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Good Morning Wednesday

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12Michael Wed 07-Apr-21 06:12:16

Good Morning Everyone ,
Its a dry start here in Brackley this morning, but probably cold outside .
Today ,an easy day in, maybe shredding with new shredder , I had a call from surgery as the cardiac had sent them a letter s to dosage of betablockers , due to my irregular heartbeat .
Should pick up all the prescriptions soon .
I was expecting a call as to my 2nd covid jab , but not yet .
Had an enjoyable hour out on the bus yesterday as well.

grandMattie Wed 07-Apr-21 06:29:53

Good morning from a frosty but sunny E Kent.
Got nothing on today, just trying to finish quilt. It is huge , 7ft x 8 ft!
Hope today finds people in a reasonable place, mental and physical.
Stay safe.

Ashcombe Wed 07-Apr-21 06:45:06

Good morning, Mick, grandMattie and any other early risers from a chilly Torbay where it almost snowed yesterday and could today.

My trip to Brixham was a success, with both buses being nearly empty so the journey was easy. Normally, in a school holiday, we would have many visitors making everywhere much busier, but these are not normal times!

The museum was most interesting and the few of us who attended enjoyed taking turns at rôle playing characters or pretending to be the visiting public with challenging questions. It reminded me of my time in Staffs with a musical theatre company when we performed pantomime in which improvisation played a crucial part. It was great to meet up with contacts only seen on Zoom for several months.

I look forward to seeing the finished article, grandMattie and I’m sure your DGS will be glad of its size!

My thoughts are with those with worries and my wish is for everyone to stay warm and well. 🥰

Beechnut Wed 07-Apr-21 06:55:22

Good morning everyone from Severnside. My car roof is covered in snow.

A homeworking day today and I’ve got to start to think about the things I need to get for my various jobs I want to tackle before summer.

I love to see the quilts on here. Although I like to sew I don’t think I have got the patience to do it myself but do appreciate the work that goes into them.

Good thoughts for all. There are still some worries lurking 🌺

kittylester Wed 07-Apr-21 06:57:03

Morning all from a frosty North Leicestershire

We had quite a few snow showers yesterday which prompted the family WhatsApp group to erupt with photos and worries about vegetable plants hardening off.

DH is driving today and our occasional gardener is coming today - she is going to move some shrubs for us.

Enjoy your days everyone..

Dwmxwg Wed 07-Apr-21 07:00:20

Good morning. Clear skies here in north Surrey, have my thermals out ready for my PT session at 8 this morning.
I am getting my hair done this morning!! She is in the family and offered, I couldn’t say no. I can’t wait to have short, spiky hair again instead of a mass of unruly curls.
This afternoon another visit to mum and dad, will take my cleaning bits with me. Will go via the garden centre near them to get some runner bean, and marrow seeds for the allotment. Their shop is huge so will have a good mooch, I always enjoy the card section. Will get one to send to my niece and her fiancé, they have their medicine finals over the next few weeks and have been studying very hard for them.
No boys this week as DD has taken annual leave, the house always seems so quiet without them. I think DH and I appreciate the peace and quiet more when they have gone.
Thought to all those with worries and illness. Hope today will bring some sunshine and smiles

Nannagarra Wed 07-Apr-21 07:01:24

Good morning from the Sefton coast where the sky is pretty shades of pink, blue and dove grey. No white stuff here.
Yesterday, having changed the bed, cleaned and vacuumed, I had some retail therapy and came home with a metal flamingo. I also bought some packs of bulbs but will wait for warmer weather.
Last night DGD had her first visit from the tooth fairy. The tooth, however, has gone AWOL!
Today will be spent making loaded potatoes for the freezer and baking bread.
I’d love to see your quilt grandMattie - another masterpiece from you.
Thinking of those who face troubles and need a hug.

