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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 07-Apr-21 06:12:16

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its a dry start here in Brackley this morning, but probably cold outside .
Today ,an easy day in, maybe shredding with new shredder , I had a call from surgery as the cardiac had sent them a letter s to dosage of betablockers , due to my irregular heartbeat .
Should pick up all the prescriptions soon .
I was expecting a call as to my 2nd covid jab , but not yet .
Had an enjoyable hour out on the bus yesterday as well.

Kalu Wed 07-Apr-21 19:20:36

Grandmafrench Not that bored to consider role playing. However, what you get up to in your private life is entirely up to you. 😂😂

Muse. I get the picture thank you.

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 14:53:38

After doing some thinking, I am now wondering whether I misunderstood Muse's comment. Overly sensitive at the moment! 😚
The last part may have been referring to the mother of my son's friend or Grammaretto's friend . My perception however, was that it looked as if it was referring to me.

A lesson for all, (including me) to realise our posts can be misinterpreted and therefore important to ensure there is no ambiguity in our posts. Not easy.

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 13:20:24

Litterpicker, I used to live and teach in the old Renfrewshire Council area. Overnight I worked and lived in a new LA. All very confusing.

Litterpicker Wed 07-Apr-21 13:03:57

Good morning Mick and all. Sun breaking through here in West Sussex but still cold. We had snow and sleet showers yesterday evening.

Selfishly, I am glad it is too cold for the garden as we have builders putting in a new conservatory next door so no privacy and quite a bit of noise. Neighbour brought us a bunch of flowers at the weekend to apologise but as I’ve already told her, she is only getting her revenge for the noise our workers made last summer 🥲.

Marydoll I thank you for the detective tips to keep me amused with my maps of west central Scotland smile. I have not kept up with the boundary changes - it was only recently that I realised Strathclyde had disappeared and Renfrewshire had reappeared but slightly altered! I am hoping to be visiting daughter and family in June but only for a week as DH will be anxious about neglecting the allotment at that time of year, so trips beyond The Lothians may have to wait.

I think many of us in England have trouble remembering what rules apply where. Scotland and Wales have been much clearer. Shielders, like Marydoll and others on here, have suffered almost beyond the imagining of fortunate souls like me who have no serious health problems.
The rules often seem inconsistent - why ‘this’ and not ‘that’? I hope any untoward comments were misunderstandings and not intended to cause distress.

Grandmafrench your account of your clinic visit for vacc 2 was hilarious. I once had to ask for directions to a garage in France and found it impossible to persuade the very kind group of people in a shop to speak slowly in French, which I could understand, rather than struggling to speak English!

I join the admiration of your crossstitch Sar - so colourful.

Mick glad to hear your heart problem is getting sorted and your are enjoying your bus trips again. I like to use the local buses here rather than always taking the car but haven’t ventured on one yet - maybe after 2nd vaccination.

EkwaNimitee Wed 07-Apr-21 12:38:22

Hello, Mick and's really Good Afternoon again! It's chilly here on the Cumbrian coast but largely sunny.
As I've been struggling with a kidney infection that won't go away, I determined to try and get an appointment with the doc. To my surprise, the phone actually got answered after only 10 minutes of trying and there were still appointments to be had. After a good chat with the doc, I succeeded in getting antibiotics prescribed which is generally difficult these days. I don't like taking them but with all the packing and cleaning I need to do before my move, I can't be lying on the sofa all day reading detective novels. Which is largely what I've been doing the last few days.
After the consultation, came the new prospective tenant and the letting agent. I'm sure he'll take it, he was very enthusiastic especially with my large sunlit sitting room. He might change his mind in the winter feeling the cold air flowing from the large bay window which only has vertical blinds to insulate.
Now I'm off out to collect my prescription and will take the opportunity to treat myself to a M&S dinner instead of cooking tonight.
Have a good rest of the day everyone.

Lins1066 Wed 07-Apr-21 12:19:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TopsyIrene06 Wed 07-Apr-21 12:04:08

Marydoll can't do the symbol but flowers!

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 11:57:35

Dustyangel you haven't upset me at all all! I know when people are joking. I'm always making fun of myself and enjoy a bit of banter.

Blossoming Wed 07-Apr-21 11:57:04

Thank you Grandmafrench apart from a now fading bruise on the twisted foot I am almost as good as new 🙂. I think the shock was the worst, and the fear of broken bones.

