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How old is your oldest child?

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nanna8 Wed 31-Mar-21 03:44:54

My eldest turns 50 this year. Oh my. Where did all those years go? Sure makes me feel ancient. My eldest grandchild is 27, youngest is 2. I have this theory that you can’t pin down and measure time. It definitely goes faster the older you get.

kittylester Wed 31-Mar-21 06:50:34

My eldest child is 50 this year too. And, I am also bewildered about how that happened. Even my youngest child is 34 this year.

Eldest grandchild who is DS2's stepson in 22 this year and the youngest is 2.5.

Ashcombe Wed 31-Mar-21 06:56:12

My eldest (DD1) will be 46 next month, the middle one (DD2) is 42 and DS will be 40 this year! I remember being 40.....! Grandchildren range in age from 4 to 10 years, with step grandchildren taking it up to 19.

I agree, nanna8, that time passes more quickly now than when I was at work!

NotAGran55 Wed 31-Mar-21 07:00:18

Mine is a baby , only 26 . No grandchildren yet thankfully 😅.

M0nica Wed 31-Mar-21 07:02:01

My elder child will also be 50 this year, and my elder grandchild will be 14.

I always see time as a % of life already lived. For my 10 year old grandson, this lockdown year has taken up 10% of his life. For me it is only 1.3% of my life.

Scentia Wed 31-Mar-21 07:03:40

My eldest is only 28 and my youngest is 26 I have 1 grandson aged nearly 2 and another on the way.

Kandinsky Wed 31-Mar-21 07:23:40

Oldest 34, youngest 19.

Jaxjacky Wed 31-Mar-21 07:24:34

Eldest will be 35 this year, she has our two GC’s 13 and 8, youngest is 30.

tanith Wed 31-Mar-21 07:26:49

My eldest daughter is 52 middle daughter is 47 and my son is 43. Grandchildren range from 34 to 3yrs I also have 5 Grt Grands all under 6.
I’m too am amazed my children are all over 50 the years have flown past and don’t even mention the Grt Grandchildren 😱

tanith Wed 31-Mar-21 07:27:45

Sorry I meant to say over 40 not 50 ☺️

annsixty Wed 31-Mar-21 07:33:51

So far I am winning but I know this won’t last.
My D is 55 and 8 months and my S 51 last month.
Two GC are 22 and the youngest is 10.
Considering it will be 63 years in August since my late H and I married I could have a child of 61/62 and a raft of GGC, sadly I don’t think I will see any.

glammanana Wed 31-Mar-21 07:44:44

My DD will be 50 this year we would have been celebrating her birthday abroad but have cancelled until next year.

Grandma70s Wed 31-Mar-21 07:46:59

My elder son is 49, younger is 46. Grandchildren are 12 and 8. I was in my early thirties when I had my children.

lemsip Wed 31-Mar-21 07:47:12

52 and 47, grandchildren 26 24 19 and 14.

Gagagran Wed 31-Mar-21 07:48:51

DS was 50 on 16 March and DD was 48 on 7 March. DGC are 19, 18, 16 and 15 (16 in June). All lovely and all well -loved! We are blessed.

granzilla Wed 31-Mar-21 07:49:12

45 in August.
What a year, 1976, Heatwave, drought then floods.
Same minister, Denis Howell. for both drought and flood. smile

M0nica Wed 31-Mar-21 07:50:00

annsixty, I think the generation, who like the Queen, can have man, or even any GGC, is going to be short lived. The current flush of great grand children is the product of early marriages and family formation in the 1960s and 70s, and increased longevity. But now the average age for a first child is over 30.and many of us are not becoming grandparents until our late 60s and 70s.

Assuming this does not change, I will probably have to live into my late 90s, if not reach 100, before I become a great grandmother.

DanniRae Wed 31-Mar-21 07:51:05

My daughter is 50 this year too - her sister is 48 and my son is 37.
I knew my eldest daughter's age this year because she is trying to organise a - safe - get together but I was shocked when I worked out how old the other two are this year! shock

NanKate Wed 31-Mar-21 07:51:46

My old child he will be 47 in June

Sardinia2020 Wed 31-Mar-21 07:54:44

Mine is 35. Interestingly I was talking to my 92 year old dad about this topic the other day and I commented that it must be very strange having a 61 year old daughter. He said I didn’t look 61 🤣🤣

cornergran Wed 31-Mar-21 07:57:40

Eldest child is 46. The grandchildren range from 6 to 15. Coincidentally I had my first at the same age my Mum was when she had me. As Monica says it’s likely if the grandchildren do want their own children they will be older.

NannyJan53 Wed 31-Mar-21 08:01:37

My DS will be 46 in December and DD 43. He was a baby in 1976. He spent a lot of time wearing very little in his big pram in the shade.

It is having a DGD who will be 17 in July which is very sobering. Surely she was only a baby a very short while ago?

mokryna Wed 31-Mar-21 08:03:39

MOnica To think when I had my first I was classed as old, 23.

Grammaretto Wed 31-Mar-21 08:04:45

DS1 (50) had his vaccine yesterday which makes 3 generations in our family who have qualified age-wise for the vaccine. DGM is 96.
There is an odd boast. should this be on the oneupmanship thread grin
7 DGC range from 14 to 3.
Time passes quickly indeed

Anniebach Wed 31-Mar-21 08:07:46

My elder daughter would be 52, my younger daughter is 49,
grandchildren 29, 24, 21.