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Odd Easter suggestion from the vicar. (Longish post - sorry!)

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Katek Sat 20-Mar-21 21:42:21

Our village is busy organising a visit from the Easter bunny to hand out eggs to all the local children. Plans are going well and it’s going to be a bit if a treat for the kids. Our new-ish vicar is very keen to become involved in village activities which is great, the church should be part of the community. Last week, however, the organisers received an email with his idea for participating in our Easter bunny event. We are all taken aback to put it mildly. None of us have ever heard a suggestion like this. I’ve included an extract from his email and I’m just wondering what others think about it. We just don’t know what to do! Sorry for the length.

=On Easter Sunday, churches celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Early in the morning, his tomb was discovered empty with the great stone rolled away. His friends and followers then physically encountered him on several different occasions. The Christian belief is that Jesus was the Son of God and he overcame death and rose to new life. A symbol of Easter Sunday is an egg. Shaped like the stone that was rolled away, eggs are sometimes rolled down a hill. An egg also symbolises new life. Eggs are often decorated to remind us of the new life within.
There is another way of celebrating Easter – making a mummy!

The ancient Egyptians believe that the pharaohs bodies needed to be preserved – mummified – and surrounded by goods they may need in the afterlife were placed in great pyramids or elaborate tombs. This is different from the Christian belief that like Jesus we will each receive a new resurrection body in eternity.
How to make a mummy!
You need 2 toilet rolls, some Sellotape, and a willing volunteer!
Carefully use the toilet roll as a bandage to wrap the willing volunteer up like an ancient Egyptian mummy, making sure that you leave the mouth and nose clear to they can breathe! Use small pieces of Sellotape to join the ends of the toilet roll together.
Who can make the best mummy? Why not share your creations on the ***********”

Hetty58 Sat 20-Mar-21 21:47:06

It sounds like fun to me, so what's the problem?

grannyrebel7 Sat 20-Mar-21 21:50:25

Oooh er - not sure about that!

Anniebach Sat 20-Mar-21 21:50:39


Maggiemaybe Sat 20-Mar-21 21:54:19

Do you think lockdown is getting to your vicar, Katek? grin Sorry, but this is very odd, imho.

Maggiemaybe Sat 20-Mar-21 21:57:28

Or perhaps he didn’t mean to press send until 1 April?

Katek Sat 20-Mar-21 22:09:54

It is odd, isn’t it? Here we are creating (hopefully) a little bit of fun for the children - we’ve got Rabbit’s house with a lawn and a socially distanced path marked out with daffodils in pots. Rabbit himself and other farmyard animals and 200 eggs are all organised. We’re trying to create some lightness-of spirit, happiness, joys of spring and the hope that life is going to improve this year. I just don’t think a squad of mini Tutankhamuns really matches the spirit of the event somehow!grin

Blossoming Sat 20-Mar-21 22:46:55

What a waste of bog roll! Tell the vicar it’s not eco friendly, it’s a bit more diplomatic than ‘Are you on glue?’as Mumsnet would say.

Aveline Sat 20-Mar-21 22:53:44

Blimey. What a weird suggestion. Maybe you could tell him that you're keen to stick to more traditional Easter activities right now? The children have had an unusual enough time and a bit of Easter normality would be good for them.

GrannySomerset Sat 20-Mar-21 22:57:04

Not sure how the Easter Bunny fits in to the Easter story but it sounds like a great village activity so perhaps find the vicar a job if he wants to join in?

Esspee Sat 20-Mar-21 23:08:25

Perhaps he intends introducing you to the worship of AmenRa. After all you do pay homage to him at the end of your prayers.

GrannyRose15 Sat 20-Mar-21 23:37:08

Continue with your Easter egg hunt. Don't be distracted by this crazy idea.
If he is still your vicar next year he might resurrect (sorry about the pun) his mummy theme. In which case let him get on with arranging an event for all the children in the church - send your kids there and have a nice afternoon rest - or get your Easter baking done.