Nannagarra Wed 07-Apr-21 11:55:37

Loved your account of speaking in French and being spoken to in English Grandmafrench. It’s happened to me so many times!
Pleased to hear the news about your DS harrigran.
Sar53 your cross stitch is beautiful, a real work of art. There are some extremely talented crafters on this site. I always enjoy seeing what you’ve created. Nowadays I knit ventilator hats for prem babies in the SCBU in Liverpool’s Women’s Hospital. I keep the needles and wool in this bag. How apt!

Lins1066 Wed 07-Apr-21 11:53:02

Marydoll flowers

Feelingmyage55 Wed 07-Apr-21 11:52:54

Good morning from a bitterly cold north of Scotland. I cannot move in the kitchen/living room as all the pot plants have been brought in due to the low temperatures. Hoping that we don’t lose the blossom and flowers on them as happens when we have late/lambing snow. I really feel for the farmers when this happens.
Some beautiful handiwork being produced. I have two unfinished projects for a family birthday but can’t motivate myself as yet again we won’t be able to meet up. They are postable (is that a word?) but I really want to have the pleasure of being at “the opening”.
My lovely neighbour arrived with Easter treats on Monday, just after I delivered eggs to all the neighbours’ children. It made for a bright holiday weekend.
I live in a very touristy spot and there are an amazing number of visitors here obviously for the school holidays. Officially people can book accommodation from the end of April. I’m afraid I find the influx a bit alarming but hopefully the second vaccine will be delivered soon.
Best wishes to all especially urmston and gillybob, both of whom I hope are back soon.

dustyangel Wed 07-Apr-21 11:52:09

*Marydoll, I hope my comment hasn’t upset you either. I was joking, which I think we’re all driven to do at the moment in trying normalise a situation that is impossible to cope with otherwise.

dustyangel Wed 07-Apr-21 11:43:05

Good morning everyone, I’ve mostly caught up with you all and enjoyed tales of Marydoll being naughty and giggling at Grandmafrench’adventures. The tales of the cross language conversations definitely rang a bell😉.
Unfortunately there is still no sign of DH and I being vaccinated. Although I do know of two over 80year olds who have. Makes a change to be too young for something!

It’s a nice sunny day, still a very pleasant 20°C at the moment.
I can see the the neighbours seemingly picking up every last blade of grass that they left when they cut it a few days ago, I’m loathe to ask why as one language I don’t speak is Algarvian which sometimes seems to have no relation to anything I’ve heard before. Certainly not Portuguese!

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 11:29:43

Marydoll See you are busy again. Is that allowed hmm 😏Please take care. I fear there are many who are taking the travelling locally here to an amazing distance too.

Muse, I'm not sure what you are trying to say, but the use of the word too seems to include me in that group of people. I hope I have misunderstood. However, I will clarify, (although I shouldn't have to. 🙁)

The dentist is a ten minute car journey from us and is allowed under the rules here. The butcher and baker, (which I didn't go into) are next door to the dentist.

I have had to call the AA out three times, as my car battery has been flat, a £500 repair bill for a car with only 3000 miles on the clock, due to it not being used, a total loss of confidence driving, but most of all concern for my DH prompted me to go out.

If your comment is related to me going out after thirteen months of shielding, that's allowed too. We don't live in a totalitarian state. Shielding is only advisory and my letters have stated that it is up to the individual to make the final decision, (for their own mental health) especially if the patient's condition is terminal or like me, time is running out. I pose a risk to no-one.
Shielders are not banned from going out and are advised to shop when it is quiet and if possible use hand held scanners in supermarkets, if we need to shop. I don't go anywhere, apart from a drive around the block, past my son's house, hoping for a glimpse of Dollie.
The one thing that is emphasised is not to use public transport under any circumstances, as the risk of catching Covid is extremely high.

I have complied with what I have been asked to do, no doctors visits, (which is why my deteriorating heart condition wasn't picked up and I had a heart attack), no treatments (self injecting weekly at home to avoid a hospital day ward stays ) and most hospital visits postponed, unless deemed absolutely necessary.
Unless anyone has experienced this isolation, they have absolutely no conception of what it does to your physical and mental wellbeing. Muse, I'm sure your comment wasn't intentionally meant to upset, but it has.

