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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 27-Apr-21 06:12:50

Good Morning Everyone,
Its bright with some cloud but dry here in Brackley at the moment .
My day , after housework, I will ready to catch the bus to Bicester , still on a temporary schedule as to service .
Have a coffee and snack then a small shop , before returning home to watch cycling from a favourite part of the world , in Switzerland in the French speaking, Romandie area, I did a bike race in the area in early 70`s based between Geneva .and Lausanne .
Take Care,

Ashcombe Tue 27-Apr-21 06:19:26

Good morning from a bright, but chilly start in Torbay. (again!) Thank you to yesterday’s GM folk for some super photos especially the thatch-sculpted cats.

Gosh, Mick, I bet you have some interesting tales to relate about your cycling days! No wonder you enjoy watching it so much!

Yesterday, I caught the bus into Torquay, arriving in good time to choose the most suitable position to take photos of the funeral cortège. As mentioned yesterday morning, this was in honour of a 97 year old magician/mind reader and theatrical agent, whose daughter I know as she runs my dance/exercise class. She found time to speak to everyone outside the church and, ever the performer, appeared as radiant as always, despite the inner sadness she was feeling. Once the permitted number had entered the church, I chatted to one of the grooms who told me that they are hired by funeral directors throughput the S.W. when required. He told me a lot about the horses, which are magnificent Friesian stallions.

Afterwards, I finally got round to choosing a new phone, for which DH, olddudders, gave me the money for Christmas! He is fine, although not a regular contributor on this site, preferring to log on elsewhere to sites related to his hobbies: model railways, photography and motor racing. I usually update him on GN news during our daily Zoom calls.

An early start beckons to shop in Lidl. Exciting! I hope that those in distress find comfort, especially Cherry with her problem neighbour, and that those with plans find that they come to fruition. 🥰

Gagagran Tue 27-Apr-21 06:24:53

Morning Mick and all who follow from a clear, chilly (1.2c) south coast. The super moon last night was huge, brilliant and quite awe-inspiring. Especially, lighting up the bathroom for my 2AM visit!

We shall be watching the tour of Romandie as well Mick and enjoying the scenery and spotting the new talented riders who have emerged.

I need to take my Ready Read books back to the library today now that normal browsing and selection is allowed. It has been a wonderful service during the lockdown and much appreciated by the regular library users. I have been introduced to new authors, selected for me, and enjoyed the variety very much.

Still watering my crispy hydrangeas but I think they are recovering and we are hoping the forecast showers do appear tomorrow, to give them a good soaking. I did my rain dance yesterday and hey presto, the forecast showed it might have worked!

Hope the day is a good one for us all.

Kim19 Tue 27-Apr-21 06:28:17

Morning both and to those who follow as the day goes on. Had my first 'commercial' lunch with a cousin yesterday after many months of abstention. Lovely. New venue which I wouldn't rush back to but the occasion was decidedly enjoyable. Later did a bit of shopping and bought myself a lawn edging tool which I plan to put to good use today. It will undoubtedly do a better job than the half hearted result I'm having with a regular spade. Hope everyone has at least one highlight in their day no matter how big or small that proves to be.

Dwmxwg Tue 27-Apr-21 06:34:23

Good morning all from north Surrey. Clear skies, no frost thankfully as DH didn’t get to earth up his potatoes yesterday.
Today is Freddie dog’s birthday, he has a pre op assessment for next week when he will be neutered! We will also be treating him with a new toy and his favourite treats 😀
Visit to mum and dad this morning on the agenda and I have cub badges to sew on. Otherwise hopefully a more restful day, I feel ready for a quieter day.
💐for those in need, Cherry I am so sorry to read you have had yet another challenging night with your neighbour, Marydoll I hope the pain is easing.
Wishing all a good day today

grandMattie Tue 27-Apr-21 06:44:34

Good morning from a bright E Kent. It’s still chilly and that nor’easterly wind is jolly cold and penetrating still.
Gardener coming again today to finish clearing out, planting my magnolia and severely pruning the little olive tree.
Haircut this afternoon. Don’t know if I can stand the excitement!
Hope today bring relief to pain, especially to you Marydoll, to anxiety and sorrow. May you find a flamingo 🦩 in the flock of pigeons. 💐🌷🦩🦩🦩

NanKate Tue 27-Apr-21 06:54:15

Good morning Mick and All.

A bright cold day in South Bucks.

Meeting a friend for a picnic today. We haven’t seen each other for over a year so lots of catching up to do. The friend was 80 last week, you would never know it as she goes to ballet classes, ladies netball, travels to India where she was born (no doubt she will be worried about friends who live there now ). I wish I had her energy.

Hope you have a good day Mary.