DillytheGardener Sat 20-Mar-21 23:49:28

This sounds like an episode of Father Ted 🤣

ElaineI Sat 20-Mar-21 23:53:02

I don't think so! DS and his Fiancee go to events (not for a year now) when they dress up usually as superheroes but a mummy could be managed! They are almost mid 30s. DGC expect Easter Bunny and hidden eggs with books about Easter story and also 'Going on an Egg Hunt'. Church (not last year or this year though can post personal videos and photos) have Easter Bonnet and Bow Tie parade but start the Easter Service with decorated hard boiled egg race down local hill, then service in church followed by sharing lunch in church halls (not last year or this year) no mummies wrapped in loo roll catered for! Given that Europe is in 3rd wave and will inevitably come here best save the loo roll for when more panic buying begins !

B9exchange Sun 21-Mar-21 00:14:10

I cannot imagine why on earth a vicar, who is responsible for organising the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, should suddenly want to bring mummys into it, which had nothing to do with the Christian religion at all.

The Easter Bunny is a harmless bit of fun for the children, (and who doesn't welcome another excuse to eat chocolate!) but it is a pagan celebration of Spring. However if he wanted to tie it up with rolling the stone away and have the children rolling the eggs down the aisle, that seems a sensible idea to me. Hindus used to put their dead on boat and set them alight as the boat sailed away, thinking this would help them to the afterlife, perhaps he should bring in a few burning boats as well grin

Ro60 Sun 21-Mar-21 00:32:05

Elaine1: That was my thought too - you know how the oddest thing go viral - no pun intended - guess there's going to be a rush on loo rolls again.
Before the word is out maybe I can get a BOGOF deal?
There again, could always recycle for his Halloween Party.👻
Very liberal vicar!

Buffybee Sun 21-Mar-21 02:21:49

Easter Mummies, instead of Bunnies?
Can’t see it taking off somehow!

justwokeup Sun 21-Mar-21 02:33:20

The vicar’s idea sounds a bit odd to say the least. Perhaps you could all sign a reply to say that mummies might be a bit too scary for the little ones and you’ve decided to stick with the traditional Easter Egg hunt. I’m sure his help with that would be most welcome.

nanna8 Sun 21-Mar-21 03:46:08

It sounds like blasphemy to me and I would seek guidance from one of his superiors. Obviously he doesn’t read his bible much.

PamelaJ1 Sun 21-Mar-21 06:28:57

Well we are supposed to be getting more inclusive aren’t we?
At least he’s doing something.
Grannyrose, the children can’t go to church can they? We still aren’t having services in our church.

BigBertha1 Sun 21-Mar-21 06:37:12

I'm not surprised at this our Vicar took a Xmas Day service dressed as Darth Vader!
In this case though after a year of terrible deaths to want to bring mummies into the celebrations is insensitive in the extreme. I would tell him that.

Ashcombe Sun 21-Mar-21 06:42:03

Services may be held in church, PamelaJ1, but numbers have to be restricted, records kept and the building must be Covid secure. Masks are essential and no singing allowed.

Brahumbug Sun 21-Mar-21 06:58:43

"Obviously he doesn’t read his bible much."
To be fair, nobody reads their bible much, or they would be horrified by the contents😂. As for blasphemy, Easter eggs are definitely blasphemous in a Christian context.

PamelaJ1 Sun 21-Mar-21 07:23:01

Ashcombe our vicar hasn’t opened up yet. He’s planning a video service up to and including Easter. He has been holding a service from his home for months. He wouldn’t even let us attend the Remembrance day service he held in the churchyard.

H1954 Sun 21-Mar-21 07:34:11

Sounds like the Vicar has been at the Communion wine 🍷 .
I've never heard of anything so daft to be honest........some young children could easily be spooked by a walking mummy AND a total waste of loo roll!
Maybe it's a ploy to determine who, in the village, has been stockpiling the Andrex?