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Good Morning Easter Monday

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12Michael Mon 05-Apr-21 06:07:12

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a twilight situ outside but dry here at the moment here in Brackley , the forecast is for wintry showers for next few days .
Whether they appear locally is to be seen.
My day , will consist of a small shop early , followed by coffee and bickys.
Housework is immanent, with laundry and having brought a new shredder, get rid of allot of older documents .
Take Care,

Kim19 Mon 05-Apr-21 06:13:31

Hello Michael and good morning to you. You seem to have a reasonably active day ahead. Good luck with that and enjoy your shredding. Peeped through the curtains to see a sparse dusting of snow and frost clad cars. Happily no gales so far up here in the north. Think I'll just stay cosily in bed for a while.

Pantglas2 Mon 05-Apr-21 06:24:38

Morning all from a cool and dark north Wales - hope we’re not having that white stuff! ❄️☃️

Lovely to hear that we may see Friday Girl soon Gillybob but saddening that lovely Urmstongran has had enough of us - we must’ve been norty! Don’t be away too long!

Welcome back Travelsafar and Georgesgran and anyone else I might have missed - as I don’t post every day some may have slipped through the net but welcome back all!

I’m off out to Aldi later and will pop back and read all your mischiefs (yes, Miss Marydoll, that’ll be you....) so make sure to make em funny, like usual 😂

grandMattie Mon 05-Apr-21 06:31:20

Good morning from a dry grey E Kent. The forecast is for back to front temperatures; the “warmest” now and coolest around midday, then plummeting to subzero by dawn tomorrow.
I hope that those with visiting family enjoyed themselves, especially sheep whose excitement was contagious.
We had the joy of hearing from all 3 of our offspring and the 2 DGDs. It was really nice as we don’t hear from them more often than about once a fortnight.
Racing on with the quilt; should be finished by about Wednesday. I only have two 2m strips to hand sew and the do the edges.
May all those in distress find their random flamingo 🦩in life’s flock of pigeons. Have a quiet day. 🌷🌺

Ashcombe Mon 05-Apr-21 06:36:25

Good morning all you early risers and those to follow from an overcast Torbay. My walk over the Downs in bright sunshine yesterday offered some beautiful sights, including the blossom, which brought to mind a poem, heard at home when I was a child:-

Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
Is hung with bloom along the bough,
And stands about the woodland ride
Wearing white for Eastertide.

We had a good number in church yesterday for the first of two celebrations of Mass. The MD shows no inclination to resume his commitment to accompany services so I expect to be playing the piano for the foreseeable. Not that I mind as it’s a good discipline, both to practise and be out early on a Sunday!

In the morning, I was pleased to hear from both DD's by phone besides my daily Zoom with DH later in the day. Thank you, all, for your supportive comments about my situation. I guess we learn to cope with what life presents to us, as has been the experience for many of you.

I hope you all had the happy day you had planned, especially those expecting to see family members. The excitement was palpable in sheepandcattle land! I hope your DS is home and well now, harrigran and you all enjoy something that happens today. 🥰

Dwmxwg Mon 05-Apr-21 06:37:13

Good morning from north Surrey. No frost but very windy!
Really enjoyed my shift yesterday, lovely patients and working with like minded colleagues.
This morning I am going to get my weights out, have been finding it hard to motivate myself the past few weeks, I am so glad the gym will be reopening next week.
The DGC are all coming at midday for Easter egg hunt, which I fear may have to be moved indoors if the wind doesn’t die down. DD and DGSs are staying for roast dinner, can’t wait until we can have all the family round the table again.
Sounds like lots of posters have enjoyed family time this weekend, we are creeping ever closer to “normality”
Weather wise we are a typical Bank Holiday Monday so that is normality if nothing else. Enjoy your day

Gagagran Mon 05-Apr-21 06:50:13

Morning all from a cloudy but dry south coast. 4.4c on my weather station at 6am so a bit less cold than yesterday morning. That turned into a lovely, sunny day so fingers crossed for more of the same.

We had a lovely surprise visit from DD, bearing flowers. chocolates and a new book for me. We sat outside in a sheltered corner, in the sun, had a coffee and a good old chat and it was a real treat in a week of family visits. I feel I am re-hydrating, like a piece of blotting paper soaking it all up!

I enjoyed seeing the boat race from Ely on TV. DD and DSiL lived there when they moved out of London and we visited many times. It's a lovely city with the most glorious cathedral and the river adds to its charms. Another of its charms, for us, is that our only DGS was born there - on the bathroom floor and delivered by his Dad! Fortunately he is a Dr and remembered how to do it from his student training days!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. Come back soon Gilly! sunshine

cornergran Mon 05-Apr-21 06:58:39

Morning Mick, morning All from a chilly, cloudy corner of Somerset.

