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Not meaning to be morbid and I hope you won’t take it that way but

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nanna8 Thu 18-Mar-21 10:12:36

Have you a particular song or hymn you would like to be sung at your funeral?
I went to a dear friend’s funeral today and one of her songs was ‘I’m strictly a Female Female’ which was unusual but kind of fitted her. I am more traditional and would like ‘It is right with my soul’ or perhaps,‘When you walk through the Storm’.

Marydoll Thu 18-Mar-21 10:13:59

I have already written my list of funeral hymns and readings for my family. DH and I have totally different tastes!

GrannyGravy13 Thu 18-Mar-21 10:15:02

Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum, I decided on this when I was fourteen years old and haven’t changed my mind in 49 years!

Blossoming Thu 18-Mar-21 10:16:43

My funeral is planned ready for when it finally happens but there will be no singing. I have chosen the music 🙂

Shinamae Thu 18-Mar-21 10:19:02

I am having a Pure cremation so there will be no music, no service of any kind however I have left a CD with three songs on that I would like my children to listen...

fourormore Thu 18-Mar-21 10:21:54

I don't think you're being morbid at all nanna8 It is so sensible to sort these things out while we are able to than leave it to a distressed family.
When my late Mum was alive she and I knew that as far as my siblings were concerned - the shorter and cheaper the better and Mum knew she wanted a traditional religious funeral,
Together, we sorted her favourite hymns and readings and completed her Order of Service. We also completed mine at the same time - I'm not planning on going anywhere soon but who knows!
When Mum's time came the funeral directors and Priest had Mum's order of service and there was no trouble from siblings!
My AC knew how much it helped me when Mum died and are delighted to know that when the time comes they don't have to worry.
I won't name them in case they are favourites of other people but I know that there a couple of more modern hymns that I just cannot stand so planning well ahead is strongly recommended!

nanna8 Thu 18-Mar-21 10:22:14

I love the singing but the service I went to today didn’t have any, just music. The church I go to is into singing, though.

Redhead56 Thu 18-Mar-21 10:48:31

I love A summer Place theme music by Ennio Morricone it is beautiful. It was my dads favourite we played it at his funeral. Thinking about my funeral details I am not religious. I was considering Pure Cremation less trouble for my family.

Callistemon Thu 18-Mar-21 10:49:18

Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Forgive our Foolish Ways

I must write it down although we're not allowed to sing just yet so 🤞

EllanVannin Thu 18-Mar-21 10:59:49

I just wish for a quick in and out job. Maybe just a song/ music to fit the season as the time comes, by choice.
No long drawn out service, not being particularly religious.

ExD Thu 18-Mar-21 11:00:42

I do NOT want any 'pop' tunes played at my funeral, just traditional hymns and, if possible, the old traditional service. I don't want to dictate which hymns as I think the family should be free to choose whatever they feel will comfort them, After all - I won't care by then.
Just NO silly non-religious music, its a church for goodness sake!
And I don't want my life 'celebrated'. angry wink
So there! smile

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 18-Mar-21 11:05:45

I'd like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin as I hope that's where I'm going.
Journey of the Sorceror by Eagles to end.

FlexibleFriend Thu 18-Mar-21 11:07:12

I'll be having a simple cremation, no service and no singing.

MerylStreep Thu 18-Mar-21 11:14:04

I don’t know what everyone would like to do as I’m donating my body for medical science.

I love that hymn 🙂

Gransey Thu 18-Mar-21 11:17:38


Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum, I decided on this when I was fourteen years old and haven’t changed my mind in 49 years!

I love this song! First single I ever bought. Thanks GG that’s one of my songs sorted. I was also thinking ‘Dancing Queen’ my family and partner would probably choose that for me.

recklessgran Thu 18-Mar-21 11:17:51

Not religious [ so far anyway] and therefore have asked for a simple trip to the crem. I've asked my 5DD's for Thank Heaven for Little Girls going in and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life going out. Those 2 tunes sum up my life perfectly.
DH wants Funeral March of a Marionette going in [family tune] and the theme tune from The Great Escape going out.
Luckily our daughters share our sense of humour.

Witzend Thu 18-Mar-21 11:22:25

I’d like Dear Lord and Father....too.
But I also love ‘The day thou gavest Lord has ended...’

I also want the recording of a niece singing a solo of Panis Angelicus with her former school choir. She has a very pure, sweet soprano - it gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

When my mother was far gone with dementia and no longer even aware that she had grandchildren, I took the CD to play that track to her in her care home. Since she was no longer showing any interest in anything, I was amazed and so pleased when she actually listened and seemed to enjoy it.

We later played it at her funeral.

Alegrias1 Thu 18-Mar-21 11:25:36

Not morbid at all nanna8. My grandma made sure we all knew what sandwiches she wanted served at the funeral tea!

Anyway, I love singing and would live to have people sing at my send off, but I'm an atheist.

Any suggestions for songs?

Blondiescot Thu 18-Mar-21 11:28:30

Oh yes, I have my songs all picked out. I'm not religious - so I want a totally non- religious service with four of my favourite songs played. They will be Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (Rufus Wainwright's version), Time of Your Life by Green Day, Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division and One More Light by Linkin Park.

Oh, and by the way, for anyone planning to donate their body to medical research, you do need to have a plan B in place in case they don't accept the body. This happened to me when my mother died. It can happen for any number of reasons - they may already have their quota of bodies for that time, or the body may not be acceptable for various reasons. So make an alternative plan just in case.

Larsonsmum Thu 18-Mar-21 11:29:20

No funeral whatsoever for me, and no notification in the newspaper either. People can find out I am gone whenever they wonder where I am. I have made arrangements to donate my body to science.

Callistemon Thu 18-Mar-21 11:30:49

My grandma made sure we all knew what sandwiches she wanted served at the funeral tea!
Woe betide anyway who served the wrong ones, I expect! grin

My uncle left a certain sum to make sure everyone enjoyed a wake for him at the local pub.

EllanVannin Thu 18-Mar-21 11:31:08

Simply the Best blasted out at the finish.

Alegrias1 Thu 18-Mar-21 11:34:45

Blondiescot - have you heard June Tabor's version of "Love Will Tear us Apart"? Its amazing.

Call - we wouldn't have dared! grin

nanna8 Thu 18-Mar-21 11:36:47


Simply the Best blasted out at the finish.

Good one Ellan. I love your style ❤️

Westcoaster Thu 18-Mar-21 11:38:57

I want An Ubhal as Airde (The Highest Apple) by Runrig, a beautiful piece of music, and Blessed Assurance.

DH wanted You'll Never Walk Alone (devout LFC fan) so we had that and Abide with Me, both lovely instrumental versions due to the no singing rules in place right now.