Sar53 Wed 07-Apr-21 07:04:03

Good morning from Essex by the sea where the sun is shining and the sky is blue but it is cold 🌞..
A trip to the post office this morning and then a walk by the sea.
DH is having a biopsy on the lesion by his ear this afternoon, 🤞🤞🤞.
I'm also looking forward to seeing the quilt GM. I finished my first large cross Stitch yesterday, it's taken me three months. Now to get it washed, pressed and framed.
Have the best Wednesday you can and look for those 🦩🦩🦩 xx

BlueSapphire Wed 07-Apr-21 07:07:10

An earlier than usual good morning from a white Northampton. Have woken up here to a layer of snow over everything. It looks very pretty, but it feels really chilly. Was planning on cutting the grass, but that won't be happening today!

Didn't do a lot yesterday, but managed a walk to the postbox to send a card for my niece's wedding on Saturday. They were due to be married last August, and were having a big family wedding but of course Covid put a stop to that. They have now decided to have a very small registry office wedding and delay the big party until it is safe to do so.

Nothing planned for today but complete my Sainsbury's order for tomorrow. I fancy a kedgeree, so will add some smoked haddock to the order.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Gagagran Wed 07-Apr-21 07:09:02

Morning all from a cold and frosty south coast. -2.9c on my weather station but it is sunny and clear so should warm up soon. Glad we haven't yet put our calamondin orange tree out, as DH wanted to do. It sits in the study in its pot over winter and out in the garden once the threat of frost has gone.

Your day out in Brixham sounds lovely, Ashcombe. I think I need something like that to lift my spirits, which are struggling a bit. We can't plan anything yet with DH's health issues and are waiting for our second jabs too so need to be available for them at short notice if the call for the first jabs is anything to go by. I tell myself that our day will come in the hope that it soon does!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

brook2704 Wed 07-Apr-21 07:10:48

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s still very cold with snow flurries in the air. Good that you’re getting your medication sorted out mick take care and hope you get your second vaccine soon.
We had a lovely day yesterday looking after DGD, it was so cold we had to stay in and enjoyed lots of cuddles, a little bit of her favourite tv programe, some baking and a Harry Potter jigsaw!
Today DH and I are getting well wrapped up and we’re off for a walk somewhere..
Your trip to Brixham sounded lovely Ash to be on a bus and a museum trip- a little bit of normality gradually returning.
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, take care all whatever the day brings 💐

harrigran Wed 07-Apr-21 07:18:09

Good morning from a sunny NE where it is -2.
Yesterday we had short sharp snow showers which did not lie for long.
Day three post vaccination left me feeling as if I had gastric flu and I had to sleep during the afternoon, arm still quite painful.
DS was discharged from hospital last night.
Grocery delivery this morning, that will keep me busy for an hour.
Too cold to be doing anything outdoors.

brook2704 Wed 07-Apr-21 07:27:16

The cross stitch is lovely Sar very well done
Good news that your DS has been discharged from hospital harrigran I hope he’s fully recovered soon

cornergran Wed 07-Apr-21 07:33:54

Morning Mick, morning All from a cold, cloudy corner of Somerset. 0 degrees apparently.

No plans to be outside today, usual Wednesday dust removal and a grocery delivery to sort. Drove Mr C to physios through a spectacular and very noisy hailstorm yesterday. The sun was shining from a clear blue sky when we got to the garden centre on our way back, a definite December feel though. Physio has discharged Mr C with instructions to keep up the exercises, a foresee a challenge ahead.

Pleased your son is home hareigran, hope you feel better today. Agree gagagran, something to lift spirits would be good here too, perhaps for us all.

Hope Wednesday is gentle with everyone, take care.


Beauregard Wed 07-Apr-21 07:39:24

Good morning from Derbyshire where it's cold with a light sprinkling of snow. Sunshine is forecast but no sign of it yet.

Love the cross stitch Sar.

DH was indeed underwhelmed by the birthday presents I bought him yesterday blush. Then the day took a rapid downturn when DD phoned to say someone was coming to buy her pony and she would probably be gone by lunch time. I've looked after her for the past two years and had become very attached to her, so we rushed up to see her one last time armed with carrots. There were a few tears in my part. She has a lovely new home though, which is some consolation.

