

I might go into the garden today. A tall dry grass plant wants cutting down now that the fluffy tops have gone.

I’m pleased to say I spent little time on my iPad yesterday. Let’s see if I can keep it up and get fresh air and jobs done instead.

Have yourselves a good day all 🌸

Scentia Wed 17-Mar-21 06:39:17

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is mild. Hopefully we get a good day again today.
Meeting DSiS at Bradgate Park with DGS and her DGS who is a little older than mine. Hopefully they can spend a little time together as my DGS has never actually played with another child in his short life😒
Have a good day everyone and stay safe ❤️

grandMattie Wed 17-Mar-21 06:40:30

Good morning from E Kent. It looks set to be another grey grumpy day out...
I had a very bad night on Monday, with reflux. I don’t sleep well anyway, but I ended up with about 3 hours. Consequently, I was like a zombie yesterday, dozing off as soon as I sat down. Went to bed at 2030, was asleep almost instantly, apart from my usual multiple awakenings, I have only just woken up! Result. I wonder how much was from sleeping in the spare bed.
Just laundry today. Prepare my Spanish class.
I hope those with ‘oscopies and other procedures have success, those with pain, sorrow, anxiety etc., also find relief.☀️ May a flamboyance of flamingos find their way into your lives. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩

kittylester Wed 17-Mar-21 06:52:37

Good morning all from a grey North Leicestershire.

Final session of this Carer's course this morning. Sadly, the Alzheimer's Society didn't win the contract for the next 3 years so this is also the last one with them. Hopefully, the courses will begin again with Age UK soon. And, hopefully, they will take me on as well.

Have a good day all.

Bellasnana Wed 17-Mar-21 06:53:12

Good morning from a sunny but windy Malta. We had a hailstorm yesterday which is quite unusual.

Sorry to hear you hurt your foot, Ashcombe but glad you didn’t fall. It’s such a horrible feeling when you can’t save yourself and end up in a heap.

grandMattie you have my sympathy regarding the reflux. It’s horrible isn’t it. I was told I have a loose gastroesophagal join which is the cause of it. Nothing seems to help even a daily tablet.

Had a very sleepy, sore day yesterday but am up and showered and feeling more like my usual self today.

The painter is supposed to be arriving at 8.30 to make a start on plastering and painting my backyard. I shall believe it when I see him as Maltese time is usually very flexible grin

Thinking of cornergran today and hoping her procedure goes without any hitches.

Wishing you all a good day, special thoughts for those with troubles and ill health.☀️

Sar53 Wed 17-Mar-21 06:53:40

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is trying to break through.
I'm on a mission to get rid of all unwanted paperwork and in the future to become as paperless as possible. We bought a shredder recently so I am spending a lot of time shredding anything of importance. It's leaving me with endless files and wallets.
Nothing else planned today but I'm reading a good book so that will keep me occupied.
Have a pleasant day everyone and find that 😀, we are getting closer to a little bit of normality. Xx

Pittcity Wed 17-Mar-21 06:56:37

Good morning from a bright, dry Colchester. Yesterday ended up being very wet.
Registered with a new GP yesterday. It was a bit like pulling teeth. Hope this isn't an indication of the service they give.
More boxes today but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
Much love x

GrannyGravy13 Wed 17-Mar-21 07:00:49

Morning Mick and all

Take care when you are out and about Mick pleased you are feeling better Bellasnana it’s amazing what a difference a good nights sleep can make grandMattie

My house fairies are here today working their magic so I will crack on with my book (Thursday Murder Club, Richard Osman) not sure if I am enjoying it but will try a few more chapters?

Hope all our missing and poorly friends are OK

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Pittcity Wed 17-Mar-21 07:01:53

Sara we are paperless here which made it difficult yesterday as the GP needed our name and new address on paper. Luckily our bank very kindly printed us off statements, fully stamped.

grandMattie Wed 17-Mar-21 07:02:40

Thank you Bellasnana. As for Maltese time, I remember the Irish PM, Charles Haughey once commenting that “for the Irish, manana is a bit urgent”. 😂 Perhaps that’s the case with you too?

