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Good Morning Easter Monday

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12Michael Mon 05-Apr-21 06:07:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a twilight situ outside but dry here at the moment here in Brackley , the forecast is for wintry showers for next few days .
Whether they appear locally is to be seen.
My day , will consist of a small shop early , followed by coffee and bickys.
Housework is immanent, with laundry and having brought a new shredder, get rid of allot of older documents .
Take Care,

Marydoll Mon 05-Apr-21 18:23:00

Too late, Litterpicker! 🤣

Litterpicker Mon 05-Apr-21 18:17:03

baubles I can’t remember who the first three were 😂

Marydoll I’m beginning to be afraid GNrs will think I am a stalker grin. I will have to hide it from DH that I am collecting garden centre locations 🤫

Megs I hope nothing more has gone wrong today and that cat is not too seriously injured.

baubles Mon 05-Apr-21 15:54:01

Oh and Litterpicker, I live in a different town again, however although I don’t know where Kalu lives I think I know where the third garden centre is. I could be way off the mark of course since I haven’t worked out who the Fourth Man is in Line of Duty. grin

Marydoll Mon 05-Apr-21 15:39:51

Litterpicker, If only you knew where the third garden centre near Kalu was, you could probably work it out! Then again, perhaps not. There is more than one!🤣
You need tuition from the Miss Marydoll School For Aspiring Private Detectives 😉

Taichinan Mon 05-Apr-21 14:29:41

Good afternoon everyone! I'm back for another try. Snap, Grannysomerset! I'm really struggling to get my posts on just now, and I know I haven't been a Bad Girl. Anyway, lovely that Olddudders ( glad you put that extra 'd' in the middle 😉😂). So glad you have found happiness again with Ash but so sorry Covid has added a little bit je me said quoi to your marriage. Actually I always thought OH meant Other Half, so you're alright there! And welcome too Ellieanne.
I'm going to see if my 'Send' button will function now. If it does, I will then send the couple of photos I've been trying to affix for the past two or three days. 🦩🦋

Litterpicker Mon 05-Apr-21 13:57:41

Marydoll I’d got that but it doesn’t help smile but I’ve had my map out to check on where the garden centres are! I’ve had a Nardinis ice- cream, way back, another visit is definitely on the list. We had a Rossi’s van stop in our road in the summer.

Litterpicker Mon 05-Apr-21 13:49:39

Re-reading thread now!
Beechnut I look forward to seeing a photo of you in your new swimming costume grin.
NotAGran55 my DH made the Paul Hollywood hot cross buns on Friday. They are delicious though the great baker himself might have said that he couldn’t taste the cinnamon! I could just taste it but would have liked a little more spiciness.
Marydoll I think I read somewhere that pepper seeds need a lot of light to germinate so maybe it was too early for them?
Sar53 10 months is such a long time in the life of a little one. I planned to make the most of my youngest GC, born in January 2019, as I knew she was probably the last baby in the family (until GGC arrive grin). Year one was lovely but in the lockdown periods this past year she has, of course, totally changed. I’m fortunate that they only live an hour away so we can now do garden visits. I feel for you and all the grandparents on here whose GCs and other little ones in their close family are far away.
Dwmxwg great collection of eggs - you must have shopped early!

Megs36 Mon 05-Apr-21 13:37:41

Morning all. Not a good start for us, call from doc to rearrange cancelled (a year ago) appointment re a skin lesion ; on line access to check bank statement check got me locked out. ( my fault), cat came in limping, phoning vet in morning for appointment. Husband had to get into the loft for cat carrying box, worried he’ d fall as hisCOPD not good and very breathless. What more could go wrong......
Good thing yesterday though, son and family visited , first time since Christmas, actually sat in garden in the sun for few hours.

Marydoll Mon 05-Apr-21 13:21:11

Kalu, it seems they were not the only wimps. Many other golfers abandoned their game too. It seems the wind chill factor was unbearable.
DH's face was beetroot and it wasn't sunburn!

