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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 25-Mar-21 06:12:00

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and sunny here in Brackley this morning .
Today for me a quiet day of housework , shredding etc , followed by cycling on TV this afternoon.
Mind you watching cycle races , seems in Europe as very touchy area, with maybe key races being postponed or channelled n France and Belgium etc , due to covid outbreaks this 3rd wave could easily enter UK .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Thu 25-Mar-21 06:21:07

Good morning Mick & co. from a dull (weather wise!) Torbay, with sun promised later so I hope to go and see the sea (and cruise ships!) as I walk over the Downs.

My thoughtful DD2 surprised me with these lovely Spring flowers via Bunches, delivered yesterday by my lovely postman. They were in tight bud so are still opening up. Kind gestures, such as the supportive comments from so many of you, have helped me through this week. Thank you. 🙏

Pinchy must be doing well if he’s becoming cheeky! He sounds like a character and you must be overjoyed that his wounds have healed, sheepandcattle.

With kind thoughts for Stillearning and her grieving friend and continuing to uphold them in prayer along with Tanith’s grandson, who yesterday came through surgery for a brain tumour.

Have a good day, everyone, and I hope all with worries and pain find relief. 🥰

Pantglas2 Thu 25-Mar-21 06:24:01

Good morning Mick and all who follow from a dry and cool north Wales where I’m up with sparrowfart because I shall be trotting to Llandudno shortly for my second 💉 - the sum of excitement at Pantglas Towers these days!

DH was done yesterday and will be back to usefulness (very sexy in my eyes, what else are they for....😍) later installing plastic sheeting in the shower cubicle and new wash basin taps which will mean our little abode has been completely refreshed since this dratted disease!

Loved those little bunnies B9Exchange and cute Pinchy is coming along a treat.....I’m all Eastery with a week to go😁

Stay safe everyone x

grandMattie Thu 25-Mar-21 06:27:58

Good morning from an already bright E Kent.
I think all sports are in a tight corner regarding CV19, Mick, if rugby is anything to go by. I don’t know how the Olympics will fare.
Nothing apart from ultimate Spanish class today.
Prays continuing for little Louis post operative improvement.
May today bring a little sunshine ☀️ into your lives and the wobbles banished, Urms, Beech, et al; continuing improvements in Pinchy’s forelegs.🦩🦩🦩🌺❤️

Gagagran Thu 25-Mar-21 06:49:32

Morning all from a lovely sunny south coast. Cool start though only 0.9c on my weather station. It will soon warm up with the sun. Hate to mention it but the garden could do with a drop of the wet stuff now.

Things continue to improve slowly with DH. It is 3 weeks tomorrow since his last op. so good progress following his clever surgeon so meticulously putting him back together. I am in awe of surgical skills.

Nothing important on the agenda today but no doubt something will crop up needing attention. It always seems to. Meals will be of the "bitza" variety (bits of this and that left in the fridge before the click and collect tomorrow). I do need to reorganise the freezer and see what is buried in there too.

DS and DDiL have their first jabs this morning and we are expecting our second ones soon now as it is coming up 10 weeks since our first ones.

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Sheepandcattle Thu 25-Mar-21 06:52:02

Good morning Mick and all from a dry, mild Wiltshire. Beautiful spring flowers from your kind daughter Ashcombe - surprise flowers are always the best.
I was also very pleased to read that little Louis had come through his surgery safely yesterday.
Yesterday was a ‘working through my list’ day, mostly office based work but I did manage to tick off that I’d planted my annuals seeds in seed trays which are now in front of the window of my spare bedroom on the wallpapering table. I hanker for a greenhouse or a conservatory! I called in to my neighbours garden to drop something off that she’d lent me yesterday and she proudly showed me her new greenhouse - I now have greenhouse-envy! Today I’m hopefully going to carve out a bit of time to carry on with putting my flowerbeds to rights. I’ve got a lot of plants that need dividing but until I’ve cleared all the weeds and done some cutting back, I can’t see where I’ve got space to re-jig things. The garden is my ‘happy place’ especially with radio 4 for company.
And it’s Pinchy’s splint change day today so a full report on the woolly-babe’s leggies tomorrow!
Wishing you all a happy Wednesday with a scattering of flamingos along the way. ( I recall that a parrot infiltrated the flamboyance of flamingos the other day on one post, which I heartily approve of....... no place for flamingo-ism here on gransnet..... we’re all-inclusive! 😁🦩🦜)

cornergran Thu 25-Mar-21 06:53:18

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp looking corner of Somerset.

