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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 20-Apr-21 06:13:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright and dry outside here in Brackley this morning, my usual day out ,after housework this morning to Bicester only .
As to moral and getting out I seem to be more relaxed to be able to do something I enjoy ,although only for a limited amount of time out , it serves as a respite from current situation.
Take Care ,

Beechnut Tue 20-Apr-21 06:26:13

Good Morning everyone from Severnside. A dry day and I’m sat up in bed with my chamber pot.

Is same old for me today with a little parcel excitement.

I now believe I’ve been more affected by lockdown than I originally thought. I want to go out somewhere but fussy about where and the amount of people. I’ve got used to just me.

Take care all 🌺

harrigran Tue 20-Apr-21 06:30:58

Good morning Michael and all to follow.
Another dry day in the NE.
Day started at 5.30 with me doing the first cuppa and getting DH's first drugs of the day.
Phoned my sister yesterday and told her we are going to need help and my BIL is going to drive DH to hospital in the next city for his radiotherapy tomorrow.
My sister has had her first vaccine and rang the centre and asked if they could bring forward her second so that she could help me, they refused point blank. No exceptions, you wait your turn.
So nice to see some sunshine 🌞

grandMattie Tue 20-Apr-21 06:34:40

Good morning from a foggy E Kent.
Yes, Mick, the slight lifting of restrictions help the morale, but especially the warmer, brighter weather makes the most difference.
Quiet day yesterday. Today is busier. Hoping to have some Tai Chi outside on the Quay lawn. Problem is that it is foggy and Tuesday is the day they cut the grass... all our ladies are over 70 and get easily chilled.
My gardener is coming. I thought he would do a great big lot of work all in one go but, no, he can only come one day a week! Ah well.
DD told us last night that Iris has got a pin site infection. Fortunately, they already had antibiotics in hand for just that purpose. Also they are seeing the consultant and his nurse today. Watch this space...
Hope people have happy birthdays/anniversaries, dispose of their mental and physical burdens, and chance on many metaphorical flamingos 🦩 and smiles 😊. ❤️🦩☀️

Gagagran Tue 20-Apr-21 06:40:28

Morning Mick, Beechnut and all who follow from another clear, bright cool start. 1.6c first thing here on the south coast but set to get slightly milder today, if the forecast is to be believed.

Enjoyed watching the very efficient asbestos removal chaps take off the garage roof yesterday. Both dressed in PPE and carefully putting every last bit in bags. They sprayed everywhere down and swept up too and did it all in 2 hours instead of the scheduled 4 hours, The builders mate and lad came back and sheeted the gaping hole up and will be back today to put the new roof on. We have been impressed by the whole operation so far and have had a birds eye view from our study patio doors.

DH has an appointment at the tip this morning, to take garden waste and cardboard boxes from the garage but I will stay at home to be available for any queries from the builders. It has felt good to have some action to watch and something positive going on after all the endless weeks of lockdown and nursing duties!

Hope the day is a good one for us all. sunshine

Ashcombe Tue 20-Apr-21 06:41:20

Good morning, lovely people, from a brightening Torbay! As I opened the blinds, I spied a beautiful, lone black cat ambling across the road after its night on the tiles! Luckily, no traffic at this hour!

What a predicament for your DS1, grandMattie, regarding the unfair grading of his students in India. I hope Iris will soon recover from the pin site infection. Cliveden sounds lovely and I hope you slept better last night, Dwmxwg and you, Grandmabatty. Hope you enjoy your visit to Cliveden, too, NanKate. Carsington Water is a good place to visit, Beauregard, remembered from my years in Staffs. It’s great to have dates to visit family booked in, isn’t it, Sar53? I will be with my DD2 in late May, too. (DV)

Safe journey to Staffs., today, Susan56. I hope your RA is less troublesome today, Marydoll, although your misadventures continue to make entertaining reading. The hatstand anecdote was priceless! I’m glad you’re back, Urmstongran and agree that this is also my favourite thread.

I was interested to read of your friend's theatre in Ayr, Gwenisgreat1 and it looks stunning on their website. We are gradually learning that tribute bands are popular but we only have a few booked to fit in around our in house productions, numbering nine for the forthcoming season. Lovely, peaceful garden picture, NanyJan53!

I trust you’ve had a more peaceful night, GrannySomerset. I smiled at the autocue's suggestion! Sorry to hear about your DGD1's mishap, Litterpicker. If she can use her phone, all is well!! Hope you are better today, Blossoming, - beautiful masks!