Yesterday’s highlight was a FaceTime call from our very excited Littlest. Not too much conversation, more watching the a tornado at play. Every day brings chatty messages from our goddaughter, she tries hard to be cheerful, not always easy as she is sole carer for her very unwell Mum who is my oldest friend. They are across the other side of the country so no easy way to lighten her load.

Off to town at lunch time, Mr C’s new glasses have broken so it an optician appointment for him. We’ll combine it with a walk if the sea front isn’t too busy. Otherwise a quiet one today, our planned garden pottering yesterday turned into some reorganisation leaving us both achey this morning.

Best wishes to all, especially those with health worries for themselves or their loved ones. Take care, hope Monday is gentle with us all.

Beechnut Mon 05-Apr-21 07:11:54

Good Morning everyone from a dry Severnside.

My new swimsuit came on Saturday. I tried it on and think it’s lovely, can’t wait for the pool to open.

My daughter BeechNutella (her choice of name for me to use on here 😂) is coming today to help with the things we had planned to do on Saturday. I’ve cleared out my greenhouse ready to make a new path in there and give it a clean.

Have a good day all hopefully without too many worries 🌸

grandmajet Mon 05-Apr-21 07:25:14

Good morning everyone - it looks cold out there in Nottinghamshire today. After three days of garden meetings with family I’m quite glad we haven’t one planned for today as I think we would have frozen stiff! It has been lovely this week to see them all. Dwmxwg, I hope you get better weather where you are for your egg hunt!
What a lovely blossom tree Ashcombe. I fear for our magnolia. A cold windy day is not what it needs.
Yesterday DH cleaned his car which is now lovely and shiny. I used to enjoy cleaning mine but am worried my ‘sacral alar fractures ‘ will not allow such activity. Flipping chemo wreaks havoc with your body! He’s offered to do mine too but I hate feeling so useless. I could make a nice cake while he does it, to reward him. Yes, that’s a plan.
Have an enjoyable day, everyone, sunshine is due to return soon.

kittylester Mon 05-Apr-21 07:25:59

Morning all from a very cold North Leicestershire where we had a glorious pink sky very first thing - though that might not be a good thing later on.

Our little market on the pub car park is operating today so I might nip there and look at the new stalls they have introduced. We have lots of great new initiatives going on as a result of the pandemic which I think it is important to support.

I'm sorry to hear about Urms, have i missed something?

Have a good day everyone.

brook2704 Mon 05-Apr-21 07:28:54

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s snowing! Brrr it looks lovely but I thought we’d seen the last of it.... if it stops later we’ll maybe have a trip out to browse around the local garden centre that’s reopening today
Hope everyone who had family get togethers yesterday had a lovely day and enjoyed the weather. If they’re planned for today dwm have fun!
What lovely memories of Ely gaga especially your DGS birth!
Lovely pictures Ashcombe I do love the coastline
I’m also really looking forward to the gym and pool reopening Beechnut and Hello to BeechNutella!
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hoops today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

GrannyGravy13 Mon 05-Apr-21 07:31:37

Good morning Mick and all

It’s very windy outside, grey and chilly!! We are off for a garden visit to middle son and family today, they are one road back from the beach no doubt we shall be in a sheltered spot as the sea breeze will be strong (I will wave to you Sar53

DD and the boys stayed over last night, it’s all very quiet, will stay hunkered down in my bedroom until I hear movement.

Thinking of all our missing friends 🌼

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️

NotAGran55 Mon 05-Apr-21 07:33:12

Good morning from chilly grey West Berkshire.
My two sons dropped in yesterday to collect their Easter Eggs and laid some wild flower turf in the garden . I’m the designated waterer as I did nothing to help!

Lazy day today , might make some more hot cross buns as the first ones were a disaster. Mayr Berry’s recipe, will try Paul Hollywood’s this time .

Happy Easter Monday and stay safe .

Sar53 Mon 05-Apr-21 07:36:49

Good morning from a windy Essex by the sea where we have also had rain during the night.
DH's youngest daughter invited us round to sit in their garden yesterday afternoon, it was so nice to have different people to talk to for a couple of hours.
Today we are probably going to his eldest daughter's to sit in her garden, I think it depends on how cold it gets.
Hopefully this week I can start to make plans to visit my girls, one at the end of May and the other at the beginning of June. It will be 10 months since I have seen them and young children change so much in a short space of time.
I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday.
Enjoy today and find a 😁 and a🦩xxx

Marydoll Mon 05-Apr-21 07:46:05

Good morning Mick all from a chilly Glasgow. Its -1°C, with snow flurries predicted. DH is golfing, I don't envy him, as the golf course is high above the town 🗻 and very exposed. Brrrrr!❄

Nothing planned at all, apart from footering about.
I would love to work in the garden, but anything remotely physical is out of the question. Some of my herbs and shrubs have died, despite my herb garden being over twenty years old. I shall have a look and see what needs replacing. The expensive, unusual pepper seeds, I planted in the heated propagator have come to nothing, so I will probably replace with salad leaves. Our garden centres open today, (oh joy), but I won't be able to go just yet, as I've been advised I must have my second vaccine, before I'm allowed out on parole! 🥳🎊🎉

