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Good Morning Monday

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12Michael Mon 29-Mar-21 06:08:17

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a dark start but looks dry out there in Brackley this morning.
Today , small shop early , then some housework , lunch, a nap ,as no cycling on TV until midweek nothing much.
I am looking forward towards the coming days , when I will local travel in a way on the buses , and hopefully see people I have not seen since late last year .
Take Care ,

Marydoll Mon 29-Mar-21 18:45:02

DH is still insisting I have lost part of it, as we can't fit it back successfully.
He says that he will undo the U bend, just in case I'm guilty of breaking it. wink
We will be lucky if it is sorted this side of Christmas!!!! grin

grandmajet Mon 29-Mar-21 18:11:27

Still giggling at Marydoll’s exploits with the plug!
We have an exposed plug hole like that in our bathroom sink, but I keep one of their little grid type things on it that you use in the kitchen to catch the bits. Just in case! It caught my tweezers once quite efficiently.

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 29-Mar-21 18:08:34

Thank you Grandmabatty and Blossoming. I’m sure we aren’t the only ones missing her.

Blossoming Mon 29-Mar-21 17:49:03

I miss Viridian’s thoughtful posts. She said she was taking a break, hope she rejo8ns us when she feels ready.

Grandmabatty Mon 29-Mar-21 17:24:50

Oldbutstilluseful the lady you are referring to was known as Viridian. She's much missed by me on this thread.

dustyangel Mon 29-Mar-21 15:39:36

Just to add to my tale of woe earlier. After I’d posted I decided to get the sparkling clean jug from the dishwasher and make a nice fresh cup of coffee. New filter in, coffee carefully measured out, beautiful smell in the air,went to pour the coffee out and guess what the jug was still in the dishwasher!
I got my daily exercise just clearing that up 😂

ginny Mon 29-Mar-21 15:25:01

A very late Good day to you all.
Woke up feeling quite good and hoovered all round, cleaned the bathroom, prepared dinner and mopped the floors.
Then we had a call for help from our next door neighbour which has resulted in her going off to hospital.
DD3 called at lunch time and said she and DGS were on the way to our local rev. for a picnic and he wanted Nana to join them. That really cheered me up.
Feet up for a while now.
Hope you all find a 😁today.

Ashcombe Mon 29-Mar-21 14:09:20

You’ll love the air fryer, Edith81! It does well with all manner of foods and is a healthy method of cooking. I found the manual helpful at first, then just tried cooking various items in it. Good luck!

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 29-Mar-21 12:45:33

Good afternoon from sunny North Hampshire. I’m back from a walk-in visit to our cottage hospital ex-ray department, which made me think of our Cornish friend who has to use crutches. Sadly I can’t remember her name as it was changed recently, but perhaps it was Mellowyellow.
I may be breaking rules but I was always intrigued by chat about her concrete cupboard, and I miss her.

Edith81 Mon 29-Mar-21 12:44:50

Good morning lovely ladies. I’m expecting my Ninja Foodie 7.1 air fryer today. Never used one before but hoping to improve my culinary skills from all the positive things I’ve read about it. Any particular advice ladies?

ann678tifney Mon 29-Mar-21 12:30:04

Morning all, sorry afternoon, where has the morning gone. It is very windy here in the NE but dry. Went to see our DGS yesterday to see how he is managing with his broken femur, but seems cheerful enough, but needs a lot of attention to keep him in bed. DD is hoping that next week he will get a pot on, which means he will be able to be more mobile. Had a lucky escape this morning at work, heard this almighty crash, the ceiling caved in!!! Its the are where the kitchen and toilet, and luckily I had made the coffee for us a bit early this morning , or I would have been under it!!! I am cutting my days at work down after Easter to 3, in anticipation of me retiring at the end of August, so waiting to see how that goes. Hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

Party4 Mon 29-Mar-21 12:11:43

Morning all from a breezy but beautiful West Yorks.Late up today (9a.m) which is most unusual,must have been the long walk along canal side with DGCs yesterday. I have always loved to see a blowing line of washing, recall many yrs ago when we all had white Terry nappies,today though its bedding.Thrilled with todays delivery of some 20 squishy toys to fill plastic eggs for egg hunt Sunday along with small sweets, balloons etc and their fav Easter choc egg should keep them busy for all of 15mins🤣 may try this year leaving clues for the older ones to work out esp as weather forecast not good. Those with illness and worry keep safe and smile at the thought of sunshine and life nearer normality.GNs have been my lifeline over the past year.x

AmberSpyglass Mon 29-Mar-21 11:59:50

Very windy here in Edinburgh, but a bit too overcast to make it a good drying day...

I’m horribly busy with online lectures and tutorials and I’d completely forgotten it’s Easter this weekend!

Ashcombe Mon 29-Mar-21 11:56:34

hollysters: My address is Torquay but Babbacombe is the immediate area in which I live. Our nearest beach is down a steep path which can be accessed via a funicular railway, but there are many other beaches in Torbay.

hollysteers Mon 29-Mar-21 11:50:56

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy northwest Lancashire coast. I’m off to buy a pressure washer at Lidl. Hope they still have them. It will be fun to clean the patio and my little garden ‘courtyard’ at the front. I’ll probably rope in DS or DD. My good excuse now is my right arm is not what it was since I had my lymph nodes removed.
Been feeling off colour with IBS and hernia, but hey ho, life might just improve in the not too distant future.
Ashcome I remember a holiday in Babbacombe when I was 17/18 with my best friend and at the end of the holiday, we filled our suitcases with big pebbles from the beach to take home, which was really stupid as our suitcases weighed a ton😁 It might have been Torquay, but Babbacombe rings a bell.
Thinking of Iris, dragonfly, Marydoll, Auntieflo and anyone with troubles on their mind,
Have a nice day and looking forward to reading through later.