grandmajet Wed 17-Mar-21 07:05:43

Good morning from Nottinghamshire. The sky is overcast but it is not forecast rain. My husband is going for a long walk with a friend, and I shall go for a short one. It’s a bit annoying as two years ago I’d have been doing the long one too but I’m just not up to it now.
Take care of your ‘walking injury’ Ashcombe, jumping up kerbs is a risky business!
Scentia, I hope the meeting of children goes well. There must be many small children who have had little social interaction due to covid, let’s hope they can make up for it soon.
Enjoy your day feeling refreshed GrandMattie, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, is there?
Yes, Beechnut, I must get out into the garden today, there is much tidying to do.
Yesterday we watched the first episode of Grace and really enjoyed it, the interaction between the characters works well.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

Marydoll Wed 17-Mar-21 07:06:22

Good morning all from a mild Glasgow, its still too dark to see what the weather is like. I'm hoping today will be a repeat of yesterday's very pleasant weather.

We are up early as DS's car is going in for a service today and I have to follow him to the garage to drop off his car. Our son lives near the dealership, so I will seize the opportunity to pick up DH's repaired PC and drop off a baby car seat, which we were storing in our garage for him, otherwise I will need to wait until NS allows us to travel across county lines.
I must admit to being a little nervous, driving in the rush hour, now that all the primary schools are back and the two towns, I have to drive through, will be really busy.

As predicted, the paint spraying did not go well, and as expected, everything was coated in red cedar paint. 🤬 Tidying up is my task today. DH still doesn't understand why I'm so annoyed with him.

On top of that, he somehow managed to break the lock on the back door, ( a three year old door). As DH has spent his working life delegating, I of course had to deal with it.
After a making a number of phone calls, ( DH had no idea what to do) at 10pm last night, we had a locksmith in our utility room, trying to repair it. As I'm still supposed to be shielding, I find having any workmen in the house, extremely stressful.

The good news is that, that the locksmith also repaired the inside conservatory doors, which needed a new locking mechanism. ( DHs fault again) I have been trying for a year to find a locksmith, due to lockdown.
All joking aside, I'm quite worried about my DH, he is definitely not as sharp and on the ball as he once was. I can't put my finger on it, but something isn't quite right with him.

However, I have some good news. Dollie, DIL and DS1 all had negative Covid tests yesterday, however, she still has to self isolate for ten days. As she was previously shielding, we have been so concerned and still are. What is even more worrying, is that some parents have refused to get their children tested and will just wait and see what happens.

In addition to that, DD and SIL are now registered on the unpaid carers vaccination list, as they have been supporting us for over a year. It's a relief, as DD is asthmatic and is beginning to show symptoms of RA.

I will hopefully be back tomorrow without any tales of woe. DH if I'm lucky, will be immersed in watching Cheltenham this afternoon and I will chill and de-stress in the conservatory with my fix of Daniel.

Hoping that Georgesgran finds the strength to get through today, a very difficult day for her. Sending hugs and prayers to everyone who is finding life difficult at the moment. 💐

Ashcombe Wed 17-Mar-21 07:07:02

Pittcity: yes, I remember being surprised by the bureaucracy involved in signing on with a new GP when my ex and I joined a new practice after moving here 10 years ago. We were far too honest re our drinking (I used to drink far more when I was with him) and we were summoned to the surgery for advice on modifying our alcohol consumption!