Litterpicker, Kalu and I don't live in the same town! Does that help? 😂

mrswoo Mon 05-Apr-21 12:09:41

A late good morning everyone. I've not posted for ages but do read most days.
Its bitterly cold here in the NE with a biting wind and a bit of snow.
Marydoll your post on Cardwell garden centre bought back many happy memories of living in the area. One of my main memories was of the giant, cream filled meringues sold in the restaurant! And a trip to Largs ... never complete without ice cream from Nardinis.

It's good to see Georgesgranposting once more. She mentioned a trip to Seahouses and now I long for a kipper!

Litterpicker Mon 05-Apr-21 12:09:16

Good morning from “can’t make up its mind” West Sussex. I think the cloud and cold wind are now winning.

I had to get my notebook out to jot down the recommended garden centres for when I am able to visit Scotland again 😍. My DD lives east of Edinburgh where there are many lovely places, including garden centres, for days out but I do like to go west when possible. We didn’t have a car when I was growing up on the south side of Glasgow so day trips were not so frequent. Sunday school trips were usually by double decker bus to Troon or Ayr. So the Firth of Clyde and West Renfrewshire (or whatever local councils that covers these days), are less well known to me. I do have fun trying to guess exactly where Kalu, Marydoll and Baubles live! Don’t worry, I will keep my speculations to myself 🤫.

Greetings to olddudders and Ellieanne 👋.

hollysteers it’s definitely not just you feeling lethargic. Just hang on in there - better times coming soon 🦩🦩🦩

GrannySomerset Mon 05-Apr-21 12:06:46

Just checking in after several frustrating days when GN kept making me re-register and then rejecting my password. No idea what was going on, perhaps it was nature’s way of telling me to stop posting? Anyway, greetings from North Somerset where it is bright but with a very cold NE wind.

Yesterday we had a proper service in church, the first since Christmas, and it was a joy to be in our large ancient church to celebrate Easter. Other than that nothing to report - just the usual of meals, laundry, admin ....... I can’t even make that as entertaining as Marydoll so think I must try harder. Glad so many had the joy of seeing family at last. The better the day, the better the deed, as my mother used to say.

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 05-Apr-21 12:05:54

Welcome Ellianne we like you sto start with your local weather and where about in the world you are? Apart from that just say what you like!! I am in Harrogate where the snow has gone that we started with.
Welcome also Olddudders, nice to know you are not a figment of Ashcombes imagination!! Your photos are lovely Ashcombe
Hope you are having a quiet day Marydoll - not too much chocolate.
Apparently DD and DGD are coming this pm!! The house is a midden from yesterday so not much point in tidying!!

Have a good day

Kalu Mon 05-Apr-21 11:55:31

No idea why I hadn’t thought of McLarens before Marydoll. Within our boundary but I still have the, short journeys only in my head! Nothing wrong with our weather, these wimps only had to wear the right clothing to quote Billy Connolly!😂

muse Mon 05-Apr-21 11:39:04

Good Morning Mick and all. Reading all the posts soon but my head not in the right place after a terrible night's sleep.

Very chilly Cornwall so I will wrap up for Mya's long walk in a couple of hours.

Call from son and daughter expected. smile

Callistemon Mon 05-Apr-21 11:34:12

Ashcombe I think they had followed the rules and the police have been accused of being heavy-handed.

Ashcombe Mon 05-Apr-21 11:28:37

You didn't get thrown out by the police, then Ashcombe like the worshippers at the Good Friday vigil in London?

Our church is very large and has been Covid secure since early January with alternate pews taped off, a one way system around the building, only wafers (no wine) at HC, many hand sanitisers, compulsory masks, no singing and a list of attendees being kept for both Masses held each Sunday.

A friend's church, in a much smaller building locally, was visited a few weeks ago but the service was allowed to continue when the police could see it had been properly organised with regard to Covid risks.