Auntieflo Mon 29-Mar-21 11:48:20

Good morning Mick, Annie, and all you busy people.
I shall have an outing today, but it's only to have the first infusion, that goes alongside my treatment.
I have only skim read all the many posts so far, so will have to do my homework later!
This morning I received my new card from JL, and now have to 'activate' it. The letter says Have both cards ready!!?? Previously I destroyed the old one, as instructed. Oh well, I will start the process and see how far we get.
Marydoll, your bathroom antics made me laugh. I had the same trouble with our cloakroom basin and it's pop up plug. The plug got stuck down and would not pop up.
Squirts of WD40 did a good job, once I had managed to actually release the wretched thing. My DH is another who is on the Need To Know List. He is not a DIYer.
Last night, we had a joint effort at cooking supper, hmmm. DS2 phoned in the middle of it all, so I was having a three way conversation. Talk about multi tasking. 🤗
Washing is on, and DH has emptied all the bins in readiness for tomorrow's collection. Of course, to add to the mix, we have new green bags, in which to put all the stuff that used to go in black boxes. This entailed DH being instructed in What to put Where. Oh my, it's exhausting.
My best wishes to all my lovely friends on here.
Have a good day one and all.

Marydoll Mon 29-Mar-21 11:31:23

Grandmadinosaur, I too have my cuppa brought every morning, it's allows me time to come to.
Despite all my tongue in cheek comments about DH, he too is a keeper. 🥰

Scentia Mon 29-Mar-21 11:18:26

Not yet Urmstongran but they did say it can take up to 6 months to get the dose right. I feel a little better knowing there is a reason for how I have been feeling so that is a bonus!!

Litterpicker Mon 29-Mar-21 11:18:04

Congratulations to Jaxjacky on your win 😊

Grandmadinosaur Mon 29-Mar-21 11:15:39

Thank you all for your warm welcomes. Sorry like my user name suggests ( decided on as its my grandsons favourite. Playing dinosaurs that is) I don’t know how to do the bold names to tag people. Can anyone help please?
Marydoll I have posted on a few threads previously. Have enjoyed reading this thread whilst drinking a cuppa in bed every weekday brought to me by my DH. He’s a keeper for that alone 🤣

Litterpicker Mon 29-Mar-21 11:15:09

Good morning from blue skied and bathed in sunshine West Sussex.

The demolition team are taking my neighbours’ conservatory down. A new one will be going in next week. So a quiet coffee outside with my book is not on the menu 😕. We are what the developers and estate agents call a “mews” but I would call it a terrace. When she came round to warn us it would be starting today I said she just wanted revenge for the new bathroom and patio doors we had done over 3 very hot and sunny weeks last August grin.

DH having second vaccine later today. I hoping I will hear soon about mine. We broke the rules yesterday by going a day early to DDs in response to a text asking if anyone could take 2 hideous children out for a bit! By the time we got there and ate our lunch in the garden, the monsters had become fairly human. We went off happily to what GD knows as ‘broken park’ because most of the play equipment has been removed and it’s all rather sad looking. GD(6) rode her bike and GD(2) toddled along happily behind. I had to run to keep up with GD on bike while DH did very slow walking with little one. I have sympathy with those with dodgy knees.

Workers must be having tea-break as it’s gone quiet next door. I will go for a stroll to the sea in a bit - I hope yesterday’s cold wind has gone.

Hope your sciatica eases muse. Hope Cherry has had a better night and thinking also of Auntieflo who I forgot to mention yesterday.

☀️☀️☀️ to all (in your hearts if you are in rainy Scotland or NI!).

Megs36 Mon 29-Mar-21 10:57:47

Dont know where that f came from,don’t mean it, honest!

Megs36 Mon 29-Mar-21 10:56:37

Morning all, yes Marydoll shielding advice is very f confusing, so far as stay local is concerned we still don’t go far except tomorrow is our second vaccination so short adventure..... trip out 😃😃

Jaxjacky Mon 29-Mar-21 10:54:35

muse I’ve just popped back to say, firstly, apologies to grandmadinosaur for my misspelling and secondly..I won a prize in a GN sponsored discussion! I’m very excited! A £200 voucher, I’ll replace my ancient epilator and, well, I don’t know yet. Anyway, it’s cheered my day.

Blossoming Mon 29-Mar-21 10:52:41

Good morning all from a cloudy Lancashire. Not much planned for today, it takes my body a while to catch up when the clocks change. I ordered some new curtains from Nect for the top floor sitting room, where we spend most of our time when indoors. They were delivered on Saturday, so today I’m going to take the old curtains down and wash them, clean the window pole and surrounds, then put the new curtains up. I have a step stool that will let me reach the curtain pole and it’s easy to unclip the hooks.

Mr. B. is currently designing the ultimate bird table, it will be a masterpiece of engineering 🙂

Have a restful Monday everyone.