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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 23-Mar-21 06:14:39

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a bright grey sky over Brackley this morning , but its dry.
Today , for me a busy day with 2 hospital appointments n top of one another , the first at 1330 with Cardiac length unknown may have to do treadmill , the second my annual Glaucoma check , both in same part of the old hospital building ,and about a 5 minute walk if that between see what happens .
Will have a slightly early lunch, before I get the bus into Banbury c/w documents for those appointments .
Take Care,

Pantglas2 Tue 23-Mar-21 06:21:36

Morning Mick from a dry north Wales where I’m hoping lovely LauraNorder will send me some of that lovely sunshine 🌞 we had yesterday!

Didn’t post for couple of mornings as I had my sulking ead 🤬on after the 🏉 on Saturday- I hope you lovely Scottish folks will do the biz for us on Friday!

I made some spelt rolls Nannagarra and they were lovely and nutty and chewy fresh from the oven slathered with butter 😋

Difficult job for you Georgesgran but I hope you feel uplifted when it’s done 💐

Stay safe and may your troubles ease x

grandMattie Tue 23-Mar-21 06:22:04

Good morning from a grey but dry E Kent.
All the best for your various tests, Mick. Hope you manage to get some cycling in too.
Supermarket today. My old friend in a care home is 90 next month. She is a widow with no children and her family have always been very distant until she sold her house to pay for the home... It is impossible to find things she would enjoy or need. I might get her a couple of half bottles of Prosecco. The colouring book I got her for Christmas went down like a lead balloon. ☹️ She has become very querulous and, quite frankly, pretty difficult.
May your flock of pigeons turn out to be a flamboyance of flamingos 🦩

Ashcombe Tue 23-Mar-21 06:32:35

Good morning, Mick and all who follow on from a fine and dry Torbay.

I must begin by thanking everyone for your kindly support for me yesterday when I was on rather a downer over the lack of hope for travel to DH in France. It really does help being part of this virtual community at such times. Thank you, Susan56, NanKate, brook2704 (what a stunning beach!), Gingster, Marydoll, NannyJan53, Lins1066, EkwaNimitee, Taichinan (how blue is the sky in your photo!) and Mapleleaf

I’m glad the quotation from my late dear Dad touched the spot for a few of you, especially EllanVannin. He was from N. Ireland and full of memorable little quips, always quoted with a twinkle in his eye.

Georgesgran what a difficult job to tackle - perhaps do a little each day with something to which you can look forward, such as seeing family later as you did yesterday. What naughty cattle, sheepandcattle! 🐄 It sounds like they’re milking the situation! 🤣

Today, I shall out of Grandmafrench's book and make the most of what is possible by venturing into town to deal with some banking admin which can’t be done online.

Welcome to Grannyme6! I hope you become a regular participant.

Thank you for sharing that calming picture, Alygran. It really helps.

My thoughts are with those who shared their feelings of Monday morning blues and let’s try to make this cheerful Tuesday! 🥰💐

Dwmxwg Tue 23-Mar-21 06:44:15

Good morning all from north Surrey. Hopefully another dry day today. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day which I missed as was working but when I got home visited the allotment to admire DH’s hard work. It is looking pristine. The plum and apple tree are covered in bud and he has planted a row of early Charlotte potatoes (much earlier than he normally would). The broad beans which were planted last autumn are looking strong and healthy and the soil is ready for planting up but too early for anything else.
There was an underlying sadness on the thread yesterday. I wondered if subconsciously was due to it being the one year anniversary of lockdown today. The restrictions are taking their toll on people’s happiness, we need to be with those we love, it is after all human nature.
I am working again today but back to my usual late. I will go in early to attend a reflection (on the lockdown anniversary),lead by our chaplain. We are very busy which makes the shift rush by but I am thankful to stick to my 2 shifts a week.
I hope everyone’s chin has lifted and Grandmafrench has spread her positivity to those who need it. I will attempt to attach a photo of my new garden flamingo

Gagagran Tue 23-Mar-21 06:50:31

Morning all from a 4.4c south coast. Hoping for another glorious day like the one we had yesterday. It certainly lifted the spirits and put a smile on my face!