NanKate Tue 27-Apr-21 06:55:17

The photos of the horse drawn hearse are brilliant Ashcombe.

brook2704 Tue 27-Apr-21 06:55:45

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where I’m staying just now, it’s dry but with some clouds in the sky
Enjoy watching your cycling mick I know that area of Switzerland quite well having flown into Geneva many times when DS lived in Montreux. Hope it brings back happy memories for you
I had a really good easy journey down here yesterday, train direct from Inverness to London and then train out to Cambridge. Even the connection in London was easy. I arrived about 5pm and was met at the station by DD1 and two excited little DGS who ran to meet me .... awwww!
I’m staying just near my DD in a little Airbnb place so will have a mixture of time to myself and time with them all - perfect! Today we’re meeting for lunch and I’m picking up DGS age 6 from school later
Lovely pictures Ash even though it was a sad occasion
Hoping everyone finds something to enjoy today and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

Beechnut Tue 27-Apr-21 06:59:01

Good morning all from Severnside where it is dry and bright.

Those horses are very shiny Ashcombe.

When my brother came by last night he had my sister in law with him. I haven’t seen her for ages so it brightened up my day and we had a chat for a while but it was going off chilly.

Earlier in the afternoon my friend and I FaceTimed and when that finished the surgery rang about my second vax.

Today will be a regular Tuesday and a chicken meal. I’m trying to use up my freezer contents.

What a neighbour you have Cherry I think I would feel very scared living next door to her.
Have a good day all 🌷

GrannyGravy13 Tue 27-Apr-21 07:01:14

Morning Mick and all

We had a Fresian from a 2yr old right up till last year Ashcombe a handsome gentle horse. DD still visits him every week

Blue sky and Granny duty today, so a long walk is on the agenda.

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Sar53 Tue 27-Apr-21 07:04:54

Good morning from Essex by the sea. Bright today and the the sun is due to shine.
DH and I spent a few hours on his boat yesterday scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming and painting. It's looking better but still lots to do. We stopped at the tip on the way home to get rid of bags of rubbish. I really enjoyed the day but I'm aching now.
This morning we off into town to get a few bits, will probably relax this afternoon.
Have a pleasant Tuesday and find your 😁 xx

Jaxjacky Tue 27-Apr-21 07:09:30

Good morning Mick and all +1 here in S Hants and sunshine, enjoy your cycling programme Mick, I imagine beautiful scenery. Magnificent beasts Ashcombe with very glossy coats. Not much on today here, farm shop then making a lasagne and curry.
Those out visiting, enjoy family and friends, things are certainly changing from a few weeks ago. Cherry I despair over your neighbour, hopefully you’ve had a quieter night, Marydoll 🤞 that your new gel is easing your hands and hoping others, just not having a good time, that your day improves.

Ellianne Tue 27-Apr-21 07:09:57

Good morning.
This sunshine is great!

dragonfly46 Tue 27-Apr-21 07:14:18

Good morning from a dull Leicestershire. It feels like the weather has changed, let’s hope it brings rain.

Amazing pictures of the hearse Ashcombe.

Dog walking this morning then a drive into the city to discuss a Pilates class I have been roped into.

Thinking of absent friends, among them gillie and Bellasnana.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 27-Apr-21 07:14:19

Just found these two pictures of our boy

Grandmabatty Tue 27-Apr-21 07:24:32

Good morning all. It's been raining in the night in Polmont and looks like it could rain again.
That was some send off Ashcombe. Mick I love Switzerland. Watching the cycling will bring back memories for you. Grannygravy what a beautiful horse. Ellianne a lovely photo! My first dog was a retriever and I loved her very much.
Today is a babysitting one again. Yesterday dgs was flexing his "I'll do what I want,not what you say," muscles so it was a bit challenging! He would insist on eating sand from his sandpit. I'm not sure how much outdoor play there will be as the clouds are thick. However we'll try the usual park,swings and garden combination with the added visit to the fish man. I've nearly caught up with Line of Duty too, ready for the finale.
However you spend your day, I hope it's a good one.

Nannytopsy Tue 27-Apr-21 07:25:09

Good morning Mick and all his followers. There is light cloud in Suffolk but there wasn’t a frost last night so we have seen the last, I hope.
Yesterday was a day of housework - things had got untidy and dusty. Not finished yet!
I need to buy a ball of wool today, to put together the squares of my crotchet blanket - I was using up left over wool but now I have used it all.
Cherry I hope you had a quieter night.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

Nannytopsy Tue 27-Apr-21 07:28:17

Eating sand GrandmaBatty ?
You would think he would hate it! My husband was caught eating slugs, according to family legend.

Gingster Tue 27-Apr-21 07:29:30

Good morning from a sunny, frosty Essex.
We had a good journey back from Suffolk yesterday. Only 1 and half hours up the road but a different world. Both lovely in their own way.
The house looks lovely - clean and fresh . Had it painted while we were away.
DS1 popped in after getting off the train at the station close by. His lovely wife picked him up and they came in for a quick chat. They both seemed so pleased to see us back. Ah! 🥰
Dd had left us some provisions and I expect we’ll see her sometime today. Nice to be back in the bosom of the family.

Our toilet roll nabber has been in again. Everytime we come back, all the toilet rolls have disappeared! 🤔

Ashcombe what a lovely sight with the horses and carriage. Beautiful creatures.

A bit of a tidy up in the garden and a dog walk today. We’ll pop into town as we have a few errands to run.