Is anyone else like me? You go in to buy compost and come out with expensive items you don't really need! 😁 Most of garden centres, including my favourite one down the coast, are in another LA and we are not allowed to cross boundaries yet. ☹
Kalu, I'm taking bets with myself at how long you resist visiting your favourite one up the road. 😉 Because I never knew it existed, until you mentioned it, I have planted a little seed in DHs brain! 😉 I hope it doesn't take too long to germinate! 😂

We hadn't seen my unpredictable and difficult sister in law for weeks, so DH suggested we pay her a visit yesterday, as I had an Easter egg and some of my tablet for her.
Normally we would walk round, but I couldn't have managed it, so DH drove.
I was quite apprehensive, as we never know how we will find her. She is either in contact daily or maintains radio silence for weeks, then turns up unexpectedly on the doorstep. ☹ We have permanently walked on eggshells, for the last forty five years. 😟
On occasions, we worked together and she also taught DS1, which led to some interesting situations. I could have got a job in the Diplomatic Corps.

Thankfully, she seemed pleased to see us, but after about fifteen minutes, it was obvious she wanted rid of us! 😁 I was quite relieved, it was perishing! 🥶 When we arrived home, I promptly fell asleep! It happens much too often nowadays. 💤💤💤💤

Its lovely to hear of posters having happy meet ups with family. Our friends on here, who are suffering and having so many difficulties and much sorrow, are never far from my thoughts and prayers. 💐

Dwmxwg Mon 05-Apr-21 07:46:41

Gagagran my DH and spent time in Ely in our courting days. We had a tour of the cathedral roof with a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide. The craftsmanship is stunning. The area has a very interesting history. We had booked to visit again last spring but of course that didn’t happen.

Scentia Mon 05-Apr-21 07:48:58

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is cool outside, no snow or rain at the moment though!
Off walking with some friends today, my walking shoes are in Germany at the moment being repaired, so I will have to go in running shoes, hope there’s not too much mud😂
DGS was very pleased with his quilt I made him and struggled all the way upstairs to put it on his bed as he couldn’t wait for mummy and Nana to finish their coffee!!
I do hope that our absentees are not away too long and we all get beck together soon.
Take care everyone and stay smiling😁

harrigran Mon 05-Apr-21 07:53:41

Good morning from the NE where we have a covering of snow and it is -1.
DS is still in hospital where he is being given drugs to calm his heart rhythm. I asked if he was able to rest as hospitals are noisy places, apparently he has a room to himself and has no problem sleeping.
My friend rang for a chat yesterday afternoon and she ended up in tears, she said she could not believe we have gone from lunches out to lockdown.
Vaccination arm is achy but I do not feel too bad.
Thjnking of you all.

Pittcity Mon 05-Apr-21 07:58:21

Good morning from Colchester, where the weather is the cold and grey like everyone else.
No plans today, except to change DS's bedding as he's returning to work for 3 days then back for 2 weeks leave.
Love to all x

dragonfly46 Mon 05-Apr-21 08:06:46

Good morning it’s blowing a hoodie here in Leicestershire.
We may not even do our trot round the block much to my DHs delight.

We are Zooming with my SiL and DH this afternoon. She is the sister I never had.

Lockdown has in some ways brought us closer as a family even though we are all so far apart.

I hope Sheep enjoyed her day.
Thinking of absent friends.

nanna8 Mon 05-Apr-21 08:07:23

Good Afternoon from here and it has been a beautiful day again. Been out for a walk with a few friends then coffee together in the park which was lovely. Twenty turned up which was a lot for Easter Monday. Everyone was ready for a walk after all the choc yesterday I think!

ginny Mon 05-Apr-21 08:08:32

Good Morning.
A lovely afternoon yesterday , chatting with friends in our garden. We didn’t need any blankets or even a coat !
A different story today I expect
as we are off to DD3 for lunch and will at some point see all 3 DDs and their families.
Must get going as yesterday I forgot the lemon tart I made to take was in the oven and must quickly make something else to replace it.
Best wishes and 😁to all.

Susan56 Mon 05-Apr-21 08:09:48

Good morning from Shropshire.Woke up to snow but now sunshine and rain.

We had a good day yesterday.All housework up to date and garage and front doors painted.Just as we had finished my sister in law rang,it was 8pm by the time we had caught up with all the news so too late to start cooking so will have yesterday’s planned meal today.

Lovely photos Ash.I love the coast and the blossom is beautiful.

Scentia,the quilt is lovely.You are very talented.

Hoping Cherry has had a restful night🤞🏻💐and that your son is home from hospital harrigran.

Have a good day all and thinking of all with illness,worries and anxiety.🌞🦩

Susan56 Mon 05-Apr-21 08:10:58

Crossed posts harrigran.Glad that he has his own room and is able to sleep.Hoping he will be home soon.x