Later we had the planned the snow! I said it was a bad idea hmm. I hovered in the kitchen sorting out food and drinks a little longer than was absolutely necessary grin whilst the others braved the elements outside!

I'm expecting DH to want to go for a walk today as he missed going yesterday, with some gardening later.

Have a good day today all. Thoughts to those with illness and worry flowers

Kalu Wed 07-Apr-21 07:42:07

Good morning from a sunny but chilly Glasgow 🥶

All those years I have done the necessary supermarket shop, never did I think this would become a pleasure, thé highlight of my life and classed as.....a day out! 😄. To add to the experience of doing a Waitrose shop, I treated myself to some Fressia, glorious smell.

Washing on, change of bed linen and generally footering about for the rest of the day. DH needs a haircut and the cat needs wormed, whether in that order, will depend on what mood we are in, including the cat!

Have a pleasant day and a better one if you are struggling.

Jaxjacky Wed 07-Apr-21 07:43:34

Good morning all from a cold, -2, clear S Hants, DH has just de-iced the car and is off to work. Quilts and needlework, you are so clever and patient Sar and GM. Good news your DS is home harrigran I hope they’ve come to a conclusion and a resolution for his problem. We too had snow flurries yesterday, the greenhouse man worked non stop for six hours, I just supplied tea. I’m very happy with it, but need to wait a while before I start using it. No real plans today, I’ll get out for a walk later. Enjoy your day the best you can everyone 🦩🦩

Pittcity Wed 07-Apr-21 07:43:56

Good morning from sunny Colchester. Below freezing here and not going to get much warmer.
I don't think anyone will brave sitting in the park for a meetup. I'll walk through and see as I need a few bits in town anyway.
Love to all x

Stilllearning Wed 07-Apr-21 07:45:39

Good morning from S Lanarkshire, cold and bright.
I enjoyed an ‘older generation’ family Zoom call last evening. One of my brother in laws, two of whom live in Ottawa, set this up last year and I enjoy them now I have learned to relax and ‘chat’.
My big excitement this morning is that, like Dwmxwg I am off to the hairdresser for an early appointment,so I’ll wish everyone a good day and go and get ready. My family think I should keep it long ( I’ve had it short ever since I started having children and stopped having time!) so I’ll see what the expert thinks, 🦩

Gingster Wed 07-Apr-21 07:57:33

Good morning and there’s frost in the cars here in Essex, I was actually cold in the night. Unheard of for me 🥶.

Sar your crossstitch is so lovely. What patience you have , not to mention good eye sight. You will always remember how it kept you busy during lockdown.

harrigran good news about your DS . Sorry youve had a bad reaction from the jab. It will only last another couple of days, I’m sure. 🙏.

Going for a walk this afternoon with my friend and her little pooch. We will wrap up warm and the dogs will have a merry time running through the fields and woods. We haven’t been over there for so long as it’s been too muddy. Hopefully it’s dried out enough now.

I had an e mail with photos from my neighbour in Suffolk. The coast has had their fair share of snow , strong winds and high tides. Hopefully no damage done 🤞. We will be up there next week - it’s been 5 months since we’ve been able to go. Longest time ever, as we usually split our time between Suffolk and Essex. The family are all booking their holidays in there as they won’t be going anywhere else. All roads lead to mum and dad. 🤣😂. Lovely but busy!

Wishing you all a pleasant day. Keep warm. 🥶

NannyJan53 Wed 07-Apr-21 07:59:43

Good morning from a very wintry Black Country. The cars are icy and the Tulips are looking very sad and droopy.

Hard to believe we were sitting outside in the sun at DD's on Sunday.

MrJan is supposed to be on a bike ride with some members of his club today. I think he may change his mind.

I haven't been to the hairdresser since January last year. So now I am leaving it until 3 weeks after my 2nd Jab, which is booked for 10th May. My hair has not been this long since I was 18!

No real plans today. I may phone the Dentist to see if they are any nearer to resuming check ups.

Wishing you all a warm and safe day.

baubles Wed 07-Apr-21 08:07:14

Good morning Mick, morning all from cold and bright South Lanarkshire.