No plans for today apart from boring domestic duties then a Toads theatre committee meeting this evening via Zoom. Have a good day, all of you! ☀️👍🌈😀💕

Dwmxwg Tue 20-Apr-21 06:43:47

Good morning from north Surrey, clear skies and sunshine forecast again today ☀️
Caught up with yesterday’s thread this morning and wanted to add my agreement to Blossoming’s sentiments, I love to read everyone’s posts and feel we are all part of a flamingo family.
We had a lovely walk and picnic yesterday at Cliveden, beautiful surroundings and the weather was perfect. Enjoy your visit today NanKate sounds like you are a regular. It has inspired DH to book another NT visit for next week.
Felt energised to clear our “side bit”, a glorified scullery for storing lots and cleaning the dog. Very useful but does get untidy and as the floor is just concrete full of dust and dirt. I had been itching to do, so very pleased to have accomplished.
Today I will visit mum and dad with my cleaning bits and give their bathroom a once over. Otherwise I shall be enjoying the sunshine and watering in the garden.
Hope the sun shines wherever you are today

NanKate Tue 20-Apr-21 06:57:52

Good morning Mick and All.

Lovely apricot sky in South Bucks.

Glad you had a good trip to Cliveden Dwm. After I have had my feet sorted we will visit Cliveden today. I’m pleased the shop has opened. I noticed two lovely glasses, maybe for a spritzer, will pop in today to buy them. We love the Oriental Garden where we often see the resident heron. Our grandsons love the maze and always assure me they will safely get DH out of there! I sit on the seat outside reading my Kindle whilst they chase around.

Have the best day you can, especially our Marydoll.

Beauregard Tue 20-Apr-21 07:00:07

Good morning from Derbyshire where it's the same again weather wise, dry and sunny. My face and arms are quite red after being out in the sun yesterday.

We had a lovely day out with the boys at Carsington Water yesterday. There is a large play area with various climbing frames which they enjoyed. Here they are on the modern day "Bobbies Hat"! We played football and tennis, had a picnic, walked to the waters edge where they built dens and arranged stones in circles for would be fire pits and had an ice cream at the visitors centre. Phew! I was good for nothing when we got home!

It was nice to hear of others experiences at Carsington - thank you kittylester grandmajet Litterpicker and muse for sharing your memories.

Today it's walking day, which DH will decide on a route for. Not too far I hope as I'm still tired from yesterday! If I feel like it later I'll sow some seeds and potter in the garden.

Hope everyone enjoys their day today.

Gelisajams Tue 20-Apr-21 07:04:15

Good morning from Morecambe Bay. It was a beautiful day weather wise yesterday so here’s hoping for more of the same as yet another little DGS is visiting today so it will be a beach day rather than a garden day.
Yesterday I met up with a friend. We met up at a park mid way between us. It was her turn to provide the picnic lunch so all I had to do was the drive down. We sat on bench for a while then moved to another one with the sun beating down on us! It was so strange being so hot yet the trees had no leaves. How we always find so much to talk about has me puzzled. We speak regularly on what’s app so it’s not as though we have months of catching up to do.
After months of seeing no one it’s been all go. I could have done with my cross stitch last year.
Thinking of all with problems take care be gentle with yourselves and stay safe.🦩🌸🦩

Beauregard Tue 20-Apr-21 07:05:45

Thanks to Ashcombe too for her memories of Carsington Water - crossed posts!

dragonfly46 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:14:36

Good morning from sunny Leicestershire.

The bluebells are just beginning in the wood over the road. We will go again later in the week as the scent is wonderful. As I hope you can see in the picture.

I got top marks at the dentists yesterday, she said I was keeping my teeth very clean!

Cleaner and gardener coming today, they seem to find the things I miss. Both have dogs, one is tiny and one is huge! We are minding the little one tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a safe day. I am missing quite a few posters and hope they come back soon.

dragonfly46 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:17:39

No picture, sorry will try and post one later in the week.

Ellianne Tue 20-Apr-21 07:22:29

Good morning. Another sunny day on the way.
Yesterday's attempt at olive bread.
Have a nice day.

