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God Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 24-Mar-21 06:16:35

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dry but its a grey start here in Brackley this morning.
Yesterdays adventure to the Hospital , went better than I originally thought , arriving at the cardiac side , had a ECG , and then saw the Doctor involved my wearing of the ECG for 5 days produced something ,and wills see an increase in medication of one I take in mgs.
I then went into the general outpatients area, despite changes to procedure , was seen earlier as I got there earlier , and was out of the building before the 2nd appointments time, both will see a return in 12 to 18 months time as to each.
Got back and saw tale end of the cycle race in Spain which is on TV , today will watch the race unfold later .
Take Care,

Taichinan Wed 24-Mar-21 13:03:45

Well, as I start it is still morning - so good morning all from a cool and getting rapidly cooler Angus coast. We're forecast snow on the hills and sleet, hail and howling winds for Friday! So making the most of the little bits of sunshine today. It's a shame - I was getting so used to the lovely weather and tai chi in the garden!
I'm another of these posters who read avidly but can never remember who said what. More photos please - they seem to linger longer in this addled old brain than words 😉. But I do remember that it was you, sheep, who mentioned the noise of cattle munching. This took said addled brain back to a walking holiday in the Highlands years back with my late DH when we walked out to an isolated peninsula and stayed overnight in a mountain bothy. During the night we were awoken by a strange noise outside - a sort of munching noise accompanied by an occasional cough! We got up and hopped across the floor in our sleeping bags to peep cautiously through the window. We were surrounded by a large herd of deer! They were munching the luscious long grass around the walls of the bothy - and one of them had a cough! It was a wonderful sight in the moonlight. Thanks for the memories 🎶.
So glad to see Pinchy looking so fit and well.
Sorry to hear of folks with "the wobbles' today. This spell of sunny weather and seeing the occasional friend with whom to do tai chi has righted my own wobbles lately, that and the garden visit and sausage sizzle with DD and DGDs. After total isolation all that is much needed. And something to look forward to, of course. Tai Chi on the Beach will go ahead next week, the tide is favourable and the advance weather forecast is promising. I've no idea how many will turn up, but if it is more than the permitted 15 we will split into two separate groups - we have three miles of beach!
Thinking of little Louis today 🙏
Love your little Easter Bunnies, B9. We used to have Easter Egg Hunts in the garden here - more fond memories! - but those little ones are well into their teens now and they prefer their Easter Eggs without the hunt! I will have five teens here for a late Easter celebration this year (once longer journeys are permitted) so it will probably be Easter Eggs and TikTok and another sausage sizzle! Times change.
Belated happy birthday Dusty. Your coastal view looks so inviting! Glad you had a lovely day.
Mick so glad your hospital appointments went so well and that your meds are being tweaked. You must be feeling so reassured. But don't go wild now!!
Much fellow-feeling Auntieflo! I too wish there was a 'save' facility. Please take note Admin. Opening another window and using Cut & Paste doesn't seem to be an option on my phone - but then I'm not clever like that!
Anyway, with many apologies to those I have missed (and nearly an hour since I started!) I must make a move out of my little patch of sun in the front porch. Although I don't know why I should, except that moving and doing must be hardwired into me! But the fish need fed, that's for sure. Have the best day you can everyone, and be assured your wobbles will disappear. Lots of 🌞🌷🐑🦩🦋

Keeper1 Wed 24-Mar-21 12:59:45

Good afternoon again from me from an intermittently sun, cloudy Lincolnshire.

I am working from home so need to sneak on here. My eldest some is taking his little girl 7 weeks old back to hospital to have further hearing tests.

I find the link to this post from the email how else would I find it? Not sure if that makes sense??

Marydoll Wed 24-Mar-21 11:53:49

Thank you!