Glad you enjoyed your bus journey Mick, I haven’t been on a bus in a long time but when this is all over I may just do that. I used to enjoy seeing the world from the top deck.

Pleased to hear your DS is home harrigran, hope you’re feeling better soon.

DH wants to lay out a rockery today, he’s been collecting rocks and boulders from various places for ages, I hope he manages to make it look good but I have my doubts.

Sainsbury’s delivery later then I’ll batch cook chilli and bolognese for the freezer. Other than that there’s nothing happening here.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day.

Grandmajean Wed 07-Apr-21 08:18:05

Good morning from chilly Cheshire . Thought I was experiencing blossom drifting down yesterday afternoon. Turned out to be hailstones ! Will come back later to read and enjoy all posts.

Susan56 Wed 07-Apr-21 08:20:23

Good morning from Shropshire.We have woken up to a covering of snow.We had snow,hail,sleet and sunshine yesterday🤷‍♀️This time last week DD and family were on the beach in glorious sunshine.

DH should finish decorating the dining room today so will just need to buy a new light fitting at some point.

A trip to the supermarket for me.

As we only have one day of childcare next week, we are trying to decide whether to do a day trip down to see my in laws next week when we are allowed to travel into Wales.It is years since we have been there and back in a day.It is about a 300 mile round trip and as we both have dodgy knees wouldn’t normally consider it but my father in law is getting very weak and it is fifteen months since we have seen them.DH thinks we should wait until we have had our second vaccine in three weeks.We’ll see😩

Have a good day all.Hoping Cherry and Mary are doing ok and thinking of all our absent goodmorningers and those with sadness,illness and worries.

Marydoll Wed 07-Apr-21 08:25:46

Good morning all from a chilly Glasgow, its -1° C, with the sun peaking through the clouds.

Harri, I'm delighted to hear your son is now home, but I will wager you are still worrying about him! flowers
Sar what a beautiful piece of work, I would have that on my wall any day! Also sending best wishes for a positive outcome for your DH today.

Yesterday's plans didn't quite come to fruition. I decided to drive DH to the dentist, just in case he didn't feel too good after his appointment. (I could see he was quite nervous about it all) and to build up my confidence driving again.
The great plan was for me to go into the butcher's if no-one was in it and stock up the freezer. I must admit to feeling quite nervous ( and bold) about going into a shop.
DD sent me a list as long as my arm and mine was just as long.
It turned out that the butcher's closed for a half day on a Tuesday, so no supplies were bought. I have never experienced an early closing day since I was a wee girl, when it was very common.
Looking into the old fashioned bakers next door, I saw it was empty, so decided we would have a treat. On entering, I saw that there were no cakes left! 😪
Was this my punishment for being bold enough to go out, when I still have three weeks to go, before I'm released from shielding! Its thirteen months now and I have had enough!

However, there was some good news. DH arrived promptly back at the car to say that the dentist had filed down the broken tooth and it didn't need any work! No charge at all!!

I received a mammogram appointment yesterday, scheduled for the day after my shielding ends.
My long awaited, big day out is a not very pleasant hospital appointment. The irony of it all! 😪
There is a bonus, however. The screening will take place in a mobile unit in the car park of a very large supermarket, which we are not allowed to visit at the moment, without crossing county lines. Can you see where I'm heading on this? 😉

I was supposed to have an osteoporosis clinic telephone consultation today about my lack of VitD and calcium, in preparation for my postponed Alendronic infusion, which I should have had eighteen months away. Late yesterday, it cancelled again!😡

Today I will conscript ask DH to help me fill my new potato sacks. After all, he is the one who annihilated the redundant dust bins, I formerly used, when he cut down a very large branch which smashed them. and he was too scared to own up!

I have already made chilli in the slow cooker for tonight, so a respite from cooking today. All this talk , of bed linen, has prompted me to call DH to help me strip the bed, as the sun is now shining.

Wishing you all the best day you can have, although for many of our virtual friends, it will bring many difficulties. 💐