Wishing you all a happy day 🌞

Beauregard Tue 27-Apr-21 07:31:04

Good morning from Derbyshire. It's cloudy at the moment and there's a good chance of some rain later. Yay! Hopefully your rain dance will have done the trick Gagagran.

Today is walking day and we're going a bit further afield with a trip out to the Bakewell, Matlock and Rowsley area, where there is a small shopping village to visit after the walk. A table has also been booked for a pub lunch. There's a nice garden centre nearby too, if we have any energy (or time) left at the end.

Hope everyone has a good day today.

Grandmabatty Tue 27-Apr-21 07:43:37

Nannytopsy slugs are at the top of my yeurgh list! Dgs is what is known as thrawn. The more you say no, the more he'll go against you. And that's at 2. Goodness knows what he'll be like when older!

Marydoll Tue 27-Apr-21 07:43:51

Good morning all, from what feels like pretty chilly Glasgow.
Its lovely to hear of all the comings and goings.

I had a pretty full on morning yesterday. I went across the road to speak to the builder about some pointing work, to discover he was eighty one and still working! What a work ethic!
He only works until 2pm, not because he needs a rest, but because he visits his wife's grave every day. To be loved like that is a wonderful thing.

Off I toddled for my prescription and decided to stop off on the way back at the bank.
I was pretty annoyed, when two disabled spaces were straddled by a white van, the driver nowhere to be seen. I spotted another space, but a car without a Blue badge was half in and out of it and it was unusable! Why are people so thoughtless? Justice prevailed, I realised it had been ticketed by the traffic wardens.
I eventually found a space, but getting into it really tested my driving skills. It did wonders for my confidence, but not my BP! 🤣

Now the bank just happens to be next to the M&S outlet, which is closing down, so I decided to go in. Pre-lockdown, this was a favourite haunt of mine.
I could have wept, when I saw the empty rails. This M&S has been right on the high Street for over seventy years and it is being demolished to make way for housing. I looked at the once bustling high street of my childhood and all the empty shops, it felt like a bereavement.
I did however find a lovely summer dress, (which I don't need), a bargain at £8. It was a wee bit long for me, but I planned to alter it anyway. I got to the till and it was only £3! I tried it on when I got home, it is a perfect length maxi dress!! Result!

However, much to my dismay, DH had finished golfing earlier than expected and I had to explain my lengthy absence, as he thought I was only going to collect the pain relief gel! 😊 Naughty step for me.
Despite falling asleep with exhaustion, my post lunch cuppa and delicious baker's cake in hand, I felt as if I had got a tiny part of my life back.

I have an early morning mammogram appointment. I'm not looking forward to all the contortion required, as my RA seems to have flared up for no apparent reason.
Always looking for positives to balance the negatives, I was pleased to find out that the mobile mammogram unit is parked in the Morrison's car park in the next town.
Guess where I will be going when I come out? I never thought I would be excited at visiting a supermarket. 🤣

I also have the electrician coming to put in an outside socket at the front of the house and change some single sockets to doubles, then..... my hairdresser is kindly shutting the shop early to come and cut DD's and my hair in my utility room. I'm just not ready yet for a lengthy session in the salon, neither physically nor emotionally.
Too busy for me. I know many of the customers, but because I always look so well, few are aware how unwell I am and I'm not ready to be open yet. It's only here, I spill the beans.wink
My hair is the longest its been in thirty years, its driving me crazy. My painful hand makes it so difficult to dry it. I need steoid injections in them, but because I'm immunosuppressed, steroids would make me even more vulnerable if I caught Covid. My consultant says, No! Despite some people's complacency, it is still here!

I hope Cherry has had a more restful night and ger neighbour gets the support she needs.
Thank you all for your kind words.

I always keep our missing posters in my thoughts and those who have mountains to scale every day. 💐
Have the best day you can, everyone.

Elizabeth1 Tue 27-Apr-21 07:47:17

Good morning all from the east coast of Fife where it’s dull and overcast. Yesterday my DH and I had our first lunch out in civilisation boy did I suffer throughout the night my poor gallbladder had a field day. We’re off on a road trip today first of all a visit to the dentist then to Aberdeenshire to get these long overdue boasies. It’ll be well worth the exhausting journey.

Have a good day everyone wherever you might be or whatever you’ve got in store bring out Mr Happy grin

Gelisajams Tue 27-Apr-21 07:48:12

Good morning from a wet Morecambe Bay. Much needed rain has arrived although the fence is dry both sides so we haven’t had that much.
I may ‘meet’ you in the hair dressers Mattie as I have an appointment there this morning. I haven’t been for over 2 years. My hair is very long and thick, though it’s about 6 inches shorter than it would have been if DH hadn’t trimmed the ends. He just kept chopping more and more off in an attempt to get it level. I have the appointment booked for both a colour and a cut but am still undecided as what to have done with it. My family say leave the grey alone but I feel it’s drab, and it grows so quickly a good styled cut grows out so quickly and I can’t stand it in my face. I need to be able to tie it back. I hope the stylist has some ideas because I haven’t a clue!
DH worked out what wood we need for our arbour yesterday so it’s progressing at last!
Hope everyone had a pain free and undisturbed night last night.
Take care and stay safe everyone 🦩🌸🦩