Sar53 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:26:27

Good morning from Essex by the sea where we have thick fog 🌫. I hope it clears later as I am planning to walk to a local supermarket for a few bits .
I finally had my hair cut yesterday, back to my usual short crop. It was good to see my young hairdresser, he's been cutting my hair for years and we had lots to catch up on.
DH is doing some work on his boat today so after my walk I shall have an empty. Ironing to do and bolognese sauce to prepare for dinner.
Sorry to hear about Iris, I hope the antibiotics work soon.
Enjoy your Tuesday, find a 😁 and a random 🦩xx

grandmajet Tue 20-Apr-21 07:27:04

Good morning from a slightly hazy Nottinghamshire. The sun will break through soon for another lovely day. It is getting warmer each day, and pottering in the garden is a pleasure, looking for new shoots, pulling up a weed or two, watching the birds. Lovely.
I am having my pre-op, in case of spleen removal, injections today - three of them! Aargh! I’ve got used to blood tests, cannulas and all sorts of unpleasantnesses over the past 18 months, but I still hate injections. They hurt! Is it just me?
Poor Iris, grandmattie, it’s just not fair for a little one to have all this to go through. I hope it will soon clear up.
Well done, harrigran, asking for help. It’s not something we’re good at, is it?
It’s just lovely to see photos and read of your outings and meetings with friends and family - please let us have a summer with no further restrictions on our ability to do so. Please.
Have an enjoyable day, everyone.

cornergran Tue 20-Apr-21 07:28:23

Morning Mick, morning All from a sunny corner of Somerset where I’m coming out of my shell. I’ve a future as a tortoise impersonator.

beauregard your photo reminded me of the heart stopping moment when one of ours fell from the top of a very tall similar climbing frame. No real damage other than to his parents nerves.

Will venture forth for a walk today, not sure what else.

Hope Tuesday is gentle with us all. Take care everyone.

brook2704 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:34:33

Good morning everyone from Inverness where we’ve had overnight drizzle and it’s grey and cloudy just now
I hope Iris infection is soon sorted out GM and the consultants appointment goes well today
Hope all goes well with the injections today grandmajet sending support and ❤️
Lots of lovely days out and good weather about which really does lift the spirits. Great photo beauregard 😀
Yesterday morning I got my exercise out of the way early and walked the Culloden Battlefield trail, a circular walk straight from home. I’m nothing planned for today but lots of jobs inside to keep me busy.
Hope everyone enjoying meet ups with friends and family have a lovely time and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

TopsyIrene06 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:34:59

Kind thoughts for you both.

TopsyIrene06 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:35:44

for Harrigran sorry

Beauregard Tue 20-Apr-21 07:36:04

cornergran thankfully no injuries! After spending four hours climbing, playing, carrying heavy stones etc., I was thinking it was a relief there had been no accidents on our watch....then as we walked back to the car the eldest fell off a low wall!! There was a moment while he decided if it was a crying matter or not......thankfully it wasn't and he was ok!

Grandmabatty Tue 20-Apr-21 07:36:34

Good morning all from a cloudy Polmont where rain is forecast. Ashcombe thank you, I did sleep better last night. In fact I still feel groggy. Ellianne your olive bread looks lovely. I took the remnants of a loaf to feed the ducks yesterday as it wasn't as well risen as it should have been and tasted heavy. The ducks enjoyed it! Grandmattie poor Iris. I'm sure the antibiotics will sort it out. Grandmajet 💐 for you.
Today is babysitting duties again. Yesterday we had such a lovely day. The park was busier than I expected but dgs had a good time. And he ran about the garden in the afternoon. So more of the same today. I'll have a visit to the fish man first though. Whatever you get up to, have a good day.

Jaxjacky Tue 20-Apr-21 07:37:04

Good morning Mick and all from a sunny S Hants. Lots of outs and abouts going on on, you flamingoes are spreading your wings! Monday’s are my volunteering days, so for the afternoon/early evening I was on the phone and database. I know the weather is beautiful, but we sorely need rain here, not just for my allotment/garden but the farmers too. No real plans today, pottering, my friend may call by for a garden coffee. Both DH and I are watching the evolving Super League saga play out with horror and hoping it fails.
Have a lovely day all.
Thoughts with those absent, wishing them all a better day.

Pantglas2 Tue 20-Apr-21 07:43:09

Morning all from a bright north Wales where I’m full of the joys with this weather!

Lovely bread Ellianne - I made a sourdough over the weekend and have scoffed it all!😋

How brave you are Grandmajet! And little Iris, GrandMattie! Hope all with health worries have an easier day, yes you, Urmstongran😊

Will pop along later to read your doings...

Scentia Tue 20-Apr-21 07:43:48

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it is cool, but sun is promised.
I have been so busy helping DD as she has been poorly with these last few weeks of pregnancy. She has been in snd out of hospital with one problem after another. She is getting so anxious but still has 2 weeks to go. She has an appointment with the consultant today and is hoping for an induction date if at all possible as she is truly fed up. She is enormous and only has such a small frame, it is back breaking. DGS isn’t helping as he seems to have become attached to her leg this last few days.
Enough of my troubles. I hope you are all well and looking forward to better times in this ever improving weather☀️❤️😁