Nannagarra Mon 05-Apr-21 11:26:28

Sorry, olddudders - typing error! Now I’ve read more than the Good Morning thread, it’s easy to see who you are!
Welcome Elliane. I love your photos of scenery, your dog and the bread you make.

gillgran Mon 05-Apr-21 11:25:20

Oh dear, the morning has gone!!
Hello to you all from a cold & breezy Cambs.,
We drove to our DD's yesterday (our county city) it was a glorious sunny day, the hedgerows full of blossom. We had a wonderful garden visit with DGD's.

Arrived home to watch the boat race, even more interesting as I could almost see my sisters house! (& Cambridge won!)smile.

Ashcombe, lovely photos again, I do envy your cruise ships, as I've mentioned before, our little home-from-home on the NW Norfolk coast has distant views of the cargo ships in the Wash . ( even so, we so looking forward to visiting soon).
olddodders, good to "meet" you, we all feel we know you already. ( when I first joined this group, I thought that OH was OLD husband!!) So you are definitely a "D"..!

Warm wishes to all with extra problems & worries. flowers.

Take Care Folks.

baubles Mon 05-Apr-21 11:24:54

Thanks Marydoll and Kalu for the recommendations?, as soon as we’re allowed they’ll both be on our list. DH is champing at the bit to get out to the garden centres but there’s no way I’m going today.

Hello olddudders, nice to meet you. smile

Oldbutstilluseful Mon 05-Apr-21 11:24:26

Happy Easter Monday from a very chilly North Hampshire. Ashcombe’s posts and photos are always a joy so it’s something to really look forward to that we get your perspective from the other side of the Channel Olddudders, how lovely to have a couple of Goodmorningers!

It was a glorious day yesterday made even more special by having both my children and their children for lunch in my daughter’s garden. As usual, with her husband, they laid on a very tasty meal. I’m not sorry my days of entertaining have passed to the next generation!

Stay warm today and take pleasure in all the small things 🐥🌱🌷

grandMattie Mon 05-Apr-21 11:11:30

Good morning Ellieanne and olddudders! As Urms isn't here at the moment, I shall take on her mantle and ask how much your houses are worth - be honest now! grin

(It is all a great joke, in case you were thinking of telling the truth!)

Mapleleaf Mon 05-Apr-21 11:10:39

Hello Ellianne and welcome. This is a lovely thread to choose and you can post whatever you wish to, long or short. 😊. I've been known to post in the afternoon if the morning has somehow escaped me, and that's ok too. I hope you get enjoyment from this thread.

amselerin Mon 05-Apr-21 11:09:47

Good morning all on Easter Monday from sunny Lueneburg.
I had a lovely day yesterday with my visitors. This afternoon I am visiting an old friend in the village for tea. Welcome to the newcomers. I loved the pictures from Ash. I have got a warm feeling for Torquay as I met my husband there. Many, many years ago I went on an school exchange trip to Torquay. I stayed in touch with my exchange friend and visited her a few years later when she was in College to become a teacher. Her boyfriend from Wales came to visit her while I was there and he brought his friend along. Well, I took one look at his friend and fell in love with him. We married later and I moved to Wales -Rhondda Valley -. That`s how I love Devon and Wales especially. Later I lived many years near Cambridge, where my No. 1 son lives with his family. I hope you can follow my writing.
I do miss Urmst already.
Have good day all and stay well and happy.

Georgesgran Mon 05-Apr-21 11:09:19

Good morning from Durham, where it’s Baltic (NE for bloody cold) but stunningly bright blue sky. A dusting of snow too.

Thank you to GNs who welcomed me back yesterday and today. Life must go on?
Yesterday’s trip up the Coast went well - fish and chips always taste better near the sea?
Started with Amble, then onto Warkworth, Alnmouth, SeaHouses and Bamburgh - the Castle almost reduces me to tears whenever I see it. I’m especially fond of Bamburgh, having been in Grace Darling house at school.
Friend of DH coming today as he wants a few pieces of DH’s fishing equipment to keep and use as mementos.
Gardener Dan (alias The Scarlet Pimpernel) should come today, but not holding my breath. A friend remarked that at 70 and on my own I’d be even more invisible then before!

Hope everyone has a good day. X