Early blood test for me, back for breakfast then if the promised sunshine arrives we’ll go for a walk. This afternoon I must get to the admin I keep ‘forgetting’ grin. As my Mum used to say it won’t do itself.

Thinking of your grandson tanith and all with health or other worries.

Take care everyone, hope Thursday is kind to us all.

Nell8 Thu 25-Mar-21 06:54:07

Good morning from Surrey where a bright sky is motivating me to collect stuff for a trip to the tip!
Pantglas2 you're the first person I've heard saying they're about to receive a second jab. That's uplifting too!
Best wishes to everyonesmile

Sar53 Thu 25-Mar-21 06:57:12

Good morning everyone from Essex by the sea where the sun is shining already.
It's Thursday so it must be supermarket day, my cup runneth over with excitement 🤣🤣.
We have no other plans today, probably get out for a walk this afternoon.
Have a pleasant Thursday and find a 😁 xx

Beechnut Thu 25-Mar-21 06:57:47

Good Morning all from Severnside where it’s dry.

It will be bed changing today and cleaning the fridge that didn’t get done yesterday. I took grandMattie’s advice and went outside. I’ve been wanting to move a shrub and after a ponder, while drinking coffee I found a new home for it. I had to move another first to make room but I am pleased with my plan and hope they settle in to their new places.

While in the garden my neighbour told me another neighbour of ours had died. It doesn’t seem as if it’s been the best week all around at all.
Thinking of you all and take care 💐

Susan56 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:05:01

Good morning from Shropshire.

Lovely flowers Ashcombe😊

A quiet day planned today after the excitement of shopping and the tip yesterday.We didn’t get to the garden centre so will save that excitement for another day.

I had a lovely long telephone chat with my aunt yesterday.My uncle died of Covid earlier in the year and it’s been a tough time for her.We both enjoyed our chat and are looking forward to seeing each other when restrictions end.

Glad you were sounding brighter yesterday Cherry🥳Mary, hope you are feeling better today🤞🏻Such good news that little Louis got through surgery,wishing him a good recovery🐻

Have a good day all and thinking of all with illness,wobbles or worries🦩🌞

GrannyGravy13 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:11:25

Good morning Mick and all

I think you should make the most of the cycling, Mick never know what was will be cancelled due to Coverage?

It’s bright blue sky here in S Essex, hope it lifts my spirits, I am having a major wobble every time there is good news about Covid, some bad news follows? I feel very tearful which is so not me!!!!

Thinking of tanith her GS and family, along with all our poorly friends.

Hello Gillybob if you are reading posts, you are really missed 👋

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

Gelisajams Thu 25-Mar-21 07:15:12

Good morning from a dry Morecambe Bay. I shall be driving DH 10 miles away shortly and he can walk home along the river. In the meantime I am going on a hunt for missing mojos and flamingo s and will hopefully distribute them on this thread later.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🦩🌸🦩

Beauregard Thu 25-Mar-21 07:19:03

Good morning all from Derbyshire where we have blue sky. My friend is coming over today and we are going for a walk with coffee.

I started my seed sowing yesterday. Lobelia, rudbeckia and foxgloves to start with, but many more to follow.

We'll collect DGSs from school this afternoon and will get to see how DDs little dog is after his surgery on Monday.

Lovely flowers Ashcombe your DD is very thoughtful, just when a lift in spirits was needed.
So glad your DH is making good progress Gagagran
I'm the parrot infiltrator Sheepandcattle 🐦. Flamingos are infuriatingly missing from my emoji list so it's the best I can do!

Hope today is a good day for all flowers

kittylester Thu 25-Mar-21 07:21:03

Good morning all from a bright North Leicestershire. I think we have showers in the forecast though.

We have a really exciting day in prospect. DS1 has a hospital appointment for a botox injection and I am the chauffeur.

A man is coming to put a French in and we have a Sainsbury's delivery this afternoon. We also take in deliveries for the village library and are expecting some furniture today.

We will need a stiff drink after all that excitement.

