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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 25-Mar-21 06:12:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny here in Brackley this morning .
Today for me a quiet day of housework , shredding etc , followed by cycling on TV this afternoon.
Mind you watching cycle races , seems in Europe as very touchy area, with maybe key races being postponed or channelled n France and Belgium etc , due to covid outbreaks this 3rd wave could easily enter UK .
Take Care,

NanKate Fri 26-Mar-21 09:25:06

All will be included πŸ‘

Oldbutstilluseful Thu 25-Mar-21 21:17:11

Sorry it’s so late Nankate, but please add me to the list of folk sending love and best wishes to Gillybob. I so hope her life has got just a little easier.

Susan56 Thu 25-Mar-21 20:48:57

NanKate, would you add my support and love to gilly.I think of her often.

Callistemon Thu 25-Mar-21 20:38:41

Hollysteers hope you had a lovely birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

Auntieflo I hope you have a better night flowers

Callistemon Thu 25-Mar-21 20:31:10

It set me thinking that her accusation of bragging (the poster was keeping score) could potentially apply to me, albeit being unintentional on my part.
It talked about the said poster always baking (me), always buying (me, I can't get out to the shops) and ill health, (me). If the cap fits........

I saw that and thought it was extremely unkind and, as someone pointed out, rather like stalking but had no idea who was the target of such barbed comments. Re the baking, it could fit any number of posters as so many lovely baked goods made by extremely talented bakers are regularly brought to another thread for everyone to sample! My virtual baking is the best, as you may know.

As for Maths puzzles, well we all know you're an expert πŸ˜€ and you were very patient with your inept pupils.

For the record, I got a sound ticking off at the beginning of lockdown for ordering craft items online whereas I just thought I was helping to keep people in jobs!

Think no more of it 🌻🌻🌻

Best wishes to all on the thread and special thoughts go to gillybob and all who need some tlc.

NanKate Thu 25-Mar-21 20:28:49

I will go through this thread tomorrow and make sure you are ALL included in my email to Gilly and will report back.

Mapleleaf Thu 25-Mar-21 20:05:08

πŸ’ Auntieflo. I do hope your pain eases, and that you are able to say your goodbyes to your dear brother tomorrow. Take care.
Nankate if I'm not too late, I'd like to add my best wishes and "thinking of you" to gillybob, when you email her. I do hope that she is alright.

LauraNorder Thu 25-Mar-21 19:05:03

Auntieflo, you must be feeling dreadful, sending you some care and a hug πŸ€—

Auntieflo Thu 25-Mar-21 19:01:18

Thanks for all the good wishes. The pain hasn't gone away at all, and now I am concerned as it is my brother's funeral tomorrow.

NanKate, please add me to the list of folk who would love to be remembered to Gillybob and her family.

Nannagarra Thu 25-Mar-21 18:57:36

Happy birthday, hollysteers! πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚
Auntieflo I hope you can soon be pain free and comfortable.
Don’t let the unsettling oneupmanship thread stop you posting Marydoll. We all enjoy your novellas. I’ve PMd you.

mrswoo Thu 25-Mar-21 16:37:02

I've not posted on here for ages ... but ...
First of all,Marydoll your posts are often very amusing - not showy-offy at all. I sense you have a quite self deprecating sense of humour and can laugh at yourself and your adventures.
Secondly Nankate please include me in your message to Gillybob. Although I dont often post, I do read this thread and I miss gilly and think of her often. I do hope things,have improved for her and her family. They have been through so much.

mrshat Thu 25-Mar-21 16:24:57

NanKate Just exactly what LauraNorder said re Gillybob please. I do hope she is doing OK.

LauraNorder Thu 25-Mar-21 16:14:23

We seem to be stalking each other today GG. grin

LauraNorder Thu 25-Mar-21 16:13:10

Hope I’m not too late to add my best wishes to Gillybob and say how lovely it would be to see her posting again.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 25-Mar-21 16:12:46

Happy Birthday Hollysteers πŸŽ‚πŸΎπŸŽ‰

Marydoll some folks are permanently offended, please do not change for anyone. I too look forward to your morning novellas 🌷

GrannySomerset Thu 25-Mar-21 16:08:48

So sorry that Marydoll has been upset by an OP from someone who was obviously having a bad day and able to be offended by almost anything. We love the novellas and our days would be poorer without them, so keep posting, Marydoll.

Have just taken delivery of our three reupholstered button back chairs which look lovely (very one up) and mean they haven’t gone to landfill (double one up) so I am definitely hideously guilty today!

Ormond56 Thu 25-Mar-21 16:03:11

I don’t post much but always read Micks GM posts so please Marydoll keep posting as I really enjoy reading your particular posts (and of course everyone elses)πŸ‘πŸ»

NanKate Thu 25-Mar-21 16:02:34

Yes brook and angel added you to the list.

brook2704 Thu 25-Mar-21 16:00:45

Please add my support to Gillybob NanKate I really miss her on this thread and hope she’s doing ok - thanks

brook2704 Thu 25-Mar-21 15:58:01

Just catching up on the earlier posts and wanted to wish Hollysteers a very Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸ₯‚πŸ’
Also to say to Marydoll please just continue as you are, I’ve never noticed any oneupmanship from you or any of the lovely posters on this friendly supportive thread and I enjoy hearing all your daily news πŸ˜€

dustyangel Thu 25-Mar-21 15:54:51

I would love to know how Gillybob is. I really enjoyed her posts and would of course like to know how her business is managing in these difficult times. Please add my good wishes when you email her. 🌻

CherryCezzy Thu 25-Mar-21 15:41:25

Auntieflo, so sorry to hear you had a bad night. I hope the painkillers do their job properly today, please relax and let the tea keep coming brew. My WP would happily help if we were in your neck of the woods, if and when he ever stopped tinkering in the garden. We have some dwarf tulips in the garden so these are for you 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷.

NanKate Thu 25-Mar-21 15:19:42

Hope you get some relief Auntieflo from the painkillers. πŸ’πŸ«

NanKate Thu 25-Mar-21 15:17:22

First of all Marydoll we love you and your novellas on GM please keep them coming. πŸ‘πŸ’

To all of you who have pmd me or put a note on here I will list you all in my email to Gillybob trying yet again to entice her back to this friendly thread. Fingers crossed. 🀞

Auntieflo Thu 25-Mar-21 15:11:06

With late in the day apologies, hello to * Mick*, Annie and all.
I had a bad night last night, after pain getting the better if me during the day.
So I was late getting myself up, then after a coffee, and some pain killers, I caught up on some sleep, on the settee, for over an hour. I am sitting here reading, when I can concentrate, and DH is plying me with mugs of tea.
Sorry to read that Marydoll has been upset by someone on here. How very dare they, we need her ramblings and novellas to take us out of ourselves.
A belated Happy Birthday Hollysteers. Hope it is a good one.
Elizabeth1, πŸ’for you and best wishes for a speedy return to a better day after your faint.
I could do with CherryChezzie's WM here, he sounds very handy, which my FH certainly is not. LOVELY yes, but a DIYer he is not.
Our faithful old fridge, has I think, has finally given up behaving. It is freezing most everything that are not meant to be frozen.
It is very old, having been my mum's, but now needs replacing, and the space it occupies is not the right dimensions to take a new one. So a re-jigging of a shelf is needed, and if you know of a handyman in the Berks vicinity, send him here, post haste.
Enjoy the rest of your day one and all.