Sheepandcattle Wed 17-Mar-21 07:14:04

Good morning Mick and all from a beautiful, sunny Wiltshire. Spring has arrived ( for today at least!!) ☀️🌸🦩.
Yesterday was a day of highs and very low lows; I was concerned about Noel, my ewe who had broken her leg a couple of weeks ago and was in plaster. She was due to have the plaster off next Monday but I called the vet out yesterday because I had concerns which turned out to be justified as the break hasn’t healed, nor was it going to. The only thing to do was to euthanise her - a very sad end to a very stoic, fine ewe. Fortunately I’d been topping her 2 lambs up with a bottle so they are used to being bottle fed and have now moved to the orphan pen, but they were very sad (and noisy) without mum. 🥺. Whilst the vet was here I asked him to look at Pinchy’s wonky legs. Sadly, the vet thought that they were most likely too deformed to be corrected although he said it’s just possible that he could be proved wrong. I couldn’t face euthanising Pinchy as well as Noel in the same day, so Pinchy now has jazzy, red splints. I’ll see if they make any difference to her legs over the next few days. She seems comfortable in them for the time being but I’ll have to keep a very close check that they don’t cause pressure sores although I have padded them up as much as I can. I’ve attached a photo of her in her boots and of her cuddling another lamb last night, under the heat lamp. She’s such a sweetheart- I’m trying very hard not to build up my hopes for her as the reality is that it’s unlikely to work out well. On a happier note, the last lamb was born yesterday evening. Minky Minx was a tiny, tiny bottle reared lamb from 3 years ago - so tiny that I doubted she’d make it. Last year she had her first lamb and I’ve never seen such a look of horror or disgust on a sheep’s face as when she produced ‘Slug’ ( so named because Slug was black and born in the bag and looked very slug-like initially!) Minky Minx would have nothing whatsoever to do with this ‘thing’, and for the first week, I’d have to sit Minky up every few hours to allow Slug to feed! Luckily Slug was a very determined little lamb and eventually the magic happened and Minky fell in love with her! 💕. I always thought it was like a fairly dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship, where the daughter is the sensible, mature one and the mother is rather silly! I did wonder if ld have to go through the whole palaver again this year when Minky lambed but no, she went straight into maternal overdrive when this one was born. I’ve attached a picture of Minky and son too.
Anyway, I’ve waffled on for far too long! Wishing you all a spring in your step on this lovely spring like morning and may your day be filled with Bonny lambs and fancy flamingos!

Jaxjacky Wed 17-Mar-21 07:15:39

Good morning all and a happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️☘️. Sun is out, with very faint, high cloud. Enjoy your cycling Mick I’ll be watching Cheltenham, but I’ll do a bit up the allotment this morning and wash the floors first. Have a gentle day all, 🤞 for all ‘procedures’.
This hanging basket has burst back into life after looking as though it was over, quite surprised me.

Dwmxwg Wed 17-Mar-21 07:16:31

Good morning from a bright, sunny north Surrey.
Hope to make the most of the sunshine and refelt the grandchildren’s little house in the garden. Neither DH or I are and good at DIY. We have looked at a YouTube video showing you how to do (probably rewatch) but I suspect it will be a stressful morning (think of Laurel and Hardy)!
I have PT first so must get up and ready to go.
Wishing all a good day

Bellasnana Wed 17-Mar-21 07:21:48

Oh sweet little Pinchy. I shall be rooting for her.🤞

grandmajet Wed 17-Mar-21 07:27:57

Me too!

brook2704 Wed 17-Mar-21 07:29:21

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s another bright dry start to the day.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day but still with a cold wind. DD2 came for a garden visit but I didn’t do much else. We have a small garden pond and I noticed a few frogs about which I really don’t like .. so DH had a go at gently evicting them back into the woods. I hope they stay away!
I love the colours of the hanging basket jax it’s surprising how flowers can just spring into life
I hope Pinchys splints work sheep and she’s ok, sorry to hear about Noel
Enjoy your walk grandmajet even though it’s a shorter one, it’s still lovely to be out and about walking 😀
Hope everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Tillymint123 Wed 17-Mar-21 07:31:17

Good morning from merseyside working tommorow and friday vaccinating change from ward work miss my grandkids but hey ho another day off currently painting my gatden fence harvest gold wasent sure about colour but now its dry hmm x

cornergran Wed 17-Mar-21 07:48:12

Morning Mick, morning All from a calm, cloudy corner of Somerset.

Goodness, bellasnana, what a horrible oscopy experience for you, pleased to read you feel better today. Mine was so very different. Gas and air was enough to get me through the painful bits, so very fortunate. A positive outcome, nothing sinister found, thank you all for your kind wishes yesterday, really appreciated, I read them while waiting to begin.

You have some difficult decisions to make sheepandcattle, it must be more than hard sometimes. Sounds as if you needed all the patience you could summon yesterday marydoll, breaking door locks is an unusual talent for your husband to have. Hope today is stress free.

Thinking of georgesgran and all with sadness, take care everyone, look after yourselves.

LauraNorder Wed 17-Mar-21 07:49:36

Good morning Mick and all from dry and warmish Anglesey.

LauraNorder Wed 17-Mar-21 07:50:16

Daffodils everywhere giving hope for a brighter future all round