LauraNorder Wed 07-Apr-21 11:03:48

Beautiful cross stitch Sar, very pretty, love the colours.
Glad your son is home Harrigran, hope he goes from strength to strength now.
Love your witticisms and tales of sunny france Grandmafrench, always an uplifting giggle or two.
Marydoll and EV, seems impossible to tame the pair of you, you go girls!
Missing Urms cheery posts and hope she misses us enough to come back soon.
Shouldn’t really pick out names because so many of you are cheerful and kind, interesting and positive. Some of you are suffering so much and are brave and honest and lovely.
I’m just really rubbish at remembering who said what.
I wish you all some happiness today

grandmajet Wed 07-Apr-21 11:01:46

Good morning, all in a flap today, having woken very late in sunny but chilly Nottinghamshire.
It’s our eldest daughter’s birthday and she’s coming with her two children for lunch in the garden. Blankets will be called for.
Must rush, cake to ice!
I’ll read all your news later.

Mapleleaf Wed 07-Apr-21 10:55:06

Good morning all from a very cold and breezy South Yorkshire. The sun is shining, but clouds are gathering, so we'll have to see which one wins the day 😁.

I had to pop out and see to the bird baths - one was completely dry and the other frozen over. All is as it should be now.

No, we are not allowed indoor meets just yet in England, only outdoor (including your garden), and only 2 households or rule of 6 can gather together. I think the indoor gathering will be allowed from May 17th here in England if the data allows. It is a bit confusing, with different countries within the U.K. having different dates for when things can happen.

Some beautiful needlework being shown today - some very talented people. My Mum was an excellent embroiderer and counted cross stitcher and skilled at tapestry and dress making, too. I have not inherited her skills.

Good to hear that your son is home harrigan. You must be so relieved. Sorry that you are suffering side effects from the jab, though, and hope you soon feel better again.

Take care everyone.

Lisagran Wed 07-Apr-21 10:40:32

The latter, Ashcombe grin

Ashcombe Wed 07-Apr-21 10:37:04

Have you lost your voice, Lisagran? Or is the server playing up again?

Lisagran Wed 07-Apr-21 10:35:35


EllanVannin Wed 07-Apr-21 10:19:36

Good Morning All x.
Cloudy with sunny intervals but by jove it's nippy out there. I never remember Easter being icy years ago because as a child we had new clothes ( dresses ) for the occasion and only had a cardigan when going out anywhere. Global warming ? Bah humbug.

Heard some bumps and bangs earlier so looked out and saw the old man's flat being emptied which was so sad. This is the chap I used to keep an eye on in case he'd had a fall and who died a few weeks ago. He'd kept a lovely place.

Nothing much lined up for today apart from my fortnightly toe-nail trimming session after I've soaked my feet. It's easier to keep them filed down then they don't get out of hand as they grow so quickly. Then I'll wash the hair seeing that I've no need to go out anywhere.

Love the cross-stitch picture and as Marydoll said I'd be looking at it all day on the wall, a work of art. The quilts too are so gorgeous and a pleasure to see the finished article.

Must phone D today to ask how the weekend went with all her gang. D had felt crummy a few weeks back and told me she'd been doing sausages for tea and couldn't smell them cooking so took herself to bed at 8pm that night. Sounded as though she'd got a " taste " of Covid. Up to last week she was okay but worn out.

I have my INR in the morning so will tell the nurse why my BP was through the roof for 3 days on the run after the jab and why I'm reluctant to have the second one. I don't need telling what to do as I know my own body and how it reacted.

Hope your DS feels a bit better harrigran and Mick I'm sure you'll soon be back to your normal self once the medication kicks in. You sound as though you're doing well now.

Keep warm everyone if out and about and stay safe. xx

Gwenisgreat1 Wed 07-Apr-21 10:18:24

Good Morning all from sunny but chilly Harrogate, we still have hail and some snow pellets lying from yesterday's flurries.
Beautiful cross-stitch Sars
Glad your DS is home Harrigran must be a relief.
When i say I have nothing to do today - I can barely see out of the filthy windows (they are cleaned outside), I also have difficulty seeing the furniture for dust!! Which shall I tackle first?
I should be getting my 2nd jab next Wednesday I'm pleased to sayHolly are you going to let us see your watercolour?
Take care folks, hope those of you feeling poorly feel better soon

Grandmafrench Wed 07-Apr-21 10:15:44

Good Morning everyone. A cold start to a Spring day in the South, only 10 degs here but that’s wind chill for you. Heat will arrive later. Remember a few weeks ago when maybe Mick (?) spoke about Blackthorn blossom? Well, it does look as if, for most of you, the Blackthorn Winter has struck : those few days at the beginning of April when (often after glorious weather) winter temps., can re-appear - with a vengeance! Note to Mattie - having ‘nothing on’ is possibly more likely to bring about pneumonia in your temperatures, rather than the completion of that fabulous quilt, which we’re all longing to see. Try to remember, if Gingster’s cold - we all need to pay attention! 😉

Such a very pretty cross-stitch project Sar. Well done you. Don’t stress, Gelisa - I own 2 small unfinished ones. They’ve been in my sewing basket for just the 31 years. Took them on a ‘plane to South Africa. Obviously the flight just wasn’t long enough.....