CherryCezzy Wed 24-Mar-21 11:52:34

Apology accepted Marydoll, I know you didn't mean anything derogatory 😀. It's a common phrase everywhere I think but one I do tend to challenge. In fact there are many words and phrases related to epilepsy I challenge.

hollysteers Wed 24-Mar-21 11:25:47

Good morning Mick and all from Sunnyside Lancashire northwest coast. I’m glad things went well at the hospital Mick, never my favourite place at the best of times.
I watched my cousins funeral online and it was touching to see a cavalcade of bikers accompanying the cortège, he loved his Triumph.
Showering today, there still seems to be more of me than I remember, so my dancing round to You’re simply the best must continue 😁
Watched The Courtneys of Curzon Street with Anna Neagle (wet weekend) and Michael Wilding 1947 last night. I love these dated old films.
Will enjoy reading all the posts later, in the meantime thoughts to the troubled.

Marydoll Wed 24-Mar-21 11:23:29

cherry, I've just realised that my comment was offensive and insensitive, I apologise profusely. It's a common saying here in Glasgow, when meaning someone is shocked. blush

polly123 Wed 24-Mar-21 11:04:21

Good morning everyone from sunny (just) West Midlands. This is my first proper post on this thread and I really have enjoyed reading about everybody's various activities. I shall be off to the post office to post a very important birthday present for my little grandson and a little painting that I sold yesterday. After that we shall be off to the garden centre to find new pots as our current ones have trees poking out of the bottom having outgrown the pots. So looking forward to getting my hair cut in April!

CherryCezzy Wed 24-Mar-21 11:00:54

Good morning everyone. Well, it is brightening up (sort of) Lins so I hope the sunshine is reaching you from the Gower.

I'm on tea and tool duty today. My WP is making a new, quite large, box for one area of the garden. It's quite a big job so I imagine I'll have some time to do a little bit of whatever I want to do 😁
I'm still not 100% but our trip out, although not one for pleasure, did do me some good I think. My sincere thank yous to all you lovely people who have wished me well 💐

I'm glad that your double appointment at the hospital went well Mick, it sounds like it was very efficient. Great news that you don't have to go back for a good while. I hope the increased dose of medication is all the tweak you need.

I'm glad Mr MD didn't actually have a fit Marydoll, though stress and shock can be a trigger for these things 😬. I hope the Cayman islands can make a transfer to pay the extortioners 😂

Auntieflo good that the dentist could accommodate you earlier on Friday than the appointment time they originally offered. It will be a difficult day for you on Friday 💐

I'm keeping Louis in my thoughts today and all his family 💐

I hope everyone having wobbles or going through difficult times whatever the cause has a day that increases in brightness and harmony. Stay safe everyone ❤️

B9exchange Wed 24-Mar-21 10:59:26

Good morning to all you lovely folk, and thinking of little Louis today (and all those with worries or grief) praying all goes well.

I have been continuing making Easter Bunnies for the grandchildren, at least six of them, one is now too old, and hoping Number 8 stays inside its mum long enough that I don't need to include it. (Wish I knew the sex, but DS and DDiL have decided they don't want to know grin)

Love Pinchy's new leg accessories Sheep, I definitely think you should go into production!

Zoe2020 Wed 24-Mar-21 10:53:23

Morning Everyone
I have a suggestion for the person asking how to meet new people and to develop friendships in yesterday’s forum, which I can’t see how to access again, now that I have time to reply.
If they look online for their nearest U3A and join that, for a very modest annual fee, they will find a huge number of possible courses, one off meetings and online zoom meetings, being continued during this period of gradual easing of lockdown. There they will be in touch with like-minded people, who are interested in the same things as you are, and you receive a feeling of belonging and friendship by joining the University of the Third Age. Don’t be put off by the title, as all levels of interest and ability are covered by the courses on offer. If you can sing, a choir is very uplifting and a good place to start.
Warm wishes to you both.

Marydoll Wed 24-Mar-21 10:49:02

Nannagarra, thanks for teh tip about the leprechaun book in WH SMith. I didn't need to pay for delivery as I spent a fortune! A Donna Leon book, I seem to have missed, books for Dollie and my friend's DGD, who are in the same class at school and Mr MDoll bought CDS. I also found a £5 off voucher, so success!
It has already been dispatched, now that's service!