I gave myself a shake yesterday to ward off the blues and then had a burst of energy. Did the laundry, cleaned bathrooms, emptied the garden waste bin into a black bag for the tip ( a hard job on my own) and and scrubbed down the patio table and chairs. That task persuaded DH out into the garden to supervise and then, wonders to behold, he actually did a bit of sorting out of the blind daffodils. First time he has had the energy since he came home from his last op. I felt a surge of optimism that he is starting to mend. Slept like a log last night and that was partly down to the easing of anxiety.

Hope your hospital appointments go to plan, Mick. Don't forget your mask!

Thanks again to all the lovely Grans who have been so supportive during my recent difficult few weeks. So much appreciated and helped me so much. flowers and sunshine for you all.

Beechnut Tue 23-Mar-21 06:52:38

Good Morning everyone from Severnside.

You’re probably right with the anniversary thought Dwmxwg 🌷

Stilllearning Tue 23-Mar-21 06:58:50

An unusually early good morning from South Lanarkshire.
Last night a close friend phoned, still clearly in shock, to say that her older son died suddenly yesterday. Needless to say, I’ve been awake for hours. I can only ask for prayers for her from anyone who can do that. I know that all of you will keep her in your thoughts. Thank you x

Kalu Tue 23-Mar-21 06:59:26

Good morning all from a horribly overcast start to the day here in Glasgow.

We have a mini skip arriving this morning along with our gardener as we are planning to re jig the back garden and a clear out is needed before any work is started on our re designing. A good opportunity to have a clearance in the garage and shed too. Realistically, it is time to make the garden more maintenance free as heavy work is beyond us now.

My thoughts are with you today Georgesgran💐

Best wishes for all hoping you have a pleasant day.

Sar53 Tue 23-Mar-21 07:01:30

Good morning from a bright and sunny Essex by the sea. A cheery day and my mood has also improved.
I received two lovely emails from my aunt and uncle in Australia after they had seen what DD2 has been through They are in their 80's and late 70's and still haven't received a vaccination. My uncle is my late mum's younger brother and the nicest person you could meet. I don't think I will ever see them again unfortunately.
DH is going to the butchers this morning and then has to go and see a man about a key, I think I may go along for the ride and sit in the car.
DGD2 is off school poorly, not Covid, so I'm hoping she feels better today.
I hope everyone has a good day and finds a 😀. This too will pass xxx

Sar53 Tue 23-Mar-21 07:05:09

Georgesgran and Stilllearning 💐 for you both xx

Scentia Tue 23-Mar-21 07:07:13

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it looks like another beautiful day ahead. Shame I am at the factory. Mind you I may try and sneak off early as I had my first appointment at a Chiropractor last night for a mild niggling trapped nerve in my neck/shoulder and this morning I feel like I have been in a car crash, it is so sore. He did warn me!!
Grandmattie your comment about your friends family reminded me of a saying I use “Where there’s a will, there’s a relation!!” It is very true, I think. On that note, I am off to DFiL home to get his smart TV as he has one on the wall in his new room and DH wants his for the Gym wall, no good it sitting in his wardrobe😂
DD will come and stay for a few days tonight, her DH is in Ireland and she struggles with being alone at the moment, DGS is a handful and she is finding these last month or so of pregnancy very painful.

I woke up thinking whether Guinea Pigs can eat radish!! Why would that be the first thing I think about😂

I do hope you all manage to see some sunshine in your day today, keep smiling😁

Kalu Tue 23-Mar-21 07:07:21

Your poor friend Stilllearning Such a devastating time for her to lose her son. I wish her strength and comfort for the heartbreaking days ahead.

Urmstongran Tue 23-Mar-21 07:09:59

An early good morning everyone from south Manchester as I slept like the proverbial last night. The sky is a pale blue wash with a smattering of white clouds over to the east and I can see the Pennine ridge quite clearly - always a good sign! Seems a bit chilly out though.

No plans today other than making two cottage pies (shepherd’s pie is lamb isn’t it, sorry Pinchy cover your ears) one for us and one for my our daughter. She is busier than ever these days. I think full time with a young family takes it’s toll some days.

Hope Tuesday is good to us all. Pace yourself Georgesgran with your sad task. My stepfather still hasn’t done anything three years on from my mum’s death. It’s not a shrine or anything but I think as he doesn’t need the space in the wardrobes and dresser he finds comfort from her things being about the house. There’s no right or wrong.

Keep safe everyone that’s the main thing. x

grandMattie Tue 23-Mar-21 07:12:49

How absolutely devastating for your fried,*stilllearning*! There are few things worse than to lose a child, if whatever age. My prayers are with you all. 💐

Bellasnana Tue 23-Mar-21 07:12:55

Good morning from Malta where it is a bit gloomy outside at the moment.

Georgesgran I think you are very courageous to be dealing with things already. I found it so difficult when DH died and my lovely neighbour came in and dealt with his clothes as I just couldn’t do it. I had sold the house so had to clear everything, otherwise I would probably not have done it at all.

Thank you from DD3 for the birthday wishes yesterday. The birthday cake was delicious and I have a piece for later today as well. Thank you grandMattie for the book recommendation, I shall obtain a copy as it sounds lovely.

Best of luck with your hospital appointments Mick, hope all goes well for you.

I still need to clean my yard after the mess the workmen left but with rain still forecast I think I will put it off until it’s better weather, much as I hate seeing it in such a pickle.

Stilllearning, that is tragic news of your friend’s son. I will certainly keep her in my thoughts. 💐

Just seeing another shooting in the US on tv. It does worry me having that my girls live there. I don’t understand the lax gun laws there at all.😢

Wishing everyone the best day possible ☀️

GrannyGravy13 Tue 23-Mar-21 07:14:02

Good morning Mick and all

Gagagran it’s good to hear your DH is on the mend, georgesgran and Stilllearnjng thinking of you. Sar53 we will have that coffee soon...

Granny duties today and as the weather is brighter a long walk with him in the pram is on the cards.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Aldom Tue 23-Mar-21 07:22:31

Stillearning flowersflowers For you and for your friend. I am so very sorry.

brook2704 Tue 23-Mar-21 07:25:57

Good morning everyone from Inverness where is a grey start to the day and still quite windy.
Such tragic news from your friend stilllearning so sad 💐
Same old things to do today, DH is still busy painting the fence at DD2 garden so I’ve another empty on my hands. Think I’ll just potter ....
How gorgeous to sit out in the company of that gorgeous flamingo dwm
What a lovely mum you are yo your DD urmston I bet she really appreciates the ‘ready meals’ you make for her!
Thinking of everyone just feeling it right now, I hope things improve soon and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Dwmxwg Tue 23-Mar-21 07:30:44

stilllearning devastating news for your friend, thoughts to their family and to you 💐

kittylester Tue 23-Mar-21 07:32:27

Good morning all from a cloudy North Leicestershire.

A pootling and faffing day today and we also have to take my car to Quickfit as a tyre warning light keeps coming on.

Take care everyone and love to everyone with sadness and worries today.

Beauregard Tue 23-Mar-21 07:32:48

Good morning all from Derbyshire where it's cloudy but dry.

DD's little dog had to have surgery yesterday as the x-ray showed he had snapped a cruciate ligament in his hind leg. He's back home now recovering.

While we were out I bought a new ceramic pot and spent the rest of the morning repotting some of my houseplants and changing pots around. I enjoy little jobs like that and it definitely lifts the spirits to give the house a new look, albeit in a small way.

Today we'll be out walking locally this morning. It's getting more difficult to find a route that feels different to the usual, but at least some fields are starting to dry out which opens up more possibilities. This afternoon we will collect a piece of greenhouse glass to replace a broken pane.

Talking of flamingos, I'm missing out as my flipping flamingo-less device doesn't recognise the flamingo emoji so all I see is a white rectangle with a black outline! Not quite the same! So here's a parrot from me instead 🐦

Hope today is more upbeat for everyone and smiles can be found.
Thinking of all with sadness and facing difficult times, especially Georgesgran flowers

grandmajet Tue 23-Mar-21 07:33:24

Good morning from a rather overcast Nottinghamshire.
I agree, everyone did seem a bit down in the dumps yesterday. Spring is on it’s way to cheer us up.
Ashcombe, it must be difficult being apart from your loved one for so long, I’m not sure how I’d cope.
GrandMattie, would you friend appreciate a really lovely hand cream? I’m sure she just appreciates a visit, even if it isn’t always obvious.
A Tesco delivery for us today, and a bit of garden pottering, my favourite hobby.
Hoping for blue skies for all.

Beauregard Tue 23-Mar-21 07:33:42

flowers for Stilllearning and your friend.

grandMattie Tue 23-Mar-21 07:39:13

jet, I have given her loads of “smellies”, and shall again. Just wanted to add something different...