So pleased you’re outing and abouting Mary I have to say that to avoid lecturing you. I suppose some of us will have eternal ants-in-pants and I can’t fault your determination. Do the bigger stores need to brace themselves once the Mammogram machine releases you? 🤞😄.

Relieved your DS is home, harri. Hope he’s feeling lots better - you too. That sounds like a very ‘ouch’ moment, Aly something I’ve always feared - especially when wearing gloves. I had a predictable moment myself yesterday, whilst struggling on the side of KilimanIron-o. Rushing the ironing is never a plan with an ironing board that blows back the have to have quick reflexes - always. Mid pillowcase, I had to use the Lavender oil! Have to say it does work like a charm and allows one to quickly think of other things than how much a burn from steam 😢 hurts.
Hope you’re now none the worse for your accident on the stairs, Blossoming and mini Batty is back to his happy self today..

We had a wonderful drive to the Vaccination Centre yesterday at the end of the afternoon. I am now totally be-jabbed and very happy and relieved. They were all so kind, even though it was about as surreal as could be and I had to suppress a lot of laughter! It was difficult to find, we were almost in the sea - only the car parking between a massive building and the beach. The sun was blinding, the wind loud, the crowd....well, there were random seats in the equivalent of a car park, a massive extended marquee, barriers, arrows, and people everywhere with sheets of paper. At the marquee entrance a Pompier (Fireman) with a clipboard. One elderly man formed a queue! I thought since I was absolutely on time (a first for me!) I would speak, so I asked if he wanted my name. When I gave my name, he consulted his clipboard and then almost shouted my Christian name. That’s me, I said (in French) Come with me, he said, I’ll find you someone who understands English (he said, in English). He asked inside the doorway and 2 Firemen, 1 Nurse and one volunteer replied with “we all do! Then they proceeded to speak to me in French, whilst I politely tried to answer questions from another person who spoke to me in English. He filled in my form - everyone else had had to fill in their own! But interspersed with that, wanted to know if I lived in France all the time, if I liked it, where I was from. He asked in English, I responded in French and all whilst I attempted to hear names being called out - very loudly above the background noise, to see a Dr and have the vaccination. By the time I was ushered in to another huge area and into a private booth, I didn’t know whether it was Tuesday or Easter! People here are almost 100% kindness itself. A bit like Macron, they’re still so sad about Brexit, but unlike Macron don’t feel the need to be angry about it.

And finally, you heard it here first. On tv the other evening HE announced next group of vaccinations - over 60’s for 15 April, over 50’s 16 May. Hilarious! I asked the Doctor when and she said next batch, hopefully mid JUNE. What a mess !

Hope all is well in your world, lovely GM’ers. Sorry for the rather hysterical post - blame the vaccine...and the fact that I was Flamingoed mightily on my journey along the coast yesterday. Must just say to Kalu - if you and DH want to change things up a bit, why not worm DH and offer the cat a nice haircut!? See how you feel, maybe?

Take care, take life easy, find a smile and please keep safe.
🌹😎🇫🇷🌴🦩🤞🌈🙋‍♀️ and xx

muse Wed 07-Apr-21 10:10:58

Good morning Mick and fellow morning folk. Rain this morning in Cornwall but it had stopped by the time I went out with Mya at 9:00am. Covered the car last night as I expected a frost again. It was -4° yesterday. A little warmer this morning. MrM has just shot off for the day. Emergency call out. At 72, there will come a day when he will say "No". He's taken my car, with his still being off the road after 2.5 years angry.

Kalu I think Ashcombe 's visit to the museum was work. Museums in England can't open until 17 May.
Beautiful work Sar
Marydoll See you are busy again. Is that allowed hmm Please take care. I fear there are many who are taking the travelling locally here to an amazing distance too.
Nannytopsy. How frustrating. I do hope you can get another piece to replace that one. That's a lot of faults!
FannyCornforth. Dreary is safe though. I feel the same. Same routine most days.

Hoping for the text for 2nd vaccination soon. Had a most enjoyable catch up last evening. Binge watched all the 2nd series of Grayson's Art Club. Love that couple. Art and crafts have been a mental lifesaver for so many during the pandemic.

Hope all goes well with whatever you have planned today.