It's a shame that can't be said for my Matalan order, which had gifts for my DD, Dollie and my friend's DGD in it. After waiting weeks for it, it has been cancelled! 🤬
I like to give a small egg and something to wear for Easter, I shall have to rethink, as I can't get out.

Henri66 Wed 24-Mar-21 10:44:12

Good morning from East Sussex,
Today is a much better than yesterday why I can hear you all asking😊
I had my 1st vaccination on Monday afternoon 12 hours later I was burning up I slept on and off all day yesterday managed a shower by 5.30 pm a bit of soup for then to go back to bed 7.45 pm until 8am this morning I'm going to do my housework now as I have been sitting in the sunshine enjoying the sounds of the birds.
Enjoy your day 😎

Nicolaed Wed 24-Mar-21 10:43:26

Good morning from Sussex where the sun is shining! Today we carry on getting the garden ready for the grandchildren to use when they able.
Already had two spurious / marketing phone calls in this morning, something seems to have increased significantly over recent weeks - it makes my day winding them up!

muse Wed 24-Mar-21 10:38:22

Wet first thing but the sun is now struggling through in Cornwall.
Good news about the hospital visit Mick.
I like the sound of your day Sar53. A bit of this and that smile Not boring at all.

Thank you for your long morning posts Sheep. Cows munching reminds me of the Waitrose advert. Pretty in pink is Pinchy.

Good to read that some of you are getting out more. Whilst I love my daily walks, I long for a trip to Truro and wander around the shops. 7 months since I was there. My only decent town is 1/2 hr drive away as are the closest beaches so there're all out of the question.

If you're having a wobble day, may it soon settle.

Mapleleaf Wed 24-Mar-21 10:37:35

Good morning all,

It's a brighter morning today, though still breezy and on the chilly side.

Glad to read that pinchy is getting along well and her legs seem to be improving, sheepandcattle. Your dedication and all the positive vibes from the GM's must be playing a part. 😁

Yes, I, too, hope all goes well for little Louis today. An anxious day ahead for all the family.

Good news, mick. The change in your medication dose should help you.

To all with worries or Ill health, I hope today brings comfort to you. 💐

Take care everyone.

Blossoming Wed 24-Mar-21 10:37:32

Good morning all from a showery Lancashire. I’m up and showered too. Just enjoying a mug of then I’d better put some clothes on! Glad your day went well Mick. Sending best wishes to all and virtual hugs to any that need one.

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 24-Mar-21 10:34:35

Good Morning all from dry Harrogate (got a wash on), am hoping DH will want to take the car for a spin. I've been telling him for ages that Friday is not a good day for run around in the car. The roads are so busy and last Friday the language was positively blue in the car.
Mick you're hospital appointments have certainly made you feel more optimistic, long may that continue.
Sheepandcattle you should be writing a sequel to All Creature Great and Small from the other side!! Great that Pinchy's legs are straightening! I, too, would like to comment on other's posts but usually have forgotten by the time I'm signing off!!
Marydoll if you don't feel up to it - don't do it, there are limits and what we can do, and we are just finding out what they are!!

I'll say farewell for now, keep well folks, have the best day you can.

Auntieflo Wed 24-Mar-21 10:23:49

Oh *§§**, and all other swear words. I was in the middle of a long post, when it disappeared. Please can we have a SAVE facility on here . That is to the office at GN. On my IPad I don't think I can save unless I take a screenshot then copy it?

Anyway, Good morning to Mick, Annie and all.
I do need a pen and paper to jot down things to remember from the previous posts.
Thinking of little Louis today as he undergoes surgery.
To Lins, Dragonfly and Cherrychezzie, hoping you are OK.
Nice to think that MrGagagran felt well enough to help in the garden.
I had a phone call from the oncologist yesterday, and chatted for about 20 minutes. The shortly afterwards she rang back, asking me if I had had a dental check up? Er.. No!! I wasn't asked to. I emailed my daughter, who takes notes when we have a face to face, and she assured me that it had not been mentioned. So, a frantic call to my dentist. I had to leave a message. The receptionist rang me back fairly swiftly and after re- jigging some appointments, she offered me one at noon on Friday. BUT, that is the day of my brother's funeral. In the end I am able to go at 08.45 on Friday morning. That will give us enough time to attend the funeral. And breathe again...
Lovely picture of Pinchy in his pink splints. I do hope he will become just a pet at the farm after all he is going through.
I think I may make some Mamade marmalade today, as we are on our last jar of homemade.
Apologies to any I have missed that need a bit of TLC.
Have a good day one and all.

grandMattie Wed 24-Mar-21 10:17:25

Oh, dusty, I love the scent of mimosa! 🏝

dustyangel Wed 24-Mar-21 10:12:49

Good morning all from a sunny spot in Portugal. Somehow it looks chilly out there but I’ve not been outside yet.

I had a lovely birthday yesterday despite restrictions and thankyou to everyone who sent good wishes. It really does make a difference. We went down to the coast and it must have been perfect March weather. A few people around, it’s a beautiful place to walk, but plenty of distance in between. A slight breeze and the sea had had a slight sparkle on it but when I took a photograph in that direction my finger had stuck to the button and I have a lovely photograph veering off into darkness as I tried to unstick my finger and get back into the car to see what I was doing. I must try to get a still from it later. No flamingos🦩🦩🦩were sighted but an unexpected pot of gold were the mimosa trees and bushes in full bloom as we passed them. We’ve driven down that road so many times before but somehow missed them.
Have a good day everyone. ☀️

EkwaNimitee Wed 24-Mar-21 10:05:05

Good morning, Mick and All from the Cumbrian coast. I woke to a gloriously sunny day though I'm not sure it will last.
I nearly had a metaphorical heart attack yesterday. I rang the letting agents local office to let them know I was not renewing my 6 month contract. She looked at her screen and said it was 12 months! No! I cry, and then asked why, in that case, had their head office contacted me a while back to ask my future plans...I hadn't any at that point. Cue a rustling of paperwork for a while then they admitted it was 6 months after all and they couldn't understand why the screen said different. The relief, I was having visions of living in my new home while still paying out for my expensive rental down here.
Pinchy is looking great, perhaps her friends are all going to want leg ornaments! If you are seeking to diversify, Sheep, this could be a new trend, in the same way our necessary face masks are becoming fashion objects.
A best day as possible to everyone.

Anniebach Wed 24-Mar-21 09:55:51

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

LauraNorder Wed 24-Mar-21 09:54:29

🎼🎶 oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day here on the sunny Isle of Anglesey.
Blue skies, green fields, a fresh nip in the air and daffodils everywhere.
Pinchy seems to be making good progress and the cows munching the fresh grass sounds wonderful.
Sending positive vibes to everyone having a wobble and a big hug to those with pain and anxiety.
Special thoughts and prayers today to little Louis and Tanith.

Grammaretto Wed 24-Mar-21 09:44:24

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. We had tantalising sunshine earlier but it's downhill from now I fear.
I sat in a friend's windy garden yesterday and even with hot tea, gloves and over trousers, we were cold.
I must read the meters today, amongst other things, before the Bailiffs arrive.
I am sure your change of meds will help a lot Mick.
I chuckled at MrMD thinking milk costs 1/- Marydoll
I also still live in the 1970s where money is concerned.
I have had a quote to paint the sitting room and I had to check with my DC in case I was being charged double. I wasn't.....
My thoughts are with young Louis today. flowers

aggie Wed 24-Mar-21 09:32:34

Good Morning all, sun is shining , but it’s very chilly out , I nipped to the bin earlier , but didn’t do my usual tour to see how the seeds are getting on ! Will go later when I’m dressed suitably
Mick I’m glad you managed to get to your appointments and good results
Thinking of wee Luis