Sending love and best wishes to everyone with worries and sadness. And I echo Ggs comments to Gilly.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:21:23

Good morning everyone, cloudy and breezy here in my part Oxfordshire , we had a sunny day yesterday after all, but it was cold.
DD2 has yet another hospital appointment today, but she managed a walk around our small village yesterday with her crutches (trailing me and her dog) with DH walking alongside of her, dosed up on pills of course, but she was pleased that she could bear the weight on her leg. Car drivers moved to the other side of the road for her which was very kind of them, most gave us a cheery wave! Just as well we didn’t meet a tractor as they don’t slow down for anyone and we don’t haveNy footpaths.
Mind you she wasn’t so cheerful when we got home as she was very sore.
So onwards and upwards.
Hoping that Louie is on the road to recovery, and pleased to hear the ongoing good news about Pinchy
how I envy you Ashcombe being able to walk to see the sea and the ships, they alternate between Poole and Southampton don’t they? I’d love to see them in either place at the moment, but we live so far away from the coast.
Hope everyone has a good day and hugs for those who aren’t feeling so chipper.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:22:07

Any footpaths

kittylester Thu 25-Mar-21 07:22:15

Bloody phone - fence not a French!!

baubles Thu 25-Mar-21 07:32:37

Good morning Mick, morning all from South Lanarkshire where it’s cool and cloudy.

How lovely Ashcombe, your DD is very thoughtful, just like her Mum.

Gagagran so pleased you DH is recovering well.

Pinchy is so sweet s&c and I loved your description the other day of the cows munching grass, the sound of contentment.

GG the wobbles are a natural response to being on a huge rollercoaster I think.

We are going to DS ‘s house to look after the youngest grandchild to allow DoL to take the older child out to the park on her own for a while. It still feels odd to be doing this but it’s allowed as she’s not yet one year old. I’m glad of it though as her Mum will be back at work soon and we will be called upon for a day of childcare again so she won’t be strange with us.

Thinking of everyone coping with worries, sadness or pain. Special thoughts for Tanith’s little grandson.

Have a peaceful day.

Kalu Thu 25-Mar-21 07:36:11

Good morning from a dry and sunny Glasgow. Not at all what was forecast but I’m not complaining. Spoke too soon and the sun has now disappeared behind a cloudy sky. 🤷‍♀️

Now all the heavy garden work is done it’s time to have a clearance in the garage and the shed which should see the skip filling up. A few of GD’s garden toys, which they have outgrown, to be dropped off to charity at some point.

Best wishes to all for a pleasant day.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:37:10

Good morning all from dry Harrogate. Lovely flowers Ashcombe.
Good to hear Louis has had his op.
Today is Sainsburies delivery day, and DD will come round to go for a walk with DH and dog. They used to enjoy long walks, but dog is now a little old lady like me, and doesn’t want to go too far!! DD is threatening to take a pushchair for dog!!
This pm a friend is calling round for her B/D present which was too heavy to post!!
Will try to pop back when all is quiet to check up on you all!!
So many with sadness and worries, I hope today is a better day for you all.

brook2704 Thu 25-Mar-21 07:40:49

Good morning everyone from Inverness, still windy but with bits of blue sky peeping through the grey clouds.
What a kind and thoughtful DD Ashcombe the flowers are beautiful , really lift the spirts
We had a lovely day out walking yesterday, just the same old really but we enjoyed our sandwiches and flask on a bench overlooking the sea. Definitely blew the cobwebs away. We walked past a field of sheep sheepandcattle and I thought of you, there weren’t any lambs yet though..
A bit more pottering today hopefully I’ll get some motivation to tackle the cleaning...
I remember Llandudno well Pantglas as children we spent many days there enjoying the Great Orme, the gardens and the pier - happy memories!
Sorry to hear about your neighbour beechnut
Thinking of everyone with worries, struggles and hospital appointments, hope today is gentle, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

harrigran Thu 25-Mar-21 07:47:53

Good morning from a grey but dry NE.
DH had his vaccination last night, in and out quickly, no problem not even a sore arm this morning.
We had a disturbed night with many trips to the bathroom so it will be a quiet day for both of us.
DH has no appetite and has to have anti nausea drugs before he can eat anything so my quest today is to find something that he will fancy.
Take care all.

Pittcity Thu 25-Mar-21 07:50:51

Good morning from sunny Colchester.
DH has gone fishing, so it's my first "empty" in our new house.
Washing is on and will be hung out. I am going to attempt some descaling of the taps and shower. They will eventually be replaced but I like to be out or away when major jobs are going on. It's up to Boris when that will be!
Measuring up for this and that and a bit more use of my flexible friend, while waiting for stuff to be delivered.
Pork chop and jacket spud for tea.

Love to all x

Kalu Thu 25-Mar-21 07:51:47

I understand your wobbles GGSome days I feel we take one step forward followed by two steps back! It just causes havoc with our heads, no doubt because it is something we can’t control. Hope you find something to cheer you up today. 🌻

I would like to add my best wishes to you too gilly. You are very much missed.

kitty, I was intrigued as to